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HRMG310 Global Human Resource Management And Sustainability

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HRMG310 Global Human Resource Management And Sustainability

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HRMG310 Global Human Resource Management And Sustainability

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Course Code: HRMG310
University: Australian Catholic University

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Country: Australia

1. Do we need to choose a company and use it as an example or just analyse the country itself and generally speak about its implications on a business? We have discussed this a few times in class. The assessment is non specific so you can use your discretion. You can identify a specific company if you like but it is not required.The essential question is thisWith your allocated country (eg Malaysia) – what are the key considerations on specific HRM issues eg personal risk – what would you need to think about from a company wide approach and what might you want to think about from an expat perspective 2. If company is required do we need to briefly explain what it is etc.If you choose to have a specific company as your context, then a brief explanation of the context would be important3. A structure of the report eg. Executive summary, introduction, analyses of country factors?It is a report – so Exec summary, intro etcThe body should focus on an examination of each of the HRM areas e.g. Personal risk Please focus on structure and use headings etc

Human resource management (HRM) includes the management of human resources by organizations in order to realize a competitive edge in the business field. In Kenya, the manufacturing industry has offered the most employment opportunities. As a result, the field leads in the execution of human resource management. The companies are mainly agro-based and experience low-value addition, low levels of employment and low quantity of exports resulting from low capacity utilization. The stagnation is blamed on the poor application of human resource management. The government of Kenya did monitor the slow progress in the manufacturing sector and proposed for reforms in the manufacturing sector relations. Despite the effort by the government, the execution of the policies remained a challenge since most of the manufacturing industries had not embraced HRM (Mathews & Amayi, 2013, 433).
Performance Management
Performance management is a strategically integrated process that ensures the success of an organization by improving the performance of employees.  In Kenya, most of the manufacturing does uphold organization culture which is a factor that determines performance management of the organizations. The cultures are based on the beliefs and behaviors of the organization stakeholders. They also aid in solving the problems facing the business organizations (Kanana, 2016, 11). The culture is in most cases developed by the management of the business. In institutions where the culture is aimed at the business success, the business realizes a significant growth. Such a culture involves responsible leadership and values. The other aspect that determines the performance of a business is the leadership vision. Most industries in Kenya do have set goals that the business is to achieve in a given period of time. In line with the objectives, the HR department sets objectives that the various stakeholders are to meet in realizing the set goal. The stakeholder’s performance is then evaluated according to the responsibilities awarded. Despite the well set out plan most businesses in Kenya do not meet their desired goals. The failure is brought about by the inefficiency of the stakeholders in their services delivery. This is contributed to by the failure of the HR department to provide the necessary information to the stakeholders concerning the performance management system implementation. As a result, the employees are not aware of what is expected of them and end up delivering inefficient services in return.  In addition, the companies fail to set up a rewarding system where the employees with outstanding performance are rewarded. On the other hand, the employees who underperform should be reprimanded. This failure in HRM execution leads to poor business performance.
Spousal support
Spousal support refers to the agreement for the execution of a particular task by a couple more so in business matters. In Kenya, the marital aspect is very vital in business transactions. This is usually a consideration whenever the transaction is involving materials that may affect families living. In cases where a family organization is to be sold out, it is the responsibility of the buyer to consult and research on the marital relationship of the stakeholders (Sirma, 2014, 62).  This helps avoid problems that may arise in future following a disagreement over the decision made.  The disagreements may lead to an organization closure following g a court order. This results in losses on the business since it is not operational. Also, HRM should develop strategies that allow for family reunions. This will help gain support for the employees from their relatives.
Repatriation is the act of giving to the owner or sending back to the origin. In Kenya, companies do hire people for labor and pay them for the services they provide in the production process. The employer is also responsible for solving the challenges faced by the employer in order to create a conducive working environment (Andai, 2015, 12). There is also a need for a good relationship between the employer and the employee in order for maximum production to be realized. This requires the effective application of the HRM for its realization. In this case, the employer has to repatriate some of his earning as payments for the labor provided. As a result of the compensation of employees, they develop a positive attitude towards achieving their responsibilities and deliver as expected of them.  Also, the company has to give back to the society by paying of taxes to the government and starting of projects that empower the society.
Cola implications
Cola implications give an insight into the hazards that hinder the effective application of the HRM strategies. Among the challenge include; resistance to change by the organization stakeholders. This applies to a situation where the HRM intends to change the labor into a more skilled one in order to remain competitive in the business field. Employers do view human resource planning to be costly since it involves training and research (Eunice, 2012, 15). Also, there is a challenge in training and development since the top management and the line managers are unwilling to offer support. This hinders the effective execution of HR recommendation. In Kenya, most HRM activities are hindered by corruption in the business fields. The COLA implication in New York is the opposite  of the Kenyan one. Whereas the Kenyan inflation rate is very high, that of New York is stable making the human resources planning cheaper. In New York, the COLA does not affect the HR strategies in that the inflation is stable and the cost of living  does not go beyond the capability of the citizen.
Sudden illness
Sudden illness refers to the problem of occupation health and safety (OHS). Preventive measures should be developed in the HRM decisions having the employees considered in the developments. Concerns have been made on serious OHS, for example, muscle-skeletal and mental health. In Kenya, sudden illness among the employees may be contributed to by the pressure the management mounts on the employees to deliver (Gravel et al, 2013, 5). As a result, the workers are overworked and psychologically tortured. This leads to the prolonged absence of employees.  The absence negative affects the business production. This challenge has been on the rise and there is a need for HRM to develop strategies that will help cope with the challenge in future.
Language readiness
In business, the language used usually determines the type of communication that takes place in the business. In Kenya English has been the most used language in business. Following the existence of unskilled labor in the business sector, the leadership developed the use of Kiswahili to allow for communication between the employer and the employee. As a result, good communication has existed in the companies leading to high production due to good relationship terms. However, there is a need for Kenyan companies to develop global development strategies. This calls for the involvement of global business languages (Brown, 2017). Therefore, in the development of the business expansion plan, the business should put into consideration the embracing of new languages to increase its business relations.
Industrial relations
The industrial relation is a study of the relationship between an organization and its employees. The relationship is responsible for the interaction between the employee and the employer. It is also responsible for solving problems that may arise in the organization. In Kenya, labor relations are categorized into three major parts i.e. employees and the organization, employees and the labor unions and labor unions and the government (Wachira, 2010, 2). The three groups do help in resolving conflicts that may arise between the employee and the employer. They also help in creating an understanding between the employer and the employee creating a conducive business environment.
Personal risk
As businesses undertake growth strategies they do face the risk of business failure since there is no guarantee that the business venture must be a success. As a result, there is the need to develop strategic risk management plans in a business. The success of the risk management plan depends on the rational character of the business management.  The HR department identifies the possible risk exposure and develops alternative ways to deal with the risk posed (Gibbons et al, 2010, 5). The employer implements the plan through the line manager and determines the effectiveness of the plan.  The HR might also recommend for the restructuring of the business. In Kenya, the government supports business development plans by providing capital. However, banks do pose a lot of hazards to funding business development.
Preparation and induction training required
Induction process helps employees to familiarize with the business environment.  The induction programme is administered upon the reporting of an employee. The induction process equips the employee with the knowledge on the objectives and policies of the organization and the organization’s culture. It also gives the employee an insight on the role and responsibilities awarded to him or her. In Kenya, the ministry of labor is responsible for the induction process and the development of the induction programmes for public servants (Public Service Commission, 2017, 3).
Mentoring and development
Economists have discovered that the world has realized a significant business growth in the economy as a result of business development mentorship activities. Consequently, there is the need to mentor business stakeholders so that they can nurture their ideas into income generating projects. In Kenya, researchers have observed low investments caused by lack of mentors to the upcoming businesses. The research has recommended for the mentoring of HR departments in their business development process (Chebii, 2017, 7).
In Kenya, the slow growth rate has been a result of poor application of HRM in the business field. The government should enact laws that will ensure the existence of the HR department in any business organization. It should also advocate for the position of line managers in business organizations who will help enforce the HR decision on the organization matters. In addition, the government should offer support to the business investments in order to realize business growth. This will also result in economic growth in the country and create more job opportunities for the youths.
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