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GSBS6380 Health Economics And Finance

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GSBS6380 Health Economics And Finance

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GSBS6380 Health Economics And Finance

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Course Code: GSBS6380
University: The University Of Newcastle

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Country: Australia

Identify the digital impact areas for patient engagement. Define digital media and uses and why important..Understand the difference between EMR and EHR..Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an EHR..Recognize how to effectively manage population health. 

Points that drives changes to health information technology

M- Health: – M- Health is related to mobile technology for patients. M- Health is providing a convenient practice for patient and online care. The rapid increase in mobile technologies motivates patients to manage their health in a better way, communicate with doctors, and take an appointment and easy access to health information. This technology helps patients and provides the remote monitoring of health conditions. Mobile technology is a medium for M- Health where doctors and patients communicate in the modern time(Dranove, Forman, Goldfarb & Greenstein, 2014).
Telemedicine:- Telemedicine is just like M- Health which contracts with an effective way of communication between patient and doctor. Through telemedicine, specialists can monitor and treat patients online through video conferencing. Telemedicine helps people living in remote areas who do not have access to medical care. Some medical centers have also expended their telemedicine capabilities.
Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) System: -According to (HIMSS) the Healthcare Information and Management System Society is the system or device that can interchange data and understand that shared data. The system must be interoperable as to increase the benefits from the innovative format of patient data and to understand the full perspective of the healthcare informatics movement system.
Wearable’s:- Wearable offer online patient record to collect information which rises prevention and recover health results. The two most well-known wearables are a smartwatch and a fit bit(Hood & Flores, 2012).

High-tech and high-touch digital approaches
Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) is used for inpatient tablet-based patient portal including analysis of mixed method. This approach studies the change in patient self-efficacy and helps in managing chronic conditions. High- tech and high- touch are used to improve the provision of an inpatient patient portal and training intervention for self-management (Wünderlich, Wangenheim & Bitner, 2013). HTT digital approaches utilize the My Chart Bedside (MCB) and My Chart Ambulatory (MCA) patient details to assist patients in managing their chronic problems. My Chart Bedside (MCB) is an inpatient detail of patient that can be used to access their data at a hospital that has developed the technology. MCB approach is developed to provide patients and families’ access to information customized for patients. This also includes a care plan for the day, materials for health education, and a place to take notes and access to educational data. MCB is the patient based on Web ambulatory give access to data but is mainly focused on outpatient care functions. Health summary of the patient, a listing of medication, immunization, data entry of patient health, tracking of appointment, and information related to financial management of the patient all are included in My Chart Ambulatory (Lavallee, Wicks, Alfonso Cristancho & Mullins, 2014).
Define digital media and its uses and why it is important?
Digital media are any media that are determined in machine-readable formats. Digital media can be formed, viewed, circulated, changed and preserved on digital electronics devices (Helsper & Eynon, 2010).
Uses of Digital media

To develop media literacy around the world: – Digital media help students to identify access and analyze media from around the world. Helps to facilitate awareness for events, people, societies, and culture.
Determine individual opinions behind the issues in the world: -Students explore opinions from other countries through digital media formed by individuals for example podcasts, videos, blog posts and a number of technology tools (Park, 2012).

Importance of Digital Media

Cost Effective: – Digital media is more profitable than the traditional way of media. This is particularly essential for small business because they do not have a lot of capital or many resources. Digital media can give you an inexpensive and more operative advertising channel.
Gratify to the Mobile Consumer:- Technology has progressed so much that mobile devices are no longer measured as substitutes for computers or laptops. It is important that we use a marketing solution that aims mobile devices properly.
Helps in increasing ROI and Revenue: – Through the development of digital media, the revenue will also increase. Digital media improves predictions and subsequently, ROI will increase.
Increased Transformations: – Digital media is important for online trading and advertising goods and services online. We can improve and calculate transformation rates by measuring achievement by incoming traffic that gets altered into leads or sales.
Competitors: – Many businesses have given up traditional promotion methods and are more focused on digital media.It is difficult to market small business and grow because of so many competitors. We can use Google Alerts to get better ideas and know where other competitors stand (Brabham, 2010).

Digital impact areas for patient engagement

Proper management of health records for patients with multiple health anxieties or long-lasting diseases.
Frequent communication with a medical provider that leads to improved health outcomes.
The disabled patients provide the means of information.
The decrease in face to face interaction and an increase in digital communication (Furukawa, King, Patel, Hsiao, Adler-Milstein & Jha, 2014).

Difference between EMR and EHR
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
The electronic medical record means everything we find in a paper chart, like the history of medical, medications, diagnoses, check-up dates, and allergy. EMR person work will be limited because they do not travel outside the practice. In EMR record the patient’s data can be printed out and mailed to another provider (Hsiao, Hing, Socey & Cai, 2010).
Electronic Health Record (EHR)
The digital records of health data are called an electronic health record. They contain all the information. Electronic health record includes a medical history of the patient, progress notes, and lot more. They also contain other information such as insurance data, demographic information, and data imported from personal devices. Electronic health record helps easy access to health information providers to coordinate and take decisions (Cebul, Love, Jain & Hebert, 2011).

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

1. Provide health information digitally.

Provide a digital type of chat.

2. (EHR) share efficient and real-time data.

Not share data outside the individual practice.

3. Permit the patient to take medical information with them.

Do not permit the patient to take medical information.

4. (EHR) allows providers to take a decision.

Mainly used by providers for diagnosis and cure.

Advantages and disadvantages of an EHR
Advantages of EHR

Medical providers have financial incentives: – Government requires health providers who trace patient traditional records with an authorized EHR. Medical providers allow patients to obtain or receive the financial incentives. Government motivates medical providers to use EHR to make patient care more effective.
Provide appropriate information: – Electronic health record system helps to create templates for the patient. These templates maintain detailed notes or records for each patient, making it easier to arrange data of patient on a systematic basis. EHR helps in data loss by giving information about what needs to be done.  
Patients can access their medical records easily: – Many medical providers have created online portals with the help of electronic health records. These gateways allow patients to operate their medical records when they need to. This allows every patient to realize how a doctor sees their present state of health every time.   
Billing can become more perfect: – Electronic health records provide accuracy in the billing record of the patient. Because of this advantage patients may not see any change in third-party customers such as an insurance corporation will have a full record of activities and duties. This advantage of the electronic health record can increase the revenues that a health provider can accomplish.
Orders can be introduced with higher speed: -Through Electronic health records, doctors can directly place orders. This decreases the chance of problem happening because the writing of a doctor is sometimes problematic to understand. We can send an electronic order directly to the choice of pharmacy for the patient (Menachemi & Collum, 2011).

Disadvantages of Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record must be updated on a daily basis: – An electronic health record must be updated on a daily basis so that system faces fewer issues. If a health provider chooses a system that accepts occasional updates then it could be placed under drawback when associated with services that to receive regular updates.
If a doctor does not have the ease to computer access:- Many specialists doctors have a computer permanently installed but sometimes in small offices many doctors bring a laptop or tablet to keep their electronic health record. If a doctor overlooks electronic device then delay in the data of patient record may happen.
Electronic health record systems are expensive:- To train people, maintain, and set up a system for medical facilities includes the higher amount. We can need many other facilities like to hire IT professionals so that we can keep the device running as efficiently as possible.
Hackers can access patient files:- Hackers can easily access the information of the patient through the electronic health record system. Even if the money is paid, there is no assurance that the data is not copied and shared with people (Huser, Narus, & Rocha, 2010).  

Effective population health management
Healthcare Analytic System: – An effective population health management should achieve and measure the settings like a hospital, a nursing facility by a skilled person, a doctor’s office, patient’s home and a long-term care facility. Because of the changing financial and medical requirements of providing care in these different areas, technology sellers have focussed their products for each of these care settings. To develop an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is the finest technique to calculate the revenue, costs and the quality of the care given in these numerous care settings (Chan & Woo, 2010).
Healthcare Adoption System: – Healthcare medical system delivery products must develop an organized approach to adopting new information and making it available to clinicians in a way that makes it easy to do the correct thing. A reliable tool to affect change throughout a company takes a lot of effort to develop. It gives administrative sponsorship from the CEO and clinically focused improvement teams involvement of doctors, nurses, and administration information technology. Organizations that can effectively accept change are those that sustain in a dynamic environment (Boyle, Thompson, Gregg, Barker & Williamson, 2010).
Boyle, J. P., Thompson, T. J., Gregg, E. W., Barker, L. E. & Williamson, D. F. (2010). Projection of the year 2050 burden of diabetes in the US adult population: dynamic modeling of incidence, mortality, and prediabetes prevalence. Population health metrics, 8(1), 29.
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