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ELEC3500 Telecommunication Networks

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ELEC3500 Telecommunication Networks

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ELEC3500 Telecommunication Networks

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Course Code: ELEC3500
University: The University Of Newcastle

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Country: Australia


1: Connectivity and the NBN
Describe connectivity and the NBN. Provide an analysis of the possible methods of providing connectivity between an NBN Point of Interconnect and a Retail Service Provider Data Centre. Describe the required changes as the distance between them increases from 10km to 200km and the capacity increases from 10 * 10Gb/s to 364 * 10Gb/s. Consideration of both Opex and Capex should be given over a 10-year term. How will changing use of the NBN impact this?
2: Alternatives to the NBN
What is the aim of the NBN? Where is the future going? Give an example of an alternative country’s national broadband network, its polices and implementations and how and why it differs from the Australian NBN, critically analysing strengths and weaknesses of each using the subject matter in class as a guide to assess the changing function of the NBN and how that is impacted by the technology and implementation. Feel free to add additional material from the literature.
3: Practical connections to an NBN
Provide an analysis of the components that contribute to the cost differential between connecting a Greenfields and Brownfields Premises to the NBN Co. FTTP network, and describe how the cost could be lowered. Based on this analysis, how might the NBN be better configured?
4: 5G and the NBN
What is 5G is it an alternative to the NBN? Provide an analysis of utilising 5G to provide broadband access to an NBN Co. Fibre Serving Area describing the requirements to provide equivalent broadband speeds to a FTTP implementation at each of the major frequency bands (shown as greater than 9% of trials) currently being utilised for 5G trials. How will the IoT benefit from this?
5: Monitoring and Controlling the NBN
Describe the measurement and control mechanisms that could be used to manage the overall NBN Co. Network Implementation process shown below. Show the effect of changes to materials and procedures as well as defect remediation across process stages and time. What is the impact of change on the project outcomes?
6: Practical Costings of a Network
Provide an overall Network diagram and outline the major cost elements for a Retail Service Provider to provide a residential broadband service across:

a city in Australia
a single State in Australia
a National service to Australia.

Describe the sale price of a 100Mb/s, 50Mb/s and 20Mb/s service that would provide a reasonable rate of return. How might this change if the IoT becomes the dominant source of information transfer in residential homes?
7: Newcomers, New approaches and Vested Interests
Describe the implementation requirements and the risks faced by a 4th Mobile Service provider wanting to build and operate a totally new network in Australia at the current time. Will examples like the IoT provide an opportunity to shake up existing players and allow for new players?
8: Practical Implementation.
Determine the network connections and configuration to provide the equivalent user experience for DoCSIS 3.1 Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) delivery of broadband to a FTTP delivery of broadband for a model Fibre Serving Area Module (FSAM). Discuss the typical Capital cost to provide 100% connectivity utilising the Telstra existing network as the base. How might this type of exercise change if smart data transfer surpasses communications?
9: Connectivity at the Node
Describe the connectivity required at the Fibre Access Node (FAN) site for a typical Fibre Serving Area Module (FSAM) to provide connections for all Retail Service Providers (RSPs) using the current market share in the Australian market together with NBN Co. reported speed distribution and take up rates. Discuss how this will vary over time.
10: Space Oddity
Determine the network capacity required to provide connectivity at each of the NBN Co. satellite earth stations to the various RSPs, utilising the current NBN Co. forecast of speed and location distribution. Discuss the effects of service take-up over time. How might low flying micro satellite technologies disrupt or complement this area?


NBN Company has a special business branch which deals with the financial, business analysis as well as engineering work. The company has overwhelming working durations of not fewer twelve months [2]. The mainly exercises conducted with this special unit include robust sensitivity and evaluation analysis. Furthermore, in the application of the business case in line with the NBN system, a number of key roadmap conclusions and assumptions mainly incorporated in the process. These are often weighted and integrated within the project objectives by measuring and analyzing the monitoring as well as controlling aspects in them. This research mainly aims at examining the National Broadband Network and furthermore examining the monitoring as well as the control aspects which it has in the Australian state.
The National Broadband Network mainly rolled by the government in the Australian state as a whole. The critical aim of the National Broadband Network is essentially to steer and increase the network in the broadband network systems in the country. Initially, the network broadband was owned by the National Broadband Network Company but currently the government has become part and parcel of the stakeholders regarding it as a government entity. Moreover, the system mainly associated with the provision of the various functions in the country. Some of the functions include offering broadband connections for both the offices and homes in the overall Australia state. Furthermore, the system functions as the essential internet and telephone provider across the country. In line with this, it offers various functions which include telephony, security, e-health as well as entertainment to different businesses and homes. However, the National Broadband Network have deployed different broadband and systematic concepts in the implementations and discharging the various functions. Some of the broadband technologies which the National Broadband Network has embarked on utilizing include:

FTTP also was known as Fibre to the premises
FTTB defined as Fibre to the building
FTTN also termed as Fibre to the node
Fixed wireless
HFC also knew Hybrid-Fibre Coax

Notably, different people in the country tend to settle for the first three options.
On the contrary, the National Broadband Network focuses on the connections which offer better services regarding the locations and the overall speed. The priority of the National Broadband Network is to ensure that the internet equipment has got faster broadband in line with the speed as well as works properly irrespective of the locations concerning the structures. Some of the structures mainly incorporated in the analysis are the offices and the building.
Moreover, the National Broadband Network has a well-structured approach for handling all the technology related issues which tend to derail the operations of the organization. In essence, the National Broadband Network has equipped technology for delivering the crucial services for the wiring of both the offices and homes. The concept which the company uses is that when the car
Trying out operations in both renovated as well as new homes, then it will be important use the star-wired Cat 6 cabled system. The installation and the mounting of the cable mainly conducted concerning the ideal set point of the National Broadband Network. The main reason for using the star-wired Cat 6 cabled system is that it can be used for joining other networks. Additionally, the system has got a variety of application which includes computers, PC laptops, telephones connections as well as in the WiFi devices.
Measurement and Control Mechanisms
New Premises Stocking
The company often can apply the concept of the Geocoded National Address File to conduct the overall premise sizing in the country. This application will help in developing the national index and address for the various users in the country. Furthermore, it will incorporate multiple address sourcing and incorporations. Some of the multiple address sources targeted in the process include Australian Electoral Commissions, Australia Posts as well as the government land records.
The current Broadband Department, Digital Economy as well as the Communication sector in the has embarked on the mission of establishing the national premise. The premise mainly set to collect 10.9million from the FY10, 1.3 from the parametric business premises as well as 9.6million from the residential premises. The values established and estimated mainly based on the Greenfield forecast analysis. In essence, the Greenfield mainly subdivided into Redevelopment and the raw broadacre land for both the business and the dwelling household premises [6]. The analysis for the overall preview in the area mainly indicated and reported based on the BIS Shrapnel report. This report essentially termed as “Overview of the Australian Residential Market.” The report is not only important in the establishing the related revenue in the country but equally important in establishing gaps and where various corrections need to be performed.
It is important to develop an honest and decisive mechanism of handling the bandwidth demands as well as trends. This is important since the stated objective in the process tend to analyze the suggested risk in line with the real-time demand. The process establishes the risks may even exceed the expected Fibre-to-the-Node core capabilities when the approach utilized in the process has a short period [5].
Evaluation of the Fibre-to-the-Distribution-Point
The evaluation and examination of the Fibre-to-the-Distribution-Point in decisive details is not only important but also essential. Thus, the concept of the Fibre-to-the-Distribution-Point must be considered in details in line with the National Broadband Network mainstream deployment approach. The consideration of the concept will help to ensure that there are vast network capability and makeable FTTN outcomes. This incorporates the significant flexibility which aims at creating the variations mainly focusing on meeting the related cost competitions in the FTTN.
HFC Exploitation
The exploitation and in-depth analysis of the Hybrid Fibre Coax regarding the capability often recommended. However, it important to have detailed engineering planning and this must be incorporated in the modeling as critical considerations. Moreover, careful consideration is important in developing the overall long-term in line with the HFC technology roadmap. Thus, proper commencement is important in tackling and exploring the concept.
Considerations on Multiple Dwelling Units
Additionally, it is important that considerations should be put in place on how to handle the Multiple Dwelling Units. The Multiple Dwelling Units should have autonomy which will assist in ensuring that there is a competitive ecosystem stimulation more so for handling the independent contractors [4].
NBN Certified DSLAM
The equipment related to this norm need serious evaluation and exploration in line with the installation process. Furthermore, all the equipment as well as the fibre cabling should be installed by the National Broadband Network certified technicians and contractors. This process needs the oversight and sponsorship of the RSPS. The process aims to ensure that there are installers with rich stimulating ecosystem [3].
Multi-Interest Coordination
There is a need also of ensuring there is a properly constituted committee to ensure that the building priorities meet the set customers’ optimal levels.  Furthermore, the setting of the committee will ensure that the overall process conducted in a manner that it does not conflict as well as do not cause wild fluctuations. Furthermore, the deployment of the various parties will ensure that there no minor misunderstandings arising from the network investment and work process.
Show the Effect of Changes to Materials and Procedures as well as Defect Remediation across Process Stages and Time
Future ITS chances will rely upon short-range roadside and vehicle-to-vehicle correspondence, using satellite and remote innovation, being connected back to street organize control by optic fiber. Consequently the NBN will be vital to future ITS  conveyance and the Department is effectively occupied with further  building up its comprehension of how the NBN can contribute and increase the value of ITS advancements and their application
Project Outcomes
Supported by a compelling and dependable correspondence organize, smart grids can accomplish noteworthy cost investment funds and outflow decreases over the power arrange. Smart grids will likewise increase and assist power supplier in improving on likely deal with the circulated sources and fluctuating burdens related to sustainable power sources, for example, wind and sun-based. The Smart Grid venture in progress in the Newcastle district guarantees to show to industry and general society how savvy lattices can work on a business scale. As renewables keep on representing a bigger extent of Australia’s vitality supplies, the significance of savvy lattices will keep on developing. Utilizing the NBN will assist empower brilliant networks with being conveyed in more territories. The NBN will give the base correspondences organize required to send shrewd sensor systems, incorporating those utilized in transport and water administration frameworks, in the scope of areas around Australia [1].
In summary, this study focused on the evaluation of the National Broadband Network as well as its overall application in the Australia State. The  Committee likewise takes note of that while fiber-to-the-premises is the most vitality productive innovation for rapid broadband, exertion is required to guarantee superfluous ecological expenses do not counterbalance the huge natural advantages of the system. The NBN as an organize records expansion in line with the vitality of customers and steps ought to be taken to guarantee that the vitality efficiencies of all the system’s parts are amplified. There is additional potential for a lot of electronic waste to be created from old hardware and backup batteries, and the Committee supports the improvement of naturally stable approaches to bargain with this issues. National Broadband Network continues to expand its applications in the Australia State and thus, the proper channel should be put into consideration include the utilization of the parametric technology.
[1]M. Gregory, “National Broadband Network”, Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, vol. 4, no. 2, 2016.
[2]T. Alizadeh, N. Sipe and J. Dodson, “Spatial Planning and High-Speed Broadband: Australia’s National Broadband Network and Metropolitan Planning”, International Planning Studies, vol. 19, no. 3-4, pp. 359-378, 2014.
[3]M. Rose, “Can Project Alliance Contracts deliver Australia’s National Broadband Network?”, Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building, vol. 11, no. 3, p. 68, 2011.
[4]N. Wilson, “Australia’s National Broadband Network – A cybersecure critical infrastructure?”, Computer Law & Security Review, vol. 30, no. 6, pp. 699-709, 2014.
[5]P. Darling, “Building the National Broadband Network”, Telecommunications Journal of Australia, vol. 60, no. 3, pp. 42.1-42.12, 2010.
[6]M. Gregory, “A flexible upgrade path for the Australian National Broadband Network”, Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, vol.

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