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F85071 Energy And Sustainable Development

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F85071 Energy And Sustainable Development

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F85071 Energy And Sustainable Development

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Course Code: F85071
University: De Montfort University

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Country: United Kingdom

 Write to critically analyse the role of energy in the Sustainable Development Coals. Identify the main issues that may arise in achieving SUGs that are relevant to energy (i.e. SDG 7 and other SDCs where energy is relevant) and suggest any possible solutions to the issues. Your essay should demonstrate that you meet the learning outcomes listed below and that the work is in accordance with all of the notes and guidance that follow.
Learning outcomes 
Successful completion of this coursework will demonstrate:

Understanding and critical awareness of the concepts of sustainable development and/or sustainability as encountered in current research and policy debates.
Ability to use relevant information to explain and defend arguments.
Deliver appropriate and balanced conclusions.


Global Economic Development
In this paper, we are analyzing the role of energy in sustainable development goals; this is because energy is one of the critical factors that lead to development. The global is focusing on renewable energy and improvement of energy that is able to sustain the world and improve the economy of the world. Although energy is one of the top factors that leads to an increase in economic development their other factors that support the development and backup energy sustainability in SDGs. This SDG includes SDG 6 that ensures management and sustainability of water and sanitation, SDG 9 that promotes sustainable infrastructure, the inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation, SDG the 13 take actions to cope climatic changes and its impact, SDG 14Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development,SDG 15  Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss,SDG 17 Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development, and lastly SDG 16  Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. All these SDGs contributes to the development of the global economy and help to sustain energy development come 2030, which was one of the UN (United Nations agenda). The paper is tackling the issues that arise in achieving sustainable energy development goals and also other SDGs.
Role of sdg 7
Sustainable energy development is one of the goals that have to be obtained come 2030, this is viewed as the key in development because any action requires energy.[6] By giving this goal a heavy factor to sustain the global economy, it diminishes another role that facilitates the growth of the economy, though energy is most important it must interlink with other goals in order to achieve the stated goals. Energy comprises of creation of jobs opportunities in renewable industries and other industries that use energy in the production, security is also related to energy in the case of a country that mines oil, the national security is threatened because the country need to protect oil and avoid political wrangles that arise in most of the country that mine oil, climate change is related to energy because the world is targeting to come up with methods of renewing energy to save energy and avoid destruction of climate due to high consumption and production of energy from the fossil fuels, and lastly energy links with food production because energy is used directly and indirectly in agriculture,crops draw their energy from the fossils for them to grow, fertilizers, pesticides, and machinery production draw indirect energy. Hence energy act as the backbone in the production of food in the agriculture sector. Although the energy forms the backbone of a sustainable economy that the world is targeting in 2030 it must be supported by other SDGs. An example is SDG 9 that leads to the sustainability of infrastructure, industrialization and foster innovation. Through industrialization energy is exploited through industry means and innovation of new technology to come up with new methods of renewing energy, this shows that without the support of the SDG 9 energy exploitation and conservation could be difficult. [8]Enabling sustainable production patterns and consumption leads to saving of energy, the goal focuses in the utilization of the available material leading to sustainable production to and also consumption, this goal should be enhanced despite energy being the core factor because it helps in consumption of energy in a sustainable manner and also its production. Also SDGs 13 that takes actions to combat climatic change and its impact on the world also build the energy sustainable in the world economy, this is because climate is changing hence without measures to cope with climate change it may lead to less sustainable energy, hence climate should be taken care of because it’s a negative impact on the world will ‘cripple’ the goal of sustainable economic development come 2030.  SDGs 14 also forms ‘roots’ for sustainable energy because the SDG aim to preserve sustainable water bodies and its resources for sustainable development. Most of the energy used in the industries is drawn from the water. By turning off turbines using water leads to the production of energy in form of electricity, this means that if we lay a heavy hand towards only energy sustainability, goals of achieving a sustainable global economy won’t be possible. By Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels facilitates sustainable economy, for global to be able to achieve sustainable energy goal, peace among nations in the world gives individual a chance to share ideas and come up with means of preserving and maintaining sustainable energy. Institution forms basis in building a sustainable global economy, this helps the nation in gaining the knowledge of conserving the environment and impact of renewing energy and maintaining sustainable consumption of energy. All these SDGs are relevant in order to achieve a sustainable energy development goal.
Challenges arising from sdgs
In the developing world, most tend to forget that in the real world their issues that arise to hinder the SDGs. Despite the positive thoughts and ideas that cross our minds on achieving a sustainable global economy, there are issues that arise which hinders the targeted goals.[3] The major issues that arise from the SDGs are increased in population, an example in Africa, in 2030 its predicted that the population in Africa will double, this means that there will be fewer resources and high consumption. It is hard to control a huge population because resources are scarce and limited. The the question that arises from this issue is how society will be able to control such a growing population and be able to sustain economic development goals. Secondly, if the global is not able to sustain the growing population, it will lead to immigration, either temporary or permanent immigration leads to an increase in population. The problem that is facing the developed country such as the United States of America is absorbing a lot of immigrants other migrate illegally hence unable to hold the growing population with its limited resources; this also leads to rising in insecurity hence triggering violent and promoting a community that is not peaceful. Thirdly there is unequal and slower economic growth, countries in the world have different economic growth, this creates an issue that’s it’s hard to solve, this is because every country develops at a higher economic rate than other or their countries which are already developed hence it’s hard to maintain equal economic growth that can sustain equal economic development. The rate at which the economy grows differ due to infrastructure, amenities, technology, resources,and political stability, this makes nation among the world have different economic, some have a growing economy others a slow-growing economy, this makes partnership among the country to be less productive and has negative impact towards global economic development which is targeted in 2030. The vulnerable middle class also pulls down the SDGs goals. The middle-class fears to drop to a low-class level that they had struggled to come from, they value maintaining the class rather than trying to raise their class which could lead to a risk of becoming poor.It’s hard to deal with a search community which is only concerned with maintaining its social class rather joining the global in sustainable development of the economy through supporting energy consumption and renewing of energy.Lastly there is an issue of trade-off, this is where one loses something important in order to gain something in return, this will be difficult to convince a country to lose some of its valuable things in order to gain economic growth for example when a country has to cut its forest for agriculture gain or to turn its cash crop into energy production. This will be difficult even if the world is targeting to achieve goals that will lead to sustainable of global economic development by 2030. It will be like exploiting the country for the gain of others. All these issues above show that it’s difficult to achieve the goals because it seems the vision to be attained in 2030 might benefit some nation and disadvantaging other countries.[8] The SDGs discussed above will not be able to be achieved due to the issue discussed above.[3] The issue discussed above need a solution, by solving this issue it will be easy for the movement formed by UN to be achieved
For SDGs to be attained the UN must develop and promote decentralized, small-but-scalable, localized solutions. The major solution is to try a control population by coming with family planning methods and creating awareness of the importance of controlling population  especially in the third world country, secondly immigration should be controlled by creating employment and conducive environment for the citizens to curb illegal immigration which also leads to an increase in population, the world should come up with one currency and methods of increasing the economic growth rate of the third world country. [14]Lastly, when implementing trade-off there should be a considerable gain for the losing party, the gain that can compensate what the party has lost. Peace promotion and end of hunger will facilitate growing global economic development that SDGs has to achieve by 2030.
The SDGs forms a ‘roadmap’ that everyone wants to go because it represents real achievement globally. Despite issues that arise from the goals, the global can correct the issue and be able to achieve the stated goals. To achieve the energy sustainable development goal everyone needs to ignore the matter of growing and focus on what matters by combining the other SDGs discussed above that forms the basis of energy sustainable development goal to archive the stated goal. In conclusion, energy sustainable development forms the backbone of all other goals.
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