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HOSP 704 Hospitality Strategic Management

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HOSP 704 Hospitality Strategic Management

Using your own investigation, identify and state the vision and mission of Airbnb. Discuss Airbnb’s vision identifying (where possible) its obvious application in their strategy or operation.
Discuss Airbnb’s mission, comment on its effectiveness through the lens of established literature (e.g. Sufi and Lyons (2003), Fred (1996), Powers (2012), Kemp and Dwyer (2003), etc) and comment on whether you feel the mission is effective regardless of how it rates against this literature.
Present Airbnb’s values and analyse how these values are incorporated into the Airbnb range of products or organisational culture.
Strategy identification and Airbnb the ‘Disruptor’
Identify the corporate level strategy and discuss the benefits of this strategy.
Identify which generic business level strategy it is pursuing and discuss the key elements of this strategy. 
Airbnb, as with other successful technology start-ups, is often described as a ‘disruptor’. Assess the meaning of this term in relation to Airbnb’s development and evaluate the threats and opportunities that the company faces in developing its position further.
Identify and discuss the core/distinctive competencies (key success factors) that the management has tried to build.
Discuss how the organization is building value into its product and service offering.

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