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HRMT19020 Perspectives On Organisational Change

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HRMT19020 Perspectives On Organisational Change

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HRMT19020 Perspectives On Organisational Change

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Course Code: HRMT19020
University: Central Queensland University

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Country: Australia

You are required to write a Business Report. You are expected to engage in extensive research within the academic literature (peer reviewed journals) relevant to the task and evidence your argument from scholarly sources as well as other relevant reference material, including using organisational examples.

There are many organizations that operate worldwide currently. However, such organizations undergo tremendous changes in their growth processes (George, 2018). Change, within an organization, is one of the most important areas of management. This area primarily focuses on organizational evolution during processes of growth. Such evolution may include temporary or permanent changes. When things that require rectifying are present in an organization, processes of change occur (Camilla, 2015).
In the field of business management, change is a factor that is constant. In this report, we shall mainly discuss the reasons why organizational change is likely to fail. We shall then explain proper actions that need to be taken to ensure that organizations achieve the required success when changes are made. We shall also give the few reasons why organizations require change alongside the principles that need to be considered during processes of ensuring organizational change to avoid management failure. Our report analyses Woolworth and its adaptation to acquire Masters Hardware. It gives reasons why Woolworth was not able to succeed in their change (Gandolfi & Hansson, 2014, 731).

Poor Implementation Of Strategies

Organizational changes in management majorly rely on strategic implementation of policies.  The main reason why strategies fail to work within organizations is the fact that determining the actual rate of organizational failure is difficult. The current principles of strategic management don’t uphold or allow processes to determine the rate of failure in strategic implementation. The manager of the organization is the one required to implement change in the entire system. Change is only applauded when remarkable progress is achieved after a process of strategic implementation and successful (Gandolfi & Hansson, 2012, 501). The most important step in this sort of process is to perform an assessment on the real extent of failure. Performing a rigorous assessment process is one of the ways through which strategic decisions can be made even while performing research on the same. The same is also a way of creating an establishment whether any sort of failure rates happens in a particular pattern. Such becomes the main concern for organizations in our society today because strategic assessment is one of the most important procedures when determining reasons of failure (ITM Platform, 2017).
Various organization experience change as a way to dominate an excelling market that that rival is experiencing. Just like Woolworths it had an aim of introducing Masters hardware without a critical assessment of the business. It, therefore, concentrated on the wrong venture instead of concentrating on its newly purchased Coles supermarket chain. The outgoing CEO was the brain behind Masters Hardware yet he was not there to oversee its implementation (Project Management Institute, 2014, 27).
Inappropriate Workplaces
Market preferences are essential for organizations productivity. This is because it different locations vary from preferences. When the right timing is considered when allocating sites of an organization then right decision making will be considered. Gibson discusses trial design which is to be practiced when a new venture is into place (Cândido & Sérgio, 2015, 238). Woolworth ought to take a trial on the locations allocated and assess their performance. This would give the management a better understanding of the market’s strength. This would have enabled them to avoid inferior location including one’s rejected by their rivals Bunning. This means it came late to the industry and failed to get appropriate stores (Elliot, 2018).
When Woolworth introduced its stores, there was a real estate downturn. The property prices had risen and the investors were on the move of renovating. This brings difficulty when choosing a location for the right location during the change management (Gibbons, 2015, 21).
Adoption Of The Wrong Product
During the change, product variation is major to be considered since it is what the consumers and other markets are receiving. Productivity is what estimates the success rate or failure rate of an organization. There has to be perpetual information acquired about the product internally and externally. As an organization, one has to assess the product it is about to venture into. Research should be performed on the made feelings about general organizational change, events that have happened in history, the conflicts when it comes to existing change, change extent, and threats on clients’ basic needs. Woolworth as a company ventured into Masters hardware which was highly competitive (Dwivedi, et al., 2014, 444).
The competitiveness it engaged in is really important because the brand carries the main agenda in the product specification. The right product range and store format was a failure for Masters (Project Management Institute, 2014, 24).
Wrong Organizational Culture
When workers get the support they require, they stand a chance of learning things quicker and better. They also get motivated when they are part of new systems and receive training on how to use such systems. Such would ensure that organizations create better systems for solving issues related to resistance. Before changes are performed within the organization, there is a possibility that resistance will be faced in an organization. Such resistance is mostly experienced from employees because they are the ones involved in processes of implementation. Leaders only come in when the final project is ready. On the same note, leaders always have their concentration limited to time and aspects that require completion. Such lead to the fact that leaders imagine change to be a thing that automatically happens (Devra, 2018). On the contrary, the methodology of change management requires the input of both leaders and employees. Through the support given by leaders, workers need to adapt to organizational changes. This is a culture that is to be practiced to enable the success of the change management. This would also allow flexibility among the organization as a whole. In as much as several stakeholders ensure that the concept of organizational change is preached to everyone, the vision and understanding of the same is mostly ignored. Such is as a result of the fact that many organizations don’t have a well formulate management system with communicated vision. They also fail to have a cemented reason why change is required in the organization. Everything, however, requires an organization to have the right culture in place (Marvin & Marla, 2012, 28).
Woolworths as an organization failed to acquire the important principle factors required during a change. It has a written policy which insists on the staff ethic behaviors’ while at work. This brings rigidity among workers culture at the workplace. When workers have a strong organizational culture the workers feel more empowered to work. This enables them to give feedback on the market information and enables better decision making (Michael, 2016).
Lack of Customer Experience
Performance rate is what determines the success of the change. An organization has to analyze the relationship customers entangle to their product. This would only work if the organization is able to get good advice from the market influencers and analyzers. This would enable customers to have an attachment to your product due to the better services they receive. It gives them a belonging. Woolworth failed to identify itself to the customers as required (Gillard, et al., 2015, 24).
Sticking to the Wrong Change
The management of an organization is unlikely to understand the reason why change happens. Such may not help in understanding the real reason why a problem occurs thereby leading to incidents where change is prematurely implemented. As an organization, if change does not work they should opt for a better decision.  Sticking to what looks impossible becomes a burden in the long run. Change is unlikely to be in the same level as progress. There are times when firms may implement change just because doing so is a norm. Such may lead to a situation where change is mistaken for progress thus, leading to negative impact (Gibbons, 2015, 21).
Woolworth did not realize that it was better for it to give up Masters Hardware at the beginning when it failed. It stuck to the idea even when loses was being made. However, they still had a chance to correct their mistake in the beginning. This means they were not able to access the failure pattern as expected. Assessing of failure rate gives a trend of what is expected in the future (Marvin & Marla, 2012, 29).
When it comes to managing an organization, this activity has deduced that change is an important factor worth consideration. On the contrary, the occurrence of change in an organization requires the management to emphasis on implementing strategies vie communicating. Such communication is carried out between the management and the employees. When the organization achieves an understanding between the name stakeholders and vision is also shared, then the organization stands a chance of adapting to such changes (Gillard, et al., 2015, 26). When the rate of failure is assessed, change will automatically be successful. The assessment of change enables an organization to determine whether proper decisions have been made. Such can, however, be achieved if the organization comes up with quality principles that helps in guiding the management of change. Woolworths while introducing Masters Hardware it failed to assess the failure rate of their business. This brought pressure on the market expectation as it was not working as expected (Robert, 2014).

It is important to assess organizational changes’ strategic implementation.
Change management’s principles and mechanisms should be adopted.
Create and implement a vision that is shared between all the stakeholders of an organization then monitor the result of such changes.
Analyze the failure rate pattern for better decision making in change management.
Adopting change open-mindedly and being flexible is essential for change management.

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