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IFN600 Understanding Research

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IFN600 Understanding Research

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IFN600 Understanding Research

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Course Code: IFN600
University: Queensland University Of Technology

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Country: Australia

Your task is to convince the reader that:1. You have identified an important, novel research problem worth investing time and resources to solve;2. You have developed a strategy for solving the problem by identifying several specific, distinct research questions whose answers will contribute to the overall problem’s solution; and3. You have identified ways in which the research questions can be answered in practice, using contemporary tools and techniques and reasonable resources.

Climate change is one of the most concerning issues in the 21st century. World organizations, especially those that are concerned with environmental matters have come together in several instances and combined ideas with the governments to try come up with solutions to issues of climatic change (McCright, 2011). This is following the fact that climate change is associated with many issues in the human environment, and therefore need to be controlled using any measure possible. Currently, Global warming is a threatening matter. Specialists in this area anticipate that in the next century, the water levels will have risen and the world will be facing a lot of issues such as frequent wildfires, increased in the sea level and severe heat waves (Allen, 2010).  These impacts of global warming are terrible and lead to loss of properties worth billions of dollars and even lives. Also, the rise in sea level put the coastal regions in danger of submergence. This means that the coastal activities will be much compromised in the near future alongside the massive displacement of people occupying these regions. Human health situations are also becoming worse day by day following the massive change in climatic conditions (McCarthy, 2010). This starts from high temperatures which increase the occurrence of coastal diseases, ultraviolet rays which endanger human skin and poor climatic patterns which compromise on human nutrition through impacting negatively on productivity of the human food sources. Sincerely, the world is in a tough situation and there is an urgent need to have everything brought into position to rescue from these dangers (Knutson, 2010). Also, the urgent solution measures will help in protecting the future generations from harsh situations they are likely to experience in case weather issues are not solved now.
Research questions
Based on the statement above, it is evident that a lot has to be done to help in altering the situations, which are now too dangerous for human survival. Basically, the world is in the risk of losing its potential to support life, not only for human, but also for other living organisms, both plants and animals included. the first step in solving any problem is finding its roots. Also, there is the need to understand what impacts the problem might have on the society so that the right amount of energy ca is applied. A comprehensive solution measure can then be derived to control the matter.

What are the factors that are resulting to climatic issues, global warming and human health issues?

This is a question worth looking into and answering appropriately for this context, where climate change and global warming issues are discussed for solution derivation (Dai, 2013). The question is of importance following the fact that most people misunderstand causes of global warming and climate change. Most people believe that the major causes are natural. This has caused laxity in finding solutions to climate change since it creates the feeling that it is impossible to control climate change and global warming.

What are the major issues that can result from climatic change and global warming?

This is the second research question for this context. Apparently, most people do not take seriously the measures put in place for controlling climate change and global warming because they do not understand how dangerous these two aspects are to the environment. Most companies also fail to fully implement these measures recommended because of ignorance and failure to acknowledge this fact (Collins, 2010). However, through answering the whole world of the adverse situations that may result from global warming and climate change, these measures can be taken seriously and a control measures set can be followed strictly. Climate change would have been minimized and the world and future generation would have been saved from related dangers.

What can be done to help in solving these climate change and global warming issues in the world?

Several control measures to climate change and global warming have been put across. These measures are based on evidences and should have been applied to control global warming and climate change (Trenberth, 2014). However, these measures have not managed to control these issues, an indication that they are not effective enough. There is therefore a need to come up with a more integrated and effective method of controlling climate change and global warming. This makes the question very important for this context.
Answering the above questions is of great importance to solving the climate change issue that is currently faced in the world. The questions must therefore be answered in a detailed manner, so that all aspects are looked into, and that every possible impact is curbed (Lobell, 2011).  For this assignment, the question on impacts of climate change and global warming shall be focused on. This is because the question on impacts of global warming and climate change creates the ground for understanding how dangerous it is to ignore taking the measures.
Research objectives
Following the anticipated dangers of constantly changing climate of the world’s regions, there is the need to find a solution. The aim of this research is therefore to:

To find out the major causes of Global warming and climate change.
To determine the impacts of climate change and global warming.
To derive the most effective control measures to climate change and global warming.
To protect the future generation form adverse climatic effects.

The consequences of global warming and climate change
Climate change is associated with the increased disease spread in the world today. First, there is an increase in flooding rates in the world today. Flooding in the world result to spread of certain dangerous diseases in the world, such as bilharzia, and cholera (Leiserowitz, 2010). This is because its effect is felt by the high degree of hygiene deterioration. Second, climate change has resulted to an increase in temperatures in the world. As a result, the occurrence of tropical disease causing organisms such as plasmodium for malaria. This can be interpreted as climate change creates better conditions for disease occurrence.  High temperatures and drought have resulted to reduce yields of food crops. In response, use of artificial herbicides and fertilizers has increased(Lindner, 2010). Despite a rise of yields, these resulting foods are not safe for consumption by human, and this is evident with the reduced life expectancy in most developing countries.
Economic and social development
Human relies much on the natural resources for their survival. In fact, the natural resources are the source from which all materials for use by human results. However, with increase in drought situations, a factor of change in climate, these resources are cannot establish to be of benefit to human. This forces human to device other means of getting alternative resource sources (Hoegh-Guldberg, 2010). Most of these ways, however, involve release of bi-products and heavy energy, making it too dangerous for human lives. These include emission of certain gasses to the atmosphere, which when inhaled causes a lot of respiratory complications. Also, there has been an increase in wild fires, consuming forests which are sources for human medicine and timber. Third, in the previous decades, see levels were low enough and made it favorable for sea coast operations (Vicente-Serrano, 2010). Many countries of the world rely on these activities to boost on their economy. However, global warming has resulted to a rise in sea levels, causing submergence of these beaches. By 2100, it is anticipated that the sea level would have increased by about four feet. Significant sections of the coasts would have submerged and the activities associated would significantly reduce.
The future generation
Global warming is in the rise and the ozone layer is getting depleted at a faster rate. The naturally existing resources are also getting depleted as the environment created by global warming and climate change is not allowing good rate of recycling of these resources. The world is getting polluted day by day and people are growing certain diseases which are hereditary such as sickle cell anemia. All these have negative impacts to the future generations as there will be insufficient resources to exploit for their usage (Wheeler, 2013). They are also at the threat of living poor health situations as disease occurrence is in the rise. Making strong economic grounds will be difficult for the future generation as mush resources will be spent on sustenance need such as maintaining health. The need to find solution measures for global warming and climate change, from fair to harsh climatic conditions, is therefore to assure a favorable environment for the generations that will follow the current.
Chosen Topic for the Study
Having gone through the major effects of global warming in the world,  and noted the degree of danger each of the impacts have on human operations, I select to study about the health effects of global warming. This is because global warming affect the people’s health in different ways. Moreover, human health is very important and alerting people on dangers global warming had on their health may be more productive. This is because most people would try to protect their lives and lead a healthy life, and this is only possible when they fully have the understanding of these dangers. The topic would therefore have significant impacts to control of a global warming through minimizing practices that would result to global warming effects.
Reflective statement
In conducting this research, only secondary sources were used. I was part of the groups that took part in the research process and served the role of the team leader.  With the support of my group members, I went through the research topic, looked into the overview of the research to decide on what particular aspect of the research topic to research on. Second, I led my group in choosing the most resourceful and reliable sources of information to use. Here, informed my group on what aspects to focus on when it comes to choosing a valid and reliable source of information for a research. From here, we were able to choose previous research articles and books that inform concerning the impacts of climate change and global worming to the human life and environment.
Following the fact that some of the information was not easy to understand without the assist of more experienced and knowledgeable persons, I advised my group members to consider approaching our academic guide for more explanations. I also brought in some recorded tutorials where these issues had been explained by professionals. These helped us a lot in understanding the areas which were not easy to understand. I also took part in selection of the most appropriate methods of presenting our findings for the research and the specific finding information to present. To enhance my understanding of the research during the process, I took notes and conducted a personal based research to ensure that I was equipped enough during the participation.
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