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HI5019 Strategic Information System For Competitive Advantage

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HI5019 Strategic Information System For Competitive Advantage

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HI5019 Strategic Information System For Competitive Advantage

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Course Code: HI5019
University: Holmes Institute

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Country: Australia

You will be required to conduct research on Information Systems for your client. Your team is required to pick a case company in one of the areas mentioned below (not limited to). Develop a proposal for a new information system for your client detailing the requirements listed below. The proposal will help your client to make informed decision for investment in information system and to take their business to the next level.
1. Identify the company’s critical success factors and primary objectives. What types of information might be helpful in evaluating these objectives? Create a mission statement that would be appropriate for your client business. 2. Develop a formal organizational chart based on the information given. 3. Analyse the current system and identify specific control weaknesses that must be addressed by a new, improved system. As part of your analysis, prepare a document flowchart and a data flow diagram of the current system. 4. Describe the primary features of this new system and explain why this is the best solution for your client to pursue. Discuss the relevance of such advanced technologies as MRP, MRPII, and EDI as information system options. 

Mechanism or sa system for managing the data and the available information and which assists in the process of strategic decision making can be referred as the system of Strategic Information System. Moreover, this mechanism can also be defined as the information system which can be adopted by a business corporation for supporting or changing the firm’s strategies. Apart from all these definitions it can be simply described as an information system that is aligned or integrated with the strategies and organizational structure. Information system plays an empirical role in enhancing the performance level of a business corporation (Abawajy, 2014). The integration with the business strategy and structure will enhance the capability of responding faster to the environmental changes and thus aiding the business entity with competitive advantage. Strategic information system is a connecting bridge or link between the demands and requirements of an organization and latest information technology. This tactic will aid the business corporation in getting hold over the market by making utilization of the information technology for accomplishing its challenging requirements to the continuous variation in the corporate environment. After considering all of the above mentioned elements it can be concluded that information system strategy is one of the critical aspect for the success, growth and expansion of the business corporation.
The below presented analysis is focused on the strategic information system of Boeing Aero-structure Australia (boeing.mediaroom 2018). Boeing Aero-structures Australia Pty Limited  is one of the leading and biggest brand name in the manufacturing sector which is manufacturing aero-structure components for aircraft component manufacturing industry. The analysis is also focused on developing a proposal for a new and better information system for the mentioned business corporation.
Critical success factors and |objectives 
Success factors are the elements that are considered as the pillars of the success and growth of the business entity. These factors aid the business corporation in leading and operating a successful business (Bhunia, Hsiao, Banga and Narasimhan, 2014). On the basis of the conducted research it has been analyzed that in Australia the growth rate of manufacturing sector is at average of 0.9% P.A from last ten years. Manufacturing sector in Australia plays a significant role in the growth and development of the economy as it employs almost one million people and account for 8.7% of GDP. And hence success and growth of manufacturing sector is very important (Comparably 2018). The below mentioned are the critical success factors of Boeing Aero-structures Australia:
Innovation: The term innovation is not only about technology, retention or development but is also about the practical and efficient issue resolving and business transformation. In the present scenario Boeing Aero-structures will be attaining this factor by adopting the following aspects:

Filtering or discovering new supply and distribution mediums
Developing new and improved business offerings and services
Establishing slenderer organizational arrangements
Upgrading and improving operations and functionalities
Offering better service experiences to the customers
Making use of green clean technology for the customers who are environmentally conscious

Advancing productivity: It is one of the significant critical factors that used by the company while conducting business activities globally.
Strong financial performance: It has been found that Boeing earning per share of stock rose 42%. Therefore, revenue of the company rose by 5% and their operating cash flow doubled (Bicakci, Unal, Ascioglu and Adalier, 2014). The company is increasing and enhancing its profitability and outcomes in the competitive market.
Nurturing a culture of leadership and responsibility: Leadership is the critical success factor to drive sustainable growth and success of Boeing in the international market (Bott and Milkau, 2014). The company has built an internal leadership model that not explains leadership, but operationalizes it.
Strategic analysis and choice: It is essential to analyze and understand the ample of solutions for various issues and concerns.
Information for attaining desired objectives 
There is enormous information needed to beat the competitors in the international market. Boeing needs to build an effective and dynamic organizational structure to meet the long term requirements of the business (Cassidy, 2016). Moreover, it must also use innovative and advanced technologies and resources for aiming to attain desired objectives and mission. In this regards, Boeing needs to know and understand the market share, plans and approaches of the competitors internationally. Dynamic leadership shall be used and further Boeing needs to reduce the prices of the products with maintaining better quality of products and services.
Mission statement
The prime mission of the business entity is offering the best quality product to the customers so as to offer them the best experience. Moreover, the foundation of the services of the business entity is focused on the innovation, aspiration and imagination.
Analysis of Boeing Aero-structures Australia
Current system of organization 
The Boeing Company today declared that it has obtained Aero-Info Systems Inc., a Canadian supplier of cutting edge support programming applications for the carrier business. The move includes Aero-Info Systems’ industry-driving aeronautics support arranging innovation to Boeing’s developing arrangement of flying administrations (Galliers and Leidner, 2014). Monetary terms of the exchange, which Boeing finished on Sept. 1, were not revealed.
Air Info Systems’ leader item is its Maint-Stream suite of cutting edge programming applications for flight upkeep arranging, booking and following. It is composed particularly to help both Boeing and non-Boeing armadas (Gross 2005). Maint-Stream enables carriers to lessen upkeep costs by expanding operational effectiveness and decreasing out-of-benefit time while keeping up the largest amounts of security. The Maint-Stream item suite is Internet-fit and empowers the sharing of information between plane administrators, renting organizations, administrative experts and upkeep, repair and redesign firms.
“Aircraft clients have requested that we give them an aggregate upkeep arranging arrangement that covers their whole armadas, regardless of what kind of plane they work,” said Brad Cvetovich, VP and general director of Boeing Customer Support. “Obtaining Aero-Info’s scholarly capital and innovation will enable Boeing to enter this market two years quicker than if we somehow managed to build up a comparative support arranging item without anyone else.”
Cvetovich included, “We can likewise exploit the collaborations between AeroInfo’s support arranging applications and our Boeing Digital group of computerized information items to grow new upkeep answers for aircrafts. This is a brilliant interest in our administrations business and one that will give us a chance to offer significantly more incentive to our clients.”
Specific control weakness 
Rise of advancement and ascend in innovation has changed the functionalities of business partnerships and in connection to this; Boeing Aero-structures Australia has likewise embraced mechanical measures for improving their client’s encounters (Goodhart, Hartmann, Llewellyn, Suarez and Weisbrod, 2013). They have begun giving administrations on client’s versatile and PCs which is fundamental as far as upgrading its client base. With the assistance of innovation and advancement the business substance has made accessibility of the required information or data on different mediums, for example, on their official site, different web search tools and so on. In addition, Boeing Aero-structures Australia is additionally offering participation for getting to some classified information of the organization and for which the element is charging an expenses, for getting to this framework the firm is giving a remarkable id and secret key for getting to the books and other material through advanced mediums. In spite of the fact that, odds of misrepresentation, spillage of data and odds of hacking their record is enormous, in any case, this framework has been embraced by the association with the goal to coordinate their customers’ requests and needs.
Boeing Aero-structures Australia additionally bolsters their clients to impart data to the organization. In connection with this, programmers could utilize this administration to get to unapproved data. This could influence hierarchical altruism in money related and also as far as market picture (Hill, Jones and Schilling, 2014). Since quite a while, Boeing Aero-structures Australia is performing is giving various data to its customers whom they use in executing their looks into yet with the usage of innovative measures, security and protection of their clients may get rupture. This will eventually influences authoritative execution which is one of the greatest burdens for Boeing Aero-structures Australia.
New improved system of Boeing Aero structures, Australia
Primary features of new improved system
Mobile technology has been proved to be a boon as it is highly convenient, easy to use and less time consuming. Using mobile applications has helped the company as it ensures safety. This technology is in trend, the use of mobile applications is increasing at a greater pace and with it; the chances of losing data are negligible. Moreover, there are other HLS standards and upgrade the mainframe systems to a UNIX and DB2.
If there is implementation of bio-metrics in the company, the security at the company premises will become more convenient to manage (Jenkins and Williamson, 2015). In fact with the installation of bio metrics in the company, the physical behaviors of the employees working there would be under check. There will be an easy access of data and the working situations would be easier s there will be an increase in the trust level of the individuals as the stored data is safe and secured. As the technology has achieved new heights, there are more ways of managing security like, . Hand based recognition; face recognition, fingerprint recognition and voice recognition are some of the other attributes that are based on the bio-metric authentication process and same can be adopted. The new implemented system would provide larger benefits.
There are some more applications which can prove to be convenient such as PLS with HLS , these are meant to ensure higher security measures. This will cost minimum expenses along with enhanced security and functionality (Kenway, 2018). Moreover, with the association of IT team and the mentioned applications and systems will be attaining high peaks of success and prosperity.   
Relevance of new advanced technologies
For this business organization, one of the biggest changes it will witness is the adoption of EDI that is electronic data interchange. In thus system, all the work related to data and information will be handled digitally over the computers. All the work would be online and thus it would become very easy to manage the data (Laudon and Laudon, 2015). With the help of this, all the data and information will be within the organization. The chances of theft would become less. But one major drawback of this is that there are online scams like hacking and other malpractices. The IT team will have access to process and manage data in a standardized way. Then the repots given to clients and other business cooperation’s will also be transferred in a standardized manner. There will be a high level of security. And the EDI system helps to tracka and traces the chances of losses (Liu, 2015). Time would be saved and it will support the efficiency in work flow. The chances of errors would be reduced. By utilizing this mechanism the company will be able in transferring the required and significant data in an electronic format to the clients or to some other business corporation. With the installation of EDI, the risk factors would be lowered, and no sensitive or confidential information can be leaked anywhere. Adoption of new applications like EDI will bring out drastic changes to the company producing effective results and a new; much better system would be involved in the process. Costumers will get ensured with a high safety factor with the installation of EDI factor. This electronic format is more secured and fast. When the company ensured such security measures, the customer base would be build up strong, hence beneficial for the growth of company.
Other items of proposal
Technology platforms for the system
The main aim of the company should be pleasing its customers. If the customers are happy, that always proves to be an asset for the company (Mocker, Weill and Woerner, 2014).  We are living in the 21st century and in the main advantage of it is that we have access to various technological inventions. Boing infrastructures should also use all these technology for the convenience of the costumers such a system should be maintained that the costumers can have access to all the technologies sitting in any corner of the world.
All the technological applications work n the basic platform like java script and html. These help in creating user friendly websites which are very easy to access. They further help increasing business platforms where the users can easily access with the help of all these latest innovations.  These provide business outcomes which have been specifically justified by some operations. On the demand of the company the developers develop application which can be used by their customers and people associated with them (Oliveira, Faria, Thomas and Popovi?, 2014). The customers will easily access this and in return the company will have the loyalty of the costumers. The company can efficiently use the mobile app and help the customers so that they can operate very easily sitting at their home. A happy customer is an asset for the company to trigger its business further for a longer period of time and helps in growth and development of business as well.
Potential security risk 
During the digital transactions, there are chances of bugs affecting the system and hampering the overall management (Kyei and Chan, 2015). The company should be prepared for these malfunctions in advance with the ways to handle them already, before fixing the problem, there should be a complete knowledge of what the problems actually are. There should be a proper planning in advance for these bugs fixing. With this, we will have a successful plan for the long run , which is must in any business this is the responsibility of Boing Aero structures, Australia, to maintain the trust of their customers. Some of which are as follows;
Trojan horse Attacks
These come into play when a user opens its account on any online website and the site asks for the data of the users in order to access any further data. Thus the hackers get a temporary access to all the data and information of the user (Pearlson, Saunders, and Galletta, 2016). The information is available only for the time being when the user is online.
Malicious Hackers
In this, the information is hacked with the use of switches and routers. With the help of these routes, the hackers get the access to authentic data which they are not authorized to access. By this only, the major information hacks happen online (Schlagwein, Thorogood and Willcocks, 2014). They are great harms to the privacy of the costumers.
Phishing Attacks
Generally when customers get associated with Boing infrastructures, they provide their confidential data to the company, thus this becomes the responsibility of the company to provide high level of security to it and protect it from hackers online and any other malpractices (Smith, 2018). The threat can be deeply personal to the safety of the customer and should be kept under check.
Man-in-the-middle Attack
This is the most serious kind of attack as it fools the costumers. Like there is an online website of the company, it will create a fake site for the same company and will trick the costumers with it.  It becomes very difficult for the costumers to find the original site and they get fooled. By doing these, they are able to get data very easily; they use this data for further ill practices. This happens through the medium of that fake website and it fools the costumers by claims like it is trustworthy and true. Thus the customers get fooled and the authentic data is accessed in an unauthorized manner causing greater threats to the company. Usually this attack happens to manipulate the data and this causes huge loss to the customer as well as the company. The trust of the costumers also gets affected by such fake websites and the company cannot establish a trustworthy customer base. This further hampers the company which works to provide help to the customers through online platform so that things work in a more efficient manner. In this case, the company should have proper knowledge of the market. They should already ensure such measures that they can check these mishandlings of the data online preventing the customers. Even such activities are unconstitutional. There are cyber laws which help in getting rid of such online frauds. Government is helping the company against such unconstitutional activities with law and order.
User views which are source documents
It is the responsibility of the company to build the trust of the costumers who trust the company for their privacy (Worthington, 2016). We are providing the alternatives for the same below:
Physical Audits
Every system has its drawbacks and failures, so does this. Many officials at the higher post should be given the task of checking the system for errors from time to time. There should be a proper researching to be done on the system.
Approval Authority
A team must be assigned the specific task to manage the transfer of information and an end to end encryption between the company and costumer must be insured. They must decide which data to be transferred or which shouldn’t be. This is highly important to the company. This team should maintain the easy flow of data.
Separation of Duties
There should be a specification of duties and the company should divide the work among various teams for data handling.
Access over Controls
Who can access these business information, should be managed by Boing Aero-structers, Australia. The company should keep a timely check in order to avoid any fraud or malpractices, which can hamper the company growth. 
In the limelight of the above presented analysis it has been executed that information system plays a crucial role in the success and growth of the business entity. The above presented report is a proposal that has been presented for developing a new system for the business entity. The above introduced business proposition involve different applications and frameworks that are required to coordinated inside the new actualized arrangement of Aero-structures Australia. The said applications and instruments assumed be incorporated by the business establishment for the improvement and headway of the new executed framework. With this article we have come to the conclusion that with introduction of these new information systems, the business co-operation will ensure high level of success and growth. It has a vital role to play in it. This article presents a new business proposal which needs to be implemented by Boing aero structures, Australia. These are systems need to be installed immediately. For the further growth of the newly implemented system, all these applications and mechanism are needed to be implemented. 
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