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EGB123 Civil Engineering Systems Limited

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EGB123 Civil Engineering Systems Limited

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EGB123 Civil Engineering Systems Limited

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Course Code: EGB123
University: Queensland University Of Technology

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Country: Australia

1. Identify the position of telecommunication devices which includes; coaxial cables, fibre optic cables, facilities of satellites communication, communication towers and local connections conduits.2. Identify the position of water conduits and devices, which includes water towers, pressure mains, pipes conduits and pump stations locality.

Utility can be described as a service that is offered, therefore public utility are fundamental services that are offered to public, in general public utility are meant to be offered at a moderate cost, meaning that this are services that are considered of economic interest, they comprise of electricity, collection of waste water, drinking water supply, urban transport, treatment of waste water and many more, there provision under jurisdictions are supposed to be of high quality at each and every time (Utility Providers Services Committee, 2010).
The public utilities plant along Montague road had been commissioned and approved by the public utility authorities, the public utility along the Montague road are deemed to cover pipeline which comprises of fresh water, sewage and storm water, cables that comprises of electrical, telecommunications and fibre optic.
The Montague road is classified as a district road and its configuration is a two way roadway with a posted speed limit of 60 kilometres per hour, whereas Merivale street is the primary east west street in reference to the Montague road that intersect Montague road to form a T junction, the investigation on the public utilities plant will commence at the T junction of Merivale street and Montague road to Stanley place that comprises of several stormwater manhole for inspection of storm water drainage, several electrical poles having cables fixed on them for supplying electricity to all the building along this road and also telecommunication cables too that aid in communications and finally the water pipes that underneath that supply fresh water to the buildings and other pipes that conveys sewage from the buildings towards sewage treatment plant.
The role of engineer is to outline the planning, construction, budgeting and overall administration of the improvement and to help in operational on other sectors such as plan commissioning, design of sewer line and storm water drainages and even transportations among other fields.
The core role of construction engineer includes projects construction oversight, where authoritatively can validate on both the quality and quantity of materials and process that will be used. 
The main air of this report is to investigate all the public utilities plant that are found along Montague road between Meivale street and Stanley place, that must be considered in case a new design of the Montague road will be done, and there position may remain permanent or seek for advice on the public utility authorities before changing their position.
The specific objective of the public utilities plant comprises of the following

To determine the location of stormwater drainage through locating the  manholes along Montague road.
To determine the distribution of electric power along the Montague road.
To determine the distribution of fresh water through pipeline along the Montague road
To determine sewer line along the Montague road
To determine the telecommunication distribution along the Montague road  

Scope and Limitations
The correct flow and distribution of the fresh water and sewer line in regard to the direction of flow will require the initial Montague road design plan, that will be required to be accessed either from the local government infrastructures offices or the on the public utilities authorities offices.
The detection of underground public utility plant will require electronic detective devices which should be purchase and similarly, caution should always be taken on their relative errors, which are required to be considered for accuracy of their operations on exact location of the underground public utility plants.  
Sources of Information 
The documentation that helped in preparation of this report comprises of goole map, design of the road that will highlight the location of each and every public utilities underneath the Montague road.   
Google Mymaps
The public utilities plants under investigation are along a small portion of Montague road between Merivale street junction with Montague road and Stanley place
Public Utilities Plant Investigation  
PUP Considerations 
The activities that involves altering public utility plant is an expensive means when construction engineer will involves himself or herself in a project of road construction, therefore the size and location of all the public utility plant should be determined in the initial phase of the road  process of design in order to allow an appropriate adjustment if proposals will be included with an aim of reducing cost that will be incurred, and before any commencement of the construction of the Montague road is done,  the consultation of the relevant public utility plant authorities should also be considered in order to obtained accurate data, in addition consideration should also be projected on the future adjustment or upgrading of the installed public utilities plants, the role of a construction engineer in the perspective of the public utility plant should not be limited to:

Identify the position of telecommunication devices which includes; coaxial cables, fibre optic cables, facilities of satellites communication, communication towers and local connections conduits.
Identify the position of water conduits and devices, which includes water towers, pressure mains, pipes conduits and pump stations locality.
Identify the position of Sewer lines and waste water conduits, which comprises of pressure mains, pumps stations and larger mains
Identify the position of all electrical devices that includes overhead cables, electrical poles, transformers and all underground cables.
Identify the position of gas mains and pipelines of oils.

It will be important for a construction engineer to assess if the relocation of the above public utilities plants are important in order to facilitate the construction process, and in case of an objective of relocation has been decided then the relevant authorities of public utilities plant are supposed to be informed earlier for the to be aware of which public utility plants are going to be affected in the process of construction of Montague road between the junction of Merivale street and Stanley place along the Montague road. In case of minor changes have been advised by the construction engineer then no alteration will be made to the existing PUP without changing the standard of the design of Montague road.  
Information Sources on PUP Existence and Location 
The engineers who involve in design of the Montague road will always ensure that the existing public utilities plant serve their respective purpose without altering them in case a relocation objectives have not been specified or required, and in case a relocation will be proposed then the engineer must obtain a proposal that is written and accepted that activities around such the services from the public utility plant provider.
Earlier restrictions should be identified before the process commences on Montague road from the services providers in case it could be since the other public utilities plant providers will only accept the relocation of the services devices at a particular time of the year, but at a particular point of time such restrictions are not practicable and therefore the coordination that will be required between the construction of the road and the public utility plant services will be considered and planned for the commencement of the construction of the road.
Furthermore, the construction engineer should always consider in his or her design and during implementation process that the public utility plant provider will also be required to access the utility for either maintenance , repair or service purpose, and this must be considered either if the relocation of this utilities will be done or when the their protection reserve will be accepted, this may include access tracks to access power lines services, construction of brick paving in steady of in-situ concrete base on the poles of street light.
The public utility plant manholes are considered to be located on the pavements unless if the utility was initially existing which may require a higher cost to be maintained at its locality.  
Inventory of PUP in Montague Road Study Zone
The process of identify all public utilities plant along Montague road between Merivale street and Stanley place has been done then the conflict of work will be determined. The correct information gathered from any services of public utility plant along Montague road varied because it depend on which purpose it serves and its life existence, at the point where the clearance of the public utility plant is critical to the proposed work it will be important to locate the utility service and a survey is done to accurately point it position.
Identification of the conflict will be followed by the investigation that will be carried out in order to determine if the public utility plant will be relocated or if its position will be protected, but majorly it is advisable for protection of the utility service to be done rather than involving in costly relocation.
The public utility plant provider will always require the proponent of the road project to correctly identify the position and existence of the service utility in the case where the details of the existing public utility plant is missing.
In addition, if the public utility plant provider will provide the plans  then it must be accompanied with all the details of the existing plant locators, that will be used in locating all the public utilities plant, but at a particular point the excavation is done in order to expose the utility service in order to accurately identify their location or electronically method may be applied but responsibility of the limitation and constraints of the electronic device lies with the construction designer, since this are prone to affect the data that will be gathered.   
Governance and Values Considerations
Based on the Australian legislations, public utility services are classified as essential and therefore they subjected to the public rules, and there provision could be either through the municipal or through other delegated structures, during their provision they always bound to be accessible, adaptable, equitable, universal, transparency and containable at all-time unless otherwise.
The local government undertakes the largest portion of stewardship responsibilities of the maintenance, services and repairs of the public utilities plant along Montague road, and in case of any alteration that will be needed then consultation with the relevant local government agencies at each and every stages of process that will be required, therefore agreement is required to be in detailed in case the alteration of the  public utility service offered by the local government, though if the project is owned by the local government then the project manager should confirm for the payment and facilitation of the project at least one financial year in advance before the project construction, alteration and installation of public utilities plant commences.   
Water Corporation
The water corporation do not anticipate on designing its relocation or protection or improvement of it public utilities, therefore in case of relocation or creations engineers will be required in designing of sewer lines and all the devices that will be required for effective conduit, similarly they will be required in designing both open and piped drains and bore mains (Holman, Bass, Rosman, Smith,  Semmens, Glasson and Klerk, 2008).
The Montague road project will affect the water cooperation drainage services, therefore an upgrading of this utility service will be required at the end of road construction.
Similarly, pipeline services will be required to be fixed in case damages are done before the completion of the road project in order to avoid inconveniences to the human beings and animals that may be of need of fresh water.
Water corporation will engages its contractors while making connection to an operating infrastructure, in order to ensure that mitigation is undertaken during connection of its public utilities plant services to areas under risks and before the activity is commenced then an approval by Water Corporation will be required.
Alinta energy gas supplier
Alinta is the gas energy supplier whose mandate is to regulate and supply the  steel gas mains along Montague road
The gas mains will require survey to be done to ensure that adequate coating layer has been achieved on the gas mains (Bahadori, 2016).
Consideration will also be done on the depth of the cover to be applied on the gas mains. 
Western power electrical power supply
The electrical power supply is down by western power whose mandate based on its engineer is to install all electrical cable, install street light, install underground power and also install telecommunication cables along Montague road (Durley and Kosky, 2002)  
Engineering Systems Interrelationships
The management of public utility plant along Montague road is based and ensuring that that the utility services are identified, and in case of any agreement with the plants owners to relocate them or restore is met then the necessary will be done, with a great consideration on the financial cost that will be required in whole the process.
Construction engineers role in Montague road is to ensure that the service main point of the checking the system, repairing the system and maintenance that no guiding will be constructed to them, and also ensuring that the road construction or pavement constructions will not interfere with the existing direction of flow in regard to water a waste water.
Construction engineer will coordinate with other engineers in either giving them the advice on the depth of a particular utility plant so that they cannot affect other utilities which may not be of their respective field of practise.
The obligation of checking frequently the utility plants services by specific specialist are mandatory, this will help sustain the continuity and accessibility by the public to the services throughout, without any delay and unnecessary breakdown due too poor maintenance.   
Conclusion and recommendations
In conclusion, construction engineer is a pivotal person needed during the investigation of public utility plant along the road, whose responsibility as mentioned is to ensure that the installation of all the public utility plants have followed all requirement with no obstruction required on them, either in a form of construction on top of the main service points or destruction in terms road construction or building construction next to them, furthermore, the public utility plants mainly require concrete construction either by constructing their lain basement, footing or foundations, which will basically require the technical knowledge of the construction engineer to design, supervise and implement them where necessary.
In addition,  the public utility plant are critical services that mainly will be allowed by either the local government or the national government to pass through the government land or property which are mainly covered along the public roads in order to minimize cost of buying private lands, with the consideration that the utilities will be found along the roads therefore their relocation or alteration will be critical, it will be required for the construction engineers to consider their existence in case they are involved either in road construction or any other public construction amenities they will participate in.
The existence and provision of the public utilities are essential to human being since the cost that will be required to be remitted by individuals who will benefit from them is moderate as compared to if the services will be provided by private companies.
It will be recommended that proper method to be used in case the public utility plant are required to be accessed without interfering with other utilities either besides them or beneath them.
Secondly, the structure of the regulation should also incorporate private utilities plant, this will competitively help in providing proper services and improvement by the local government responsible for provision of this general economic interest, in order to prevent monopoly, and provision of substandard service to the public.   
Utility Providers Services Committee. (2010). Utility Providers Code of Practice for Western Australia. Perth: MRWA.
Bahadori, A. (2016). Oil and gas pipelines and piping systems: design, construction, management, and inspection. Gulf Professional Publishing.
Durley, S., & Kosky, C. (2002). Telecommunications in road reserves: administrative guidelines for road authorities (No. AP-R178/02).
Holman, C. D. A. J., Bass, J. A., Rosman, D. L., Smith, M. B., Semmens, J. B., Glasson, E. J., … & de Klerk, N. H. (2008). A decade of data linkage in Western Australia: strategic design, applications and benefits of the WA data linkage system. Australian Health Review, 32(4), 766-777

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