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INF10003 Introduction To Business Information Systems

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INF10003 Introduction To Business Information Systems

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INF10003 Introduction To Business Information Systems

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Course Code: INF10003
University: Swinburne University Of Technology

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Country: Australia


Write an essay with the key issues to be considered:
(A) Identification of the subjects you should be completing for your chosen career, particularly:
detailed description of the subjects you will need to study to achieve your chosen career, and the subjects you will be enrolled in (note: Is there any difference between subjects you will need to study and subjects offered din your intended course of study?)
(B) Identification and discussion of the key skills you will need for your chosen career, including:
interpersonal skills (including normally-expected verbal communication skills)
oral skills (including group/public speaking)
business writing skills
team-working skills analysis and
presentation of basic research information
resume writing
job-interview skills 
To complete this ‘essay’ you will make use of the discussions on skills and professional development theory.


Business information system is one of the vital area of study which will help me in evaluating my knowledge and providing the desired shape to my career goals in future. There are few of the key skills and theories which will help in enhancing my knowledge in different areas like interpersonal skills, team-working skills and others. Moreover, the essay will provide reflection on the gaps of each skills as well as the subject that sometimes acts as a barrier towards the career growth of a student. The subjects chosen from the course are Database management and security, Management Information system and IT project management. All these subjects provide an immense idea for the growth of career of students.
Main context
A business information system is the main subject of analyzing the business problem and possible IT solutions for that problem (Frank et al., 2014). In other words, business information system teaches the relationship between technologies of the secure environments with people. In business information system there are few of the crucial areas of study like information science, library, business, computer science, technology as well as with the project management.
The first subject chosen is IT project management studies which are regarding organizing, planning and delineating of the responsibility for completion of the firm-specific information technology goals. In other words, this course or subject is mainly based on the context of various IT projects like software projects that help the student to gain knowledge about the software used for the information technology process (Cheruvelil et al., 2014). Along with this the management system also covers various aspects of project planning as well as scheduling, project initiation, project termination as well as project control and monitoring (Soomro, Shah, & Ahmed, 2016). In case of scheduling and planning of projects, both the use of project estimation of time and cost as well as the network are covered in details. In other words, this IT project management subjects help the student to know the role of software development, information technology operations, engineering, research, marketing of the various industries which thereby help the student to set a good career for them (Maurath, Wright, Wittorp, & Hardtke, 2015). Thus this subject helps a student for career development and future career aspects. 
The second subject chosen is Management Information system that provides student about the immense knowledge on the computerized database of financial information programmed and organization so that the student can easily manage all the operations performed at the entry level of a firm (Hebert, & Hauf, 2015). This management information system helps the student to gain an idea about the management operation of a firm and choosing this subject enable the student career development. In other words, management information system helps the student to gain knowledge about the use of information technology, business process as well as people to store, record and process the data in such a manner that help them to take the right decision for the firm in the future days where they are going to work.
The third subject chosen is Database management and security that help the student to gain knowledge on how to manage data or information related to the firm as well as their security procedure (Andrade, 2018). From this subject, the students gain immense knowledge on the procedure that has been used to secure database as well as the database management software so that no malicious attack can damage or corrupt the files (Nove, 2018). So it can be said that this subject also helps the students to grow their career in the market. In other words, it also helps the students to gain immense knowledge on the security of the database information and also it uses so that the organization whom they want to work in future does not face any problem.                            
The subjects chosen here for the growth of career are database management and security, IT project management and Management information systems. The three subjects chosen give immense knowledge on the uses of various technologies that help the student to develop their career securely in the future. While the other subjects such as principles of eBusiness, networks, and communication as well as human-computer interaction are not chosen because all these subjects possess some gaps that may not help the student to secure their career goals (Achola, Gudo, & Odongo, 2016). The networks and communication subjects’ deals with the networking in favor of communication procedure. The course is based only on the evolution of networks and identify just the concept as well as function by layered structure. In this subject on the networking, the procedure is learned by the students which does not give them so much opportunity to enhance their career goals. In other words, the subject explains the communication techniques, but this technique does not provide many opportunities for the students to enhance their career goals in the future.
The other subject is principles of eBusiness, and this subject is based on the principles that help the firm to grow their business ethically. The subjects provide opportunities to reach the students in their career goals, but in current days e-commerce industry follows various strategies for the growth of their business in the market (Weldy, 2017). So this principle does not create many effects on the online firm, and thus the opportunity of career developing of students are quite decreasing. The third subject is human-computer interaction, and this has also provided some gap in the career development procedure. The subject is simply based on the interaction process between human being and computer. In other words, the subject does not provide any knowledge that can be helpful for the student to grow their knowledge. Besides this, it only covers the techniques, principles and open areas for development that only help the student to know about the various process of the computer (Bedwell, Fiore, & Salas, 2014). So these courses are not suitable for choosing a subject for their career development. Hence, these are considered as the gaps between these subjects, and thus these subjects cannot be selected by a student for career goals.             
For developing the career with the students, they have to focus on some skills that help in the future while working in an organization. One of the most important skills that help them to develop their career goals is the interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills refer to the skills that help the students to communicate as well as interact with the people both in groups and individually too. For the chosen career in IT department, Management department as well as in the database and security department the student have to possess high inter-communicational skills (Kassem, 2017). With the help of these communicational skills, a student can easily solve a problem regarding this subjects by interacting with the other people where they are going to work in the future. In other words, strong communication skills help this includes a variety of skills like questioning, listening as well as understanding body language. A student who possesses all these types of interpersonal skills can build a strong growth in their career in the future. Apart from this, interpersonal skills also help the students to know about another emotional context that help them to manage as well as understand the emotions of the other person (Paré, Trudel, Jaana, & Kitsiou, 2015). The interpersonal skills also help the student to know the ability of other people working in their surrounding, and it helps them to understand the attitude and ability of the people were they going to work in future.
Another key skill that helps the student to enhance their career goals is oral skills. With the help of oral skills, they can easily communicate as well as interact with the other people present in the organization where they are going to work in the future. A person having oral skills can communicate with other person both in verbal as well as in a non-verbal manner (Ogiela, & Ogiela, 2014). In other words, oral communicating skills defines as the process of expressing information or ideas through the mouth. Oral communication skills Thereby help the student to communicate with their fellow employees working with them easily, and if some issues arise during the effective procedure, they can easily help them to solve the issues. Oral communication skills can be both formal as well as informal and this help the students to communicate with their fellow employees where they are going to work in the future. In other words, one of the professional development theory known as social learning theory should be helpful for the student to develop the professional skills that may help them in coming days. The social learning theory states that people should learn from one another through imitation, o0bservation as well as modeling (Lin, Hwang, Fu, & Chen, 2018). In other words, this theory is mainly based on the behaviors of a person that help another person to learn and develop the feelings of the individual people. Thus it can be said that this theory helps the student to gain knowledge about the emotions as well as the feeling of another individual that help them to know other people better in their life.
The other key skill that is required for the student for enhancing the career goals is team working process. A person possesses this type of skills can easily complete their work in stipulated time with the help of their fellow team members. Working with a team help the student to grow their idea on other feelings or emotion that help them to easily understand the needs of other people working under a team. Business writing skills are also considered one of the important learning skills of the student that help them to develop their career (Dwivedi et al., 2015).  The students must have the capability of business writing so that they can easily communicate with the people of both externally and internally.  Another skill that should be focused on by the student is resume writing as well as job interview skills. Both this skills are interlinked with each as more the resume is strong then the job interview chance will increases. Thus the student must be careful while writing the resume and it should be made in such a manner that the interviewer can easily get attracted by it to call him or her for an interview (Legner et al., 2017). The most important skill that has to be followed by every student to achieve their career goals is to be presentable and always provide a quick answer to the question in front of the interviewer. Making presentable not only motivate them to build confidence but also help them to achieve their goals.
The above skills discussed also possess some gaps, and this sometimes causes the problem for the student in shaping their career. In interpersonal skills, people forget to communicate verbally as thus sometimes it creates a problem for other people to understand the fact. Another gap of this interpersonal skills is that people often forget how to talk with their superiors and thus in some situation their superiors might get offended by their behavior. In other words, oral communication skills also have some gaps. It creates mainly while interacting with the diversified people as most of them possess different language and oral communication with them unable them to understand the fact properly (Legner et al., 2017). The business writing skills helps a student to enhance their professional writing qualities but with the development of various writing process it sometimes makes them confused about choosing the right process needed at that instant. Moreover, working in a team does not always diminish the pressure of workload, and hence sometimes it gives rise to conflicts between the members. Hence, it sometimes creates a big issue, and it affects all the people working under the same team. All these gaps create a problem and for diminishing this proper strategy should be used by the student that possess all the above skills.
The paper concludes choosing proper subject can enhance the career goals of the student while wrong decision can create s huge problem on reaching their goals. The paper also concludes that skills and Social Learning theory always motivates a student to reach their goals, although some gaps are present but proper strategy help the student to reduce the gaps. Business writing is considered as a form of professional writing that help a person to communicate as well as to interact with both the internal and the external audience. Besides this, the subject of management information system helps the student to know about the use of managing people, and thus it helps to grow the career of the student.
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