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Financials In Case Of Administration Of Corporations Is Very Important

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Financials In Case Of Administration Of Corporations Is Very Important

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Financials In Case Of Administration Of Corporations Is Very Important

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Discuss About The Financials In The Case Of The Administration Of Corporations?


The financials in the case of the administration of  corporations is very important for the achievement of the objectives. Corporation financial report is established in different ways, one of which is the presentation of written and oral reports.
Disclosure of arrangements is so crucial for any corporation reports1. This is because any significant disclosure will affect the final outcome of the corporation report and non-disclosure will lead to material misstatement of misrepresentation of facts. The corporation Act of 2001 had been modified by the corporations regulations of 2001 and 2002 under the No. 168 and 193 respectively as amended. The change in corporation and regulations of 2002 was made during a detailed compilations.
The article outlines some basic techniques for writing reports, which are an important means of financials. Logical thinking, the concatenation of ideas which means a clear and orderly presentation are fundamental parts of what this article covers, in order to be a tool for the exercise of writing. Background and form of the reports are combined to produce an understandable message. Several examples of reports are noted, without attempting to exhaust the multiple possibilities that may exist in their treatment. Some techniques for oral exposure are also discussed. Present Arrangements Regarding the  Report Structure and Justification
The report as an element of financials, has to possess a series of characteristics so that it fulfills its primordial mission. These characteristics range from visual presentation (orderly and readable), through fundamental structural elements such as presentation logic, exposition of ideas, quality of the mentioned sources and the combination and interpretation of data The report must have at least two essential characteristics: [1]
(a) That the persons to whom it is directed read it because it is good and consistent;
(b) That other persons who are not necessarily specialized in the matter covered by the document, can understand it without major difficulties.
This can be achieved if the drafter is clear about the ideas he is going to express and has based his position on frames of reference that give solidity to the communicated. Of course, clarity in the development of ideas goes through the logic of their exposition.
When it comes to the creation of corporate memory or the annual report, it is not enough that we have a clear idea of ??what our objective is, but that it will be necessary to know how to translate it in a systematic, clear and concise way, to create the company’s memory or annual report in many cases is necessary to go to external investors or financial institutions in addition to facilitating our work3.
The objectives that can be pursued in a company report or annual report are very diverse, and hence the flexibility with which the notions that we will have to interpret below have to be interpreted. The company report or annual report should not have more than fifty pages if we do not want to discourage the reader to a detailed reading of our work. The recipient of the company report or annual report must adjust its content in addition to creating a creative work, not only have to record the objective data of the project, but must do everything possible to highlight their strengths[2];         1.   General data         2.   Data identification of the company         3.   Background of the project
 Every company, and to a greater extent those that begin, base their credibility on the capacity of their managers and especially on their knowledge of the sector4. Regardless of whether the balance sheet structure is presented, and especially when it is impossible to present the previous one, it is convenient to make a small explanation of the most significant events that have marked the trajectory of the business.
Definition of the product or service
In addition, it is important to offer an extended image of the product, which defines not only its characteristics, but also defines its usefulness, explains its mode of operation, explains how it differs from products already on the market4. The annual report or the report of a company constitutes an advertising resource that is based on standing out from the rest of the competition. The usual receiver, the partner of the society is the main receiver. The memory of a company or annual report, apart from its great impact on its prestige, has important time constraints. Attractive designs, texts corrected and consistent with the company’s image, different graphic attributes, diagrams, maps, photographs, illustrations, special dies. The company’s annual report or report can be upgraded through tabs or attachments that are added or deleted according to project requirements5[3]. The possibilities are endless depending on your needs as well as the realization of the project in web format to download as a mobile application.
Determining Factors in a Company Report or Annual Report
The company report or annual report shows not only its economic data but also its “character”. That is why they are important not only for the content but also for the quality and care put into their design and realization – in short the information that the company wants to offer. The business reports gain notoriety for the graphic design and the relevant information in a concise and clear way, as well as the social and commercial commitment of the company.
The factor of the Annual Report or Annual Report
In graphic design and financials rarely speak of the power of financials of company memory. However often the company memory or annual report is the most striking reflection of a company’s activities from its account book side, with its balance sheets results The report should make precise mention of the techniques used to compile the data that support it and the working procedure used. For example, if it is a method based on interviews, it should be mentioned the purpose of these, the technique used in its elaboration and the criterion of the interviewees’ choice6. Within this criterion of choice we must indicate the common characteristics of the persons interviewed with respect to the subject or those elements that differentiate them from each other. If what is included is a documentary analysis, the report should also specify the type of document reviewed the elements that are interested in studying and the periods taken into consideration within which these documents are located.Based on the above, the idea is that it is necessary to record the selection criteria that were deprived to choose the path of the collection of information that supports the report. According to the techniques used to compile the information, the content of the report should indicate how the study object will be analyzed: if the data will be compared, if a content analysis is to be developed, if it will be presented A critical view of the findings or any other element that clarifies the objectivity of the subject. It is a viable report that clearly states the elements taken into account for its development. Evaluative reports, by way of example, must be very rigorous with the method, since any evaluation involves a criterion7. Every criterion, as a rule, must be objective. The subjective criterion is that which is based on value judgments, which do not start from the evidence. The objective criterion, on the contrary, is based on evidence. Science is based on what is certain, on what is verifiable. To review whether any externalized criteria in the report is based on verifiable facts, is a basic task for its consolidation as a document. All of this is linked to coherently bonded exposure logic.
The logic of exposure
One way to develop ideas is to keep in mind the logic of exposure, trying to delimit where one idea ends and initiates another, so that they do not oppose but complement each other. An idea is a complete thought, properly differentiated from another. The concatenation of ideas determines a type of exposure that transits by a certain order. It is possible that when you do not [4]
have a clear objective of what you want to express, ideas flow without further logic, which far from conveying a clear message, confuse you.
The users of the reports
The main job of a manager is to manage the human and material resources at his disposal so that the company he represents creates value through decision making in a framework of uncertainty. In order to develop this initiative, the manager needs to analyze the company as a whole and configure the mechanisms, methods and tools necessary to determine whether the company, when making decisions, creates or does not create value; That is, if the different business proposals, restructuring, acquisition of fixed assets and so on, increase the business value of the entity. The best way to develop such a procedure is to analyze the economic and financial statements of a company (the definition of which can be found in the ‘annual accounts and interim financial statements’ section of this website), which allow collecting information on corporate assets, The economic results and the cash flows generated by the company. The process by which companies grow and create value is the main study of corporate finance, so that analysts require the information contained in the economic-financial statements and reports of the company to broadly develop their work and to know better And more deeply the corporate bowels[5]. In the consultancy we developed a comprehensive analysis of the different economic and financial statements of our clients when requested (all according to the recent accounting reform), often with the objective of analyzing their structure, business profitability (of assets Of the company and even how profitable the company is for its owners), the company’s liquidity or cash flow and the risk involved in the company (the projection of the financial statements), the results being reflected in economic-financial reports The consolidated ones), which, in general, allow a quick understanding of the analyzes carried out. Thus, the Advisory can facilitate the following studies of your company9:
Uses of the reports
Analysis of liquidity (cash-flow)
 This analysis is a medium with which to evaluate the credit risk that runs your company, both short and long term. The tools we use in the Advisory with basically three: the short and long term liquidity ratios, the comparison between the working capital and the operational needs of funds and the average maturity period of the company (widely used in company analysis Commercial, industrial and service sectors).The three tools described above are also complemented with the basic aspects of the management of current balance sheet items.
 Analysis of profitability
We analyze the economic risk and the financial risk of your company, measuring the profitability according to the different optics existing in the company. For this we use the analysis of the financial balance and the so-called profitability ratios. We also use financial leverage, the internal growth rate9; Profitability indicators in listed companies, Du Pont analysis; The integrated analysis of financial profitability as a product and, moreover, we propose margin and rotation strategies.
Analysis of cash flows or cash flow from the cash flow statement, we perform a detailed analysis of different cash flow ratios as well as graphical analyzes to determine the company’s liquidity. I[6]n any case, we remain at the disposal of the client to analyze the economic-financial information that is available as well as to prepare the economic-financial reports necessary for decision-making in the business field.
The Importance of Financial Statements Reports From the point of view of users’ needs in the time of profit, it was characterized by the measurement of assets and income. Due to the need properly kept financial system, this era led to the development of the Financial Statements, the net benefit being the most important information document prepared for both internal and external users. The leading role of accounting was due to the financial crisis of large companies that brought with them financial problems in smaller companies, as well as in individuals causing a generalized crisis that originated in the United States and had repercussions at world level; Bringing this as a consequence to standardize, reinforce and redefine the role of accounting to avoid in the future the generation of new problems with such dimensions. It is evident that for the first years and before the republican life of our nation, there were not abundant accounting records and much less tradition of vocation towards the corporation and improvement of this matter10[7]. The development of a report must have a logical framework of research that is based on the validity of the ideas expressed in the corporation. The method of exposing ideas is tested by the criterion of objectivity, so it is essential to follow an expository method, which refers to the work techniques used, the indicators and other variables considered.
Conclusion and Recommendation
Criminal and civil penalties and provisions
In corporate reporting, the introduction of punitive provisions within the Corporations Act should be done  if the report is not done fall within the provisions of the Act. Material misstatement should be charged as a criminal act. It should also face civil charges for a company that does not respect the guidelines and ethics of corporate reporting. Most reports that a company produces are financial statements reports that includes the balance sheet, the income statements, statements of cash flows and the company’s equity report[8].
Most reporting managers and accounting managers should be liable for a 3-5 year jail sentence for material misstatement. Other sentences that are criminal should lead to maximum of 10 years in jail.
For civil charges the company should be held accountable and should be penalized by the regulatory authorities while if it is trading in the ASX, its shares should  momentarily be suspended from trading.
If these reports are found to have major discrepancies, they may lead to misrepresentation of facts. Other reports in the company include; the chairman’s report, the auditors annual report, management reports and the boards reports.
ASIC regulatory guides 230 and 247 have urged corporations and corporate officers to improve corporate governance and ethics by improving corporate reporting. The development of a report must have a logical framework of research that is based on the validity of the ideas expressed in the corporation. The consolidated ones), which, in general, allow a quick understanding of the analyzes carried out. Thus, the Advisory can facilitate the following studies of your company:
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George Derek Gordon Hall, Bate’s Case And “Lane’s” Reports: The Authenticity Of A Seventeenth-Century Legal Text
George Derek Gordon Hall, Bate’s Case And “Lane’s” Reports: The Authenticity Of A Seventeenth-Century Legal Text
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