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FIT9123 Busisness Information Systems

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FIT9123 Busisness Information Systems

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FIT9123 Busisness Information Systems

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Course Code: FIT9123
University: Monash University

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Country: Australia


1. Explain how IT systems contribute to the achievement of objectives in a specific organisational context
2. Evaluate how IT systems are applied in the different functions of an organisation and how they work together to achieve high performance

Description of the Organization:
To describe how the IT system contributes in the organizational success SONY Corporation is selected in this context. The SONY is a multinational conglomerate organization mainly focused on electronic goods. Actually the business of this organization includes professional and consumer electronics, entertainment, gaming and financial services. The objective, mission and vision of the SONY is described below.
Objective: The main objective of the SONY Corporation is developing new technology which can bring improvements in the human society.
Mission: The mission of the SONY Corporation is to become the organization which can fulfil the curiosity of the peoples with new innovations and inventions.
Vision: The vision of the SONY Corporation is creating new digital entertainment experience.
Departments of SONY Corporation:
The SONY Corporation is currently having a total number of six departments within their organization. Under the SONY Corporation the departments are the audio, videography and photography, computing, semiconductors and components, video and the medical related businesses. The computing department is related with the IT services of the organization.
Selected three different departments and use of IT in this departments:
For demonstrating the uses of the information technology within the SONY Corporation three different department of the organization is selected which are the audio, computing and the semiconductor businesses.
Use of IT in Audio Department: The information technology is important in the audio sector of the organization (Jeston 2014). In this audio department SONY does the music business by selling the music tracks on the internet. To effectively run the business IT system is required as this system manages the delivery of the business to the customers.
Use of IT in Computing Department: In the case of the computing system again the information system plays a vital role. In the computing section SONY provides the workstations (Avgerou and Walsham 2017). The workstation cannot perform without proper implementation of the information technology.
Use of IT in Semiconductor Department: Considering the semiconductor business of the SONY, the implementation of the information technology is very much vital for the organization as this helps to analyse the design of the semiconductor devices properly. Also, in the semiconductor businesses the IT is used for transmitting and manipulating data.
Identified Impact and Contribution of the IT on the selected department:
Contribution of IT in Audio Department: Initially the music industry runs on the physical CDs which was costly and it was also a problem for the organization to handle vast amount of CDs in the market. The CDs was also vulnerable to scratches and it was also having a limited amount of storage to hold the music and audio (Chang 2016). The introduction of the information technology solved this problem with cloud storage solution to provide millions of audios to the user. Thus it helped Sony Corporation to reach its organizational goals.
Contribution of IT in Computing Department: In the computing section SONY introduced tablets and workstations. To run the workstations IT is an important factor as it provides versatility to the network. The tablets are considered as a mini touchscreen computer. In the production of the tablet business proper research and development and effective communication is required (Rosemann and vom Brocke 2015) which is provided by IT.
Contribution of IT in Semiconductor Department: In the semiconductor section the fabrication technique is very much important. To manage the process of the fabrication the IT systems are very much helpful as it improves the supply chain.
Example to support the above explanation:
A practical example of using IT system for these three departments of SONY are the customer service. Customer service is important for fulfilling organizational goals. Regarding this SONY uses the IT for the customer service in excellent way. This helps the organization to fulfil the organizational goals. Also, another example is the improvement in the supply chain management. Supply chain management is important for improving the organizational processes and this can be achieved by the implementation of the IT. 
Organization selection:
The organization that is chosen is Sony. Sony is a well-recognized company that sells product internationally and has already been established globally.
Role and purposes of IT systems in different function of SONY:
SONY uses the information technology systems in their organization for various of purposes. SONY uses this this technology in their organization’s physical products. These products are the CD players, cameras and other mainstream electronic devices. Also the IT system is used in the CAD system of them. Considering the broad environment the IT is used by the SONY in the operations support, technical communications and in the database administrations. Further the IT system plays a big role to make the business process of the SONY more effective and powerful. Thus it helps to increase the value of the SONY’s business.  
Success in managing the IT system:
The SONY Corporation has got a huge success in the management of the IT systems. The IT systems has helped the SONY Corporation to enable the effective supply chain management. This supply chain management has increased the productivity of the SONY Corporation. Also, considering the physical products of the SONY, the implementation of the IT systems in the products has made this more innovative which attracted more customers and this is one of the main reason behind the organizational success of the SONY. The IT system has also make the SONY’s daily operations simpler than ever. The technical communications and the operational support has given the SONY to embark their organizational processes.  
Judgment based on the Success acheived:
It can be stated that process of telecommunication and transaction methodology that is used by Sony is one of the very best technology as this technology helps in creating space for the business organization and leading to the fact that the management of the projects gets easier in nature and the proficiency of the projects increases (Garofalakis et al. 2016). The aspect of fixing bugs also acts as a major benefit. 
The selected two organization is the SONY Corporation and the Amazon Inc.
Data processing and Storing technique of SONY and Amazon:
The SONY Corporation uses the technique of the online data processing. The online data processing is the technique which uses the internet for the data processing which is directly attached to a computer. Cloud computing is a prior example of that which uses this type of data processing. By this data stored in a computer can be used from another computer altogether (Wu, Battle and Madden 2014). SONY uses this technique for information research and recording. For storing this data the SONY Corporation uses the file system compression data storing technique. In this technique storage footprint is reduced and it brings data transparency in the storing mechanism.
The Amazon Inc. uses the real-time method of data processing. This data processing technique is able to respond instantly to several points to process the information and acquire instantly. Though it is a very reliable way of data processing, it consists high implementation and maintenance cost (Juri? et al. 2015). In most of the cases time saved by this type of data processing. Amazon uses this technique because their e-commerce business runs in real-time. For storing the data Amazon uses online database storing technique by which data can be stored and fetched any time. Amazon have their own database storage which is Amazon AWS.
Explanation of the data flow:
The data flow is the technique to determine in which way the data will be transmitted in a specific system.
In the SONY Corporation online data processing method is used and for that they uses a specific type of data flow. In this type of system the flow of the data remains in only one way. In this case the data flows through data storage to the main communication system. Then after processing the data this data is forwarded to some external entity.
In the case of the Amazon Inc. they uses the real time data processing technique for their operations. In the real time system the data flows both of the direction from the main data processing centre (Bilbao-Osorio, Dutta and Lanvin 2013). The internal management and the customer are involved in this both direction data flow. While the supplier and the seller are involved in a single way of communication.
The main difference between this two data flows are that real time data flow is much more complex compared to the flow of the online data processing. Also, the real time data flow is more reliable compared to the online data flow.
Quality assurance and Control measures used to ensure data quality:
The main data quality assurance techniques are used in this case for both the organization is the data conversion technique and the regression technique. The data conversion technique is used for checking the function of the applications and for uncovering the hidden defects (Holtshouse 2013). This process is must be used during and after the data migration process. Permanent loss of data is reduced through it. Regression technique is used for checking the data integrity after adding some new data. These data can be updates or can be new information. This type of testing is can work on automatic procedure.
Both the organization uses the technique of information security for the control measures of the data. This helps the organization to protect the data form unauthorised accesses, deletion and modification (Eason 2014). Practical example of this is encryption, authorization and authentication of data.
Judgement regarding the Data Quality:
Discussing upon data quality, it is very much essential for the organization because timely and accurate information is very much important for managing the accountability and the services provided by the organization. Quality data ensures best management of services and best use of resources.
Comparing both the organization it can be stated that both organizations has implemented their own way of quality assurance. This has been done by the organizations for utmost service assurance to the consumers which can boost the economy of the organization. Thus the above judgement on the data quality is correct. 
Avgerou, C. and Walsham, G. eds., 2017. Information Technology in Context: Studies from the Perspective of Developing Countries: Studies from the Perspective of Developing Countries. Routledge.
Bilbao-Osorio, B., Dutta, S. and Lanvin, B., 2013, April. The global information technology report 2013. In World Economic Forum (pp. 1-383).
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