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HLED9106 Management

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HLED9106 Management



Assessment 2: Analysis of a stakeholder interview For this assessment, you need to interview a stakeholder most affected by the educational problem/challenge that you identified in Assessment 1. The stakeholder you select should have a different perspective to you (i.e., they must come from a different portfolio, discipline, department or have a different role to you). Use the questions below to guide your interview (please adapt these as you need) and your analysis of the interview. You will need to post your analysis of the interview to the module 2 assessment forum. In your discussion post please do not name the person you interviewed, only state their role and work portfolio. Provide constructive feedback to two of your peers Guiding questions: what is your stakeholder’s view of the current state of the educational problem/challenge? Was it different to yours? What did your stakeholder think would happen if the problem was not solved? What was their sense of urgency around the problem? Was there any resistance and why? What was their desired outcome in relation to this problem? What was their readiness for solving this problem, and what role do they see themselves playing in the process of getting to a solution? On reflecting on this interview, did you gain new insights about the problem and its importance? Did you become aware of any ‘blind spots’ (if any) about this problem? Value: NGP Due: Part 1 – Submission due by Friday 17th September 12pm (noon) ACDT. (week 8) Part 2 – Peer feedback on Assessment 2 to two peers to be provided by Friday 11th October (week 9) Length: 500-750 words Assessment criteria The analysis is clear and persuasive The analysis is supported by the evidence – in this case the ‘evidence’ is mainly the stakeholder feedback; but you also need to refer to the academic literature – at least 3 references The analysis is logical and aligned

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