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INF30015 Knowledge Management And Analytics

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INF30015 Knowledge Management And Analytics

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INF30015 Knowledge Management And Analytics

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Course Code: INF30015
University: Swinburne University Of Technology

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Country: Australia

Your task is to select one of the following topics and write literature review on your chosen topic: 
1.Knowledge sharing and transfer in developed/developing countries
2. The role of trust in sharing and transferring organisational knowledge
3. The role of social media in promoting knowledge sharing and transfer
4. The role of big data and analytics in promoting knowledge sharing and transfer
5. Attitude and behaviors of knowledge sharers and receivers
6. The impact of culture in the context of organizational knowledge sharing and transfer.
7. The impact of leadership and top management support in knowledge management implementation
8. The impact of rewards and motivation in facilitating organizational knowledge sharing and transfer
9. Does big data mean big knowledge?
10. How can knowledge management be measured? 

Knowledge management and Analytics is a key concept that is used to resolve all the issues and conflicts that are faced in an organisation. Knowledge sharing within an organisation is an important part as it brings up all the problems that are faced by the employees to the front desk. It also helps in making decisions faster. The purpose of knowledge haring is growth of an organisation could be increased which in turn increases revenue. Apart from that, it improved delivery to customers. It helps in flowing the ideas from one person to another (Wang,  Noe and Wang, 2014). There are various reasons through which knowledge sharing and transfer can be done. In this report, how impact of rewards and motivation in an organisation are facilitating organisational sharing and transfer.
Literature review
According to (Hislop,  Bosua and Helms, 2018), knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer is an important component in an organisation. It refers to a way through which employees in an organisation share or transfer their knowledge from one part to other. It is important as it creates, capture and distribute the concerns. There are various ways that boosts up knowledge sharing and transfer mechanism in an organisation. The impact of rewards and motivation has proved to facilitate knowledge sharing in an organisation. Rewards are the motivation for an employee to work hard and thus they use technology to tactics so that information could be transferred. Thus, to share information creating better opportunities always proved to a better option (Wang,  Noe and Wang, 2014). Thus, very frequently informal or formal gatherings should be set up in an organisation so that they can team up and exchange information so that networking could be developed. While deciding about rewards, employees interact with each other and get a motivation to work harder. In this process they understand the capture and share knowledge with broad audience (Hislop,  Bosua and Helms, 2018). Rewards turned out to be the motivation for the employees as they provide them a platform to share information.
In the views of (Bolino and Grant,  2016), managing the knowledge and sharing it in an organisation is a significant process so that all the assets could be managed. In this competitive era, rewards and motivation help in knowledge sharing in the organisation. Rewards and motivation is most important for continuous innovation and success. Knowledge sharing is one of the building blocks for success of an organisation and it can be transferred at time of reward and motivation. From all the research, it was found that use of rewards turn out to be a best way for information sharing (Guillaume,  Dawson, Otaye?Ebede, Woods and West, 2017). In an organisation due to lack of technical knowledge mangers may offer profit schemes among employees so that they employees can communicate with each other. Higher degrees of rewards are used in the form of intrinsic and extrinsic form as it motivates employees to transfer their knowledge mutually and efficiently (Bolino and Grant,  2016).
According to (Kwahk and Park,  2016), now a days mangers have designed effective rewards policies so that employees can explicitly communicate with each other and work together to attain the mission and objective of an organisation (Zhang,  De Pablos and Xu, 2014). It is true that association of reward system is a source of motivation that helps in knowledge sharing and transfer. It impacts the employees in a positive way by offering them a positive attitude so that they get influence and share knowledge with the individuals (Chuang,  Jackson and Jiang, 2016). Once rewards are offered to them they tend to share their knowledge with other, this proves to be beneficial for the organisation. If there are no rewards they tend to hide the knowledge and do not reveal or share it with others (Chuang,  Jackson and Jiang, 2016). Thus, it can be clearly stated that presence of reward or motivation system facilitates employees to share their knowledge by transferring it. On the other hand, absence of reward and motivation in an organisation act as a hindrance in transferring knowledge and sharing with others. In every organisation, repatriates are one of the important sources through which knowledge is transferred among employees. Knowledge sharing is important in an organisation as it encourages people to share their ideas (Masa’deh,  Obeidat and Tarhini,  2016). While integrating awards and motivation in an organisation it motivates employees to perform better.
In the views of (Masa’deh,  Obeidat and Tarhini,  2016), it is always better to link up rewards with the organisational culture as it motivates employees so that they can clarify their perception and share their vision with others. It supports in removing the barriers by offering them a way so that they can exchange an idea and knowledge to other (Tangaraja, , Mohd Rasdi,  Ismail and Abu Samah, 2015). Therefore, in order to simplify knowledge sharing process, organizations should develop a proper reward system so that sufficient motivation is provided.
According to (Lee,  Shiue,  and Chen,  2016), rewards tend to affect the relationship between employees and organisation. As, they facilitate in building a way through which knowledge transfer can take place. Rewards help employees to communicate with each other through the organisation hierarchical by permitting people to share their knowledge so that there is no hindrance in sharing or transferring the information (Tangaraja, , Mohd Rasdi,  Ismail and Abu Samah, 2015). Rewards play an important role for making the maximum utilisation of all the resources. The reward programs influence effectiveness between employees (Lee,  Shiue,  and Chen,  2016). These programs can contribute many aspects of organisational life as it encourages knowledge sharing.
According to (Iskoujina and Roberts,  2015),  whenever rewards are offered to the employees their performance is increased. Thus people perform the activities or tasks in a better and a presided way when rewards and motivation is given to them.  Knowledge sharing and transferring is made easy if there is an incentive system involved in it. This is an easy way as it enhances the overall behaviour and performance of an organisation. In it commonly seen that employees get involved in the process of sharing information when there is a reward policy involved. It motivates them to take actions and work for betterment for an organisation (Pee and Kankanhalli, 2016).  Knowledge sharing is very important as every employee belongs to a different culture and they come up entirely different idea. So, it is necessary to have a successful knowledge sharing system so that all the idea of expertise can be shared. This can be accomplished easily if there is rewards system (Zhang,  De Pablos and Xu, 2014). Like policies could be designed so that employee’s itself take a step to share their knowledge with their staff. Every individual conducts different behaviour and knowledge that is optional and it does not required to be expressed in an organisation. But by offering them the benefits of formal reward framework employees take part in sharing knowledge so that it advances the viable working of the association (Pee and Kankanhalli, 2016).  Thus from this, it can be clearly found that rewards and motivations plays an important role in sharing information and knowledge from one employee to other.
It can be concluded, that success of an organisation is dependent on the knowledge sharing and transfer. The rewards system is one such way that motivates in facilitating organizational knowledge sharing and transfer. In this a literature review is carried out to find the impact on an organisation. Policies could be designed so that employee’s itself taking a step to share their knowledge with their staff. This can be accomplished easily if there is rewards system.
Bolino, M.C. and Grant, A.M., 2016. The bright side of being prosocial at work, and the dark side, too: A review and agenda for research on other-oriented motives, behavior, and impact in organizations. The Academy of Management Annals, 10(1), pp.599-670.
Chuang, C.H., Jackson, S.E. and Jiang, Y., 2016. Can knowledge-intensive teamwork be managed? Examining the roles of HRM systems, leadership, and tacit knowledge. Journal of management, 42(2), pp.524-554.
Guillaume, Y.R., Dawson, J.F., Otaye?Ebede, L., Woods, S.A. and West, M.A., 2017. Harnessing demographic differences in organizations: What moderates the effects of workplace diversity?. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 38(2), pp.276-303.
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Iskoujina, Z. and Roberts, J., 2015. Knowledge sharing in open source software communities: motivations and management. Journal of Knowledge Management, 19(4), pp.791-813.
Kwahk, K.Y. and Park, D.H., 2016. The effects of network sharing on knowledge-sharing activities and job performance in enterprise social media environments. Computers in Human. Behavior, 55 (2), pp 826-839.
Lee, J.C., Shiue, Y.C. and Chen, C.Y., 2016. Examining the impacts of organizational culture and top management support of knowledge sharing on the success of software process improvement. Computers in Human Behavior, 54(5),  pp.462474.
Masa’deh, R.E., Obeidat, B.Y. and Tarhini, A., 2016. A Jordanian empirical study of the associations among transformational leadership, transactional leadership, knowledge sharing, job performance, and firm performance: A structural equation modelling approach. Journal of Management Development, 35(5), pp.681-705.
Pee, L.G. and Kankanhalli, A., 2016. Interactions among factors influencing knowledge management in public-sector organizations: A resource-based view. Government Information Quarterly, 33(1), pp.188-199.
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Wang, S., Noe, R.A. and Wang, Z.M., 2014. Motivating knowledge sharing in knowledge management systems: A quasi–field experiment. Journal of Management, 40(4), pp.978-1009.
Zhang, X., De Pablos, P.O. and Xu, Q., 2014. Culture effects on the knowledge sharing in multi-national virtual classes: A mixed method. Computers in Human Behavior, 31(2), pp. 491-498.

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