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GLOH5124 : Humanitarian Crises Of Nepal Earthquakes

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GLOH5124 : Humanitarian Crises Of Nepal Earthquakes

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GLOH5124 : Humanitarian Crises Of Nepal Earthquakes

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Course Code: GLOH5124
University: The University Of Sydney

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Country: Australia


1. On this case study, you can talk about local economic factor after the earthquakes, needs and strategies. Avoid too much description.  Just talk about the main key aspects after the earthquakes.
2. This crisis may be the result of a conflict between Nation States or cultural conflict within a Nation State; or the result of a natural disaster.
3. It is important to note all humanitarian crises whether the result of war or natural disaster contain an element of conflict – either as being the instigator of the crisis or as part of the response to the crisis.
4. Case studies are required to – describe issues of diplomacy and mediation in conflict resolution situations; identify, examine and critique actions of the State, Business and Third Sectors during humanitarian crises and community development initiatives; design a needs-based program related to peace-making and peace-building.
5. In case study, students must ensure they address these 3 aspects of their chosen case. Students must succinctly describe the humanitarian crisis clearly articulating its cause(s) and magnitude.
6. Care needs to be taken to avoid too much description. This section should be the smallest of the 3 aspects.
7. Critical analysis of the actions by the State, Business and Third Sectors during the crisis and subsequent community development initiatives is an absolute requirement and should be the largest aspect of the work.
8. Critically evaluate the appropriateness of the responses of the parties involved. It is also expected that the work will contain both a brief introduction and conclusion.


An earthquake refers to the shaking of the surface of the earth, causing from an unexpected discharge of energy in the lithosphere of earth, which makes the seismic wave. In month of April, The 7.8 magnitude earthquake knock Nepal resulting ruthless demolition in fourteen out of seventy five cities in this nation. After the 2 weeks, one more 7.3 magnitude earthquake strike in Nepal, declining the refined circumstances. About 8,891 citizens were recognized dead. In the urgent results of the tragedy, the Nepal government initiated relief operations at the large scale with the help from civilized members. More than hundred international search and rescue teams, and medicinal teams came in Nepal within a day. Local community, volunteers, group of young people, the private sectors and nearest countries made the efforts. As the earthquake affected mainly remote areas like mountain village, the various rescue operations had place in tremendously demanding environment. Above 450 supporting organizations responded to the emergencies. In the following parts the result of the natural disaster, action taken by State, industries and third sectors during civilized crises and aspects is discussed and critically examined.
Results of natural disaster-
Natural climate is unavoidable event which cause the disasters. Nepal faced earthquake at 7.8 Richter scale. This natural event affects various tangible and intangible morals of societies (Wang and Fialko, 2015). Among the natural hazards that happen frequently in, earthquake is by far the most serious one. Organically, Nepal is measured to lie on the seismic sector that experiences numerous earthquakes. As the outcome, earthquakes of various magnitudes happen almost every year and have resulted substantial damages of lives on various events. It is found by the department of Mines and Geology, the earthquake of more than or equal to 5.0 on the Richter scale have happened at minimum in a year in Nepal (Martin, Hough and Hung, 2015).
Nepal is landlocked nation located between India and China (Hayes, et. al, 2015). The population of Nepal is over 28.5 million. Nepal has area of 47,181 square kilometers. It has .3 % and .03 % of the area of Asia and whole world. As per the geographical condition of Nepal, the shape of country is rectangular having the length of  approximately 880 kilometers east-west and range differs from 145 to 243 kilometers north south (Wang, et. al, 2015). The landscape of Nepal composed of hill and steep eight highest highlands of the world. Nepal is located on the Alpine belt or Alpine Himalayan, where seventeen percent of largest earthquake of world happens as the Indian plate drives upward in the Eurasian plates, resulting the excessive trauma to make in outside of earth, only to be relieved by the earthquakes. In same way, the Kathmandu valley, which is the capital of Nepal, will have numerous damages in occasion of disastrous earthquake as it reclines on place of olden sea cradle, meanwhile floors consist of loose soil sediments. In this way Nepal faces various disasters. This disaster may cause of natural disasters in the neighbor countries such as India or China. The high level of disasters may convert into risk easily for itself and for neighbor countries like India and China. Thus, the crisis may be the result of a clashes between States or cultural conflict in a State (Grandin, et. al, 2015).
Three major aspects-
A unique facet of the earthquake damage investigation is that data was collected six to eleven days after the main shock, and in this way, first-hand earthquake damage interpretations were attained. The three aspects are economic, social and environment aspect. The tourism is major backbone of the country but it has barred for sometimes due to disasters. About 605,254 homes destroyed and 288,255 homes damaged. In case of the emergency, approximately 188,900 individuals were for the time being dislocated. The social life of citizens has disturbed. Moreover, the number of jobs has been decreased due to disaster.
Issues of diplomacy and mediation in conflict resolution situations-
The disaster diplomacy is apprehensive with the scope to which the actions related to disaster like anticipation, mitigations, reply and recovery – encourage collaboration between enemies at national level or international level. The mediation is procedure by which insurance company present the disputes to the neutral third person that works with both of settle the dispute. The mediation is non-binding. It means the insurance carrier is lawfully compelled to accept the proposal created by the other person. The earthquake claims issues not eligible for mediation like coverage issues, issues related to legal interpretations of the requirement of policy.
Actions made by the State, Business and Third Sectors during the crisis
To reduce the losses due to disasters, there is requirement for state specific action plan and directions for all level of the authorities and the responsible personnel in state (Feng, et. al, 2015). The state government to touch the elements of the disaster management in state made the various plans. These plans are required to be updated by the government as per the requirements time to time. The revenue department also took the initiatives to develop the state disaster management plan by including all the liable agencies. The various groups of youth and business communities make the contribution to reduce the risk by supporting the disaster agencies and by taking the necessary steps (Takai, et. al, 2016).
As per the above analysis, it can be said that Nepal is the country prone to disasters. Nepal is specifically prone to earthquakes. The government of Nepal has made various pacts, treaties and contracts between the nations and companies at national level to decrease risk of disaster. It is required by the state government, central government and third party to take more necessary steps and to make significant strategies to reduce the risk of earthquake or disasters.  
Bollinger, L., Tapponnier, P., Sapkota, S.N., and Klinger, Y. (2016) Slip deficit in central Nepal: Omen for a repeat of the 1344 AD earthquake?. Earth, Planets and Space, 68(1), p.12.
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Martin, S. S., Hough, S. E. and Hung, C. (2015) Ground motions from the 2015 M w 7.8 Gorkha, Nepal, earthquake constrained by a detailed assessment of macroseismic data. Seismological Research Letters, 86(6), pp.1524-1532.
Takai, N., Shigefuji, M., Rajaure, S., Bijukchhen, S., Ichiyanagi, M., Dhital, M.R., and Sasatani, T. (2016) Strong ground motion in the Kathmandu Valley during the 2015 Gorkha, Nepal, earthquake. Earth, Planets and Space, 68(1), p.10.
Wang, K., and Fialko, Y. (2015) Slip model of the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha (Nepal) earthquake from inversions of ALOS?2 and GPS data. Geophysical Research Letters, 42(18), pp. 7452-7458.
Wang, W., Hao, J., He, J., and Yao, Z. (2015) Rupture process of the Mw7. 9 Nepal earthquake April 25, 2015. Science China Earth Sciences, 58(10), pp. 1895-1900.

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