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ENGL190 Test On Poetry

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ENGL190 Test On Poetry

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ENGL190 Test On Poetry

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Course Code: ENGL190
University: Victoria University

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Country: Australia

Examine Wilfred Owen’s poem, “Dulce et Decorum Est” (666 -7), to determine the poem’s atmosphere; in particular, note the imagery of the poem and its shaping of that atmosphere.  Similes, also, among other things, lend something to this atmosphere; take note of several, explaining how they work here.  Finally, it is difficult to examine atmosphere without considering Situation, Speaker, and even speculating about whom the Speaker is addressing

The light and dark in the “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden implies the parental sacrifice to rise of the family. Dark implies the challenges that father go through to cater for the family. In the first stanza, cold represents the distance love relationship between the father and son who will never be reconciled (Hayden 9). The speaker in the poem is helpless due to the fears existing from the experiences of the household. The light implies the hard work of the parents recognized by the son at later life. The imagery here is used for the speaker to have a recall on how father woke up very early in the morning, make fire as well as polishing shoes for his son. The imagery reflects on the sacrifice of the father for the comfort of his son.  The title of the poem on winter Sundays actually reflects the theme of parental sacrifice.  
“We Real Cool” poem by Gwendolyn Brooks has the rhyme as well as internal rhyming words technically cool/school or sin/gin as well some repetitive word “we” which brings Enjambment pattern in the poem. The rhyme in the poem binds and holds the tights brotherhood meaning of the gang in the poem (Brooks, 373). The poem is just short using repetition which does not induce monotony. “We really cool” and such phrases in the poem are the defiance of allegation stubborn of the gang. The meaning of the poem reflects the outsiders who are outside the school. It reflects on those drops for a certain alcoholic night. The mix of the long, as well as the short vowel in the poem, induces the verbal intense to reader. The title of the poem “We Real Cool” contrasts with words used in the content; thin, gin or sin. It will be a difference is the poem written in contrasting words from the title of the poem and this will bring about the image of pride taken by the pool of players. 
The poem has three stanzas taking the aabbccdd rhythmic pattern. The power of the speaker is well induced in the first stanza. The first stanza asserts little mingling for the blood. It is not considered as sin for mingling blood of the flea in their walls. The mingling of the body is considered holy as that of the flea. In the second stanza, the speaker tries to have the life of the flea spared. He assumed that it is their marriage and temple for their wedding. The speaker assumes that it is crime for killing the flea. In the third stanza, the lady does not listen to him and goes ahead to kill the flea. He raises a challenges question on what was the sin with the little life of the flea. The lady replies that killing of the flea has caused no effects to them. The speaker in this argues wisely that she has no fear of killing the flea.  
The poem “Dulce et Decorum Est” by Winfred Owens brings about the atmosphere of war. The experience of the war is kind of vivid and terrible situation. The language chose of the poem brings about the contrast of the title while the content of the poem disturbed. The speaker brings the views attention in regard to the war during the mindset. Owens uses similes which are informed of symbolism for the purpose of illustrating speaker’s honors (Owen 5). Through the way, he describes soldiers is damaged and distorted. It reflects the atmosphere of war parallel on how the speaker is violated by the war. Chaos is the common theme of the poem displayed as iambic pentameter. It is related to the similes that not every line fits the pattern required. This is very important in the poem simply because the formulation of the poem is imperfect and it breaks showing speakers torment.  
“The fish” and the “One art” written by the Elizabeth Bishop are two poems having different stages. The two poems reflect the life of the poet. The fish poem is written to show the reasons for powerful points. “One art” is reflecting on loss more in loved ones (Bishop 12-13). The fish poem is reflected in provoking the points and at the same time giving the reader the powerful set. The poem uses some adjectives such as tremendous for the description of the fish. The poem concentrates on grandpa tales on how to catch fish more humongous. “One art” shows much on how maturely Bishop deals with the loss issue regarding the loved ones. It becomes very easy to master the art of losing.
In the “To His Coy Mistress,” poem, the nameless man does not reveal himself to the nameless woman. He admires her by focusing on her body parts in sex and love. He tells nameless woman life is shot and they are about to die and norms will take her virginity if she does not break her virginity with him. In the “Go, Lovely Rose” the speaker sends a rose to the young lady. He addresses the flower as a person and instructs the flower to tell the lady she is physically sweet and fair us as the flower (Marvell, Andrew, & Tony Harrison 89).  In “Come, my Celia, let us prove,” The speaker gives a demonstration of sports love. Sports, in this case, mean retention of physical. The speaker encourages Celia for his love interest. “The Passionate Shepherd to his Love,” and Raleigh speaker pleads pretty to come and have a life with him and love hi together. Speaker promise gold buckles for a lover. The Nymph’s Reply the Shepherd,” shepherd proposal for love is rejected the poem is rhetorical couplets.
Kenneth Koch is reacting to the work of interview with Jordan Davis. Hi, the idea is comic and readers are expecting some feeling from the poet. Another case is on John Donne on; how he wonders on his troth. He says, “I had to do until we loved”. He focuses on how love makes a little room. Andrew Spacey is much interested in much of the poem his poem. He is effective by saying that everything short is sweet. This resonates type of the poem and brutal language is covered there. 
Hope in my heart
Hope in love, Is just like feathers,
 It pierces the heart, and brings tone,
And sings a song that never stops 
It is sweetest, a storm of the heart,
Like feathers, it waives,
Like Little bird, she is treated. 
I have felt, it is so chilliest,
If I ask crumb, what about me,
Love is extremely, and strangest.  
Chapter 5: sick rose brings the central theme of the poem. It is possible for the worm to be seen as death symbolism. It is due to the fact that worms are associated with death. Chapter 6: The symbol of death is given a contrast with flowerbed and marriage bed. It represents the unmarried love. Chapter 7: poison joy is associated with beauty and erotic. The suggestion is for string sex and erotic. Chapter 8: is based on puzzling of the Blake who disturbs everyone. The worm crawls and wriggles since they do not fly. It is metaphorical corruption. Chapter 9: is based on harbors of the worms. It is the dark part of the love which is secreted. The worm shows jealous love for the rose. Chapter 10: reflects on Nietzchean and the statement by Oscar that each man has a killing potential for anything that he loves. Chapter 11 is basically on poison tree and how howling it is to storm. This is back up by chapter 12: that turbulent emotion in resenting the one loves. Chapter 13; reflects on Christian doctorate and worm is the central theme. It is a reflection of the snake given the name secret in the Garden of Eden and lastly chapter 14: backs up revenge against God. The Satan persuade to eve is related to the hunting power in the poem (Spongberg 34). 
The purported excellence of the poem “the sick Rose” in chapter 16 is the imagery is applied to reflect the theme of the poem. Worm brings the imaginative of decay and the situation. Contrast rose is related to the love in the poem. Unmarried lovers show scarlet joy in the poem for crimson and bristle lifeblood. The “scorpion” song by Drake is poetic lyrics song. The song is given a central theme based on “I am upset”. The song is like communicative form. He focuses on where life has reached him. He uses rhythm in the composition of his work. In the third stanza, he applies similes by relating life as flies. He says from left to the right we know hope. He says how he takes money is just what he expects. What upsets him is how every-money gets to pay for the head things. He applies poetic elements of alliteration through use words of the same sound within the same line; money/nanny.  I find simile in stanza four checks…related to his second those. Money supposed to have pay for the bill and task…playing of the chase is related to the money use and SMS. Less and triples are poetic rhyming words used by drakes in his lyric song.  
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