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ELE250 : Industrial Instrumentation

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ELE250 : Industrial Instrumentation

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ELE250 : Industrial Instrumentation

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Course Code: ELE250
University: Western Norway University Of Applied Science

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Country: Norway

There are 4 parts to this assignment. the workplace that I choose is Woolworth Australia.
1. Background: Identify an entitlement in a workplace instrumentSelect a workplace where you can discuss workplace issues with individual employees.Identify and describe the industrial instrument that applies to the employees of that workplace.Nominate and describe one term or entitlement in the instrument ie. penalty rates, overtime, parental leave, etc.2. Comparison with other instrumentsuses based on Fair Work Act 2009.Compare the entitlement with the relevant National Employment Standard (NES) in the Fair Work Act 2009 (or state that the entitlement is not part of the NES).Compare the entitlement in your instrument with a similar entitlement that applies in another instrument for another workplace.PART 3 AND PART 4 ARE IMPORTANT! HIGH MARK3. Application of entitlements in the workplace and views of employeesHow is your nominated entitlement applied in practice in the workplace you have selected?( JUST ASSUME THE THREE EMPLOYEES WHO’RE WORKING IN Woolworth Australia)What are the views of three employees (including yourself if you work in your case selected workplace) in the workplace of how the entitlements are applied (do they know about these entitlements and the relevant instrument)?4.Media report of a recent dispute concerning your entitlementGive a brief description of a media report about negotiations or a dispute, which also involve the entitlement, which you have nominated. This can be any recent case involving any other workplace in any industry. What are any similarities or differences with your case study?

Examples of industrial instruments include a pre-reform federal award and NAPSAs. The minimal conditions stipulated under the Act will automatically apply and cannot be superseded by any other prearrangement amongst the employer and an employee. The Fair Work Act presented modern awards and enterprise pacts as new industrial tools, the Fair Work Act of 2009 conserved a number of existing industrial instruments(Commission, 2016).
Under the Fair Work Act, business owners can be held liable for breaches of the Act that occurred way before they took ownership of the business. On many occasions, organizations have being found liable under the Fair Work Act for failing to understand what their obligations are under the Act. Employer obligations are rather complex and are constantly changing making it rather difficult for employers to keep up with such changes. Breach of the Act can attract fines of up to $12,600 for individuals and $63,000 plus any outstanding entitlement for employers. The act provides for civil penalties which include issues related with the protected and unprotected industrial action, modern awards and enterprise agreements, compliance with the National Employment Standards, right of entry, and the protection of workplace rights and other broad fortifications(“Industrial instrument | Workplace Info,” 2018).
Woolworth Australia
All Woolworth permanent employees working on either full time or part time employed for a continuous period of not less than two years are entitled for an 8 weeks compensated parental leave. The compensation is divided into two; 6 weeks remunerated parental leave and two-week return to work bonus if you report to work within the first six months. Paid maternity and paternity leave and extended unpaid leave allowed due to large number of employees willing to work more. The parental leave together with annual leave and long service leave can amount to 104 weeks.The paid parental leave is among some of the best benefits offered to its employees as compared to other companies in the same field in terms of benefits offered. In line with the company policy, Woolworth recently announced paid leave for the first time in Australian history making it a competitive work environment for its female employees. It is also among the largest employers of women in Australia. Woolworths offers her employees an aggregate of eight weeks’ paid leave with a preliminary six weeks and extra two weeks after the female resume work. With time, the unpaid leave will change from one year to two. The flexibility offered by the new scheme makes Woolworth Australia one of the most sought after employer especially among women. The parental leave set a precedence in Australia however when compared with international standards, the award is inadequate compared with how other companies outside Australia does(“Industrial instrument | Workplace Info,” 2018).
The NES relate to all personnel under the national workplace relations system, in spite of any contract, award, and pact. As per the NES, the least possible entitlement to unpaid parental and associated entitlements is applicable to all personnel. The award goes further to recognize same sex marriages. Apart from the unpaid parental leave, the NES further offers several related entitlements including a return to work guarantee, consultation requirements, unpaid pre-adoption leave, unpaid distinctive maternity leave, and the right to transfer to a safer job in appropriate cases. All workers in Australia are qualified for unpaid parental leave if they have concluded a minimal of 12 months of uninterrupted service with their employer. Casuals are entitled to the parental leave if they have being contracted by the organization on a consistent and organized basis for a structured period exceeding of a minimum of 12 months. Also, where were it not for the birth or the adoption it would be reasonable to assume that they would still be contracted on a regular and systematic basis (Australian Government, 2016).
 All authorised associates of an employee couple may take an isolated period of up to 12 months of unpaid parental leave. Parental leave is only applicable to workers who have or will have the obligation of raising and caring for a child. The leave of absence must be directly linked to the birth of a baby to the worker and their respective spouses or during the placement of a child for adoption. Under the Family law Act 1975; a child is anyone who is the said person biological, stepchild, or the adopted child. The employees de facto partner is anyone who, although both the employee and the other partner are not an official couple, they live together in a affiliation as a couple on a candid domestic basis(Harrison Human Resource, 2017).
The grounds for taking the parental leave are dependent on whether it is one employee who takes the leave or whether is both members of an employee couple taking the leave. Where it is a single worker charming the leave, it must be taken in a single continuous period. Others include; in case of a pregnant employee, the leave can take effect up to six months before the child is born or a longer period depending on the agreement between the employer and employee, for those willing to adopt the leave takes effect on the birthday or appointment as legitimate parents to the adopted child(Parliament of Australia, 2015). The leave can also come to life within the first year after birth or placement if the employee’s spouse is not an employee or the spouse has an obligation in the care of the child. Where both of the employed couple are proceeding for leave; the following guidelines takes effect, they are entitled to no more than two years of leave amongst them but taken separately within a single continuous period(Parliament of Australia, 2018). Where the employee is pregnant, the leave can start of six weeks before the expected date of birth or earlier as greed between the employee and employer for the couple who is, not pregnant leave starts on the date of placement or birth date. Both personnel of an employer may proceed for leave during the same time for a period of two months and should be taken within the first year of the child’s birth or placement. The concurrent leave forms part of the unpaid leave and is deductible from the employee’s unpaid parental leave(Business Victoria; Australian Government, 2015).
Having exhausted the 12 months on parental leave, the law allows an extension of the 12 months to another 12 becoming 24 months, this can only be done in writing. This relies on the assumption that the extra 12 months being sought after have not being used by the couple. The letter must be sent within the last 4 weeks of the 12 months parental leave. The grounds for refusing to grant the extension include the effect the extension will have on the workplace, inability to hire a replacement, and the reduced capacity of the workforce to share the extra workload(Australian Government, 2018).
To save on money, Australian government proposes scaling back to make the system fairer and more sustainable. Under the current system, parents who earn up to $150,000 annually have access to 18 weeks of leave at the minimum age translating to about $12000 besides any other employee contributions. The proposes changes increases the weeks from 18 to 20, however making the qualifications more difficult for women to receive the full tax payer funded entitlement provided that the employer offers a paid leave. This follows the acknowledgement that employers need to offer viable bids with an aim of retaining accomplished female employees and their male peers, and firms can support stable and healthy families while benefiting their bottom line(Schneiders, 2008).
The family set up is quickly changing whereby modern families are rather diverse. At Grant Thornton, this has being a cause for dispute between the employers whereby the employer shares sentiments suggesting that some statuses simply are not protected well enough in the workplace. Women are termed as the primary caregivers and their male counterparts as full time employees. Due to financial constraints, many of the employees are forced to return to work prematurely. The return to work bonus was meant to take care of this. New parents received enhanced maternity pay (EMP), which was paid during weeks seven to 19 of maternity leave at 50% of salary. Individuals also got a return to work bonus equivalent to two months’ salary. To address the problem, Grant Thornton pushed to put in place a more flexible policy allowing parents to choose what was needed to make their work easier for them to meet the company’s bottom line. As per the new policy, employees are allowed to use part of their salary as a pot, which can be used to top up their statutory pay while on leave. Mothers and those adopting are allowed to transfer some of their allowances into a shared parental leave pay. Moreover, fathers are allowed up to four weeks of fully paid shared parental leave which is beyond the paid two weeks paternity leave(“Case study: Parental leave at Grant Thornton,” 2018).
Australian Government, 2018 Welcome to the Fair Work Ombudsman website. Fair Work Ombudsman. URL https://www.fairwork.gov.au/ (accessed 9.1.18).
Business Victoria; Australian Government, J., 2015. Parental leave policies and staff support. URL https://www.business.vic.gov.au/hiring-and-managing-staff/employer-responsibilities/paid-parental-leave-maternity-and-paternity-leave (accessed 9.1.18).
Case study: Parental leave at Grant Thornton 2014 URL https://hrmagazine.co.uk/article-details/case-study-parental-leave-at-grant-thornton (accessed 9.1.18).
Commission, F.W., 2016. Industrial instrument coverage & reasons for use. FWC Main Site. URL https://www.fwc.gov.au/resources/research/australian-workplace-relations-study/first-findings-report/4-employment-practices/industrial-instrument-coverage-reasons-use (accessed 9.1.18).
Harrison Human Resource, 2017. 5 Essentials of Employee Entitlements. Harrison Hum. Resource.
Industrial instrument | Workplace Info 2014. URL https://workplaceinfo.com.au/resources/employment-topics-a-z/industrial-instrument (accessed 9.1.18).
Parliamemt of Australia, C., 2015 Paid parental leave. https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/Parliamentary_Departments/Parliamentary_Library/pubs/BN/0910/PaidParentalLeave
Schneiders, B., 2008. Woolies offers paid maternity leave. Syd. Morning Her. URL https://www.smh.com.au/national/woolies-offers-paid-maternity-leave-20080605-2mcc.html (accessed 9.1.18).

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