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INFS 4018 Business Intelligence And Analytics

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INFS 4018 Business Intelligence And Analytics

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INFS 4018 Business Intelligence And Analytics

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Course Code: INFS4018
University: University Of South Australia

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Country: Australia

Using a destination of your choice, provide an in-depth analysis of current and future trends which are having  positive and negative impacts on the hospitality industry. In particular, Health Food, Sustainability and Technology should be a key focus. Provide recommendations on how the industry can capitalise on these business opportunities whilst minimising the risks.Specific requirements for the Essay:• A main body (i.e., an argument) and a conclusion (with no subheadings). The 2,000 word limit must be observed assessment will cease.• Include a Cover Page: which provides your Name, Subject Name, Subject Code, and your Lecturer’s Name, your Seminar Day and Time, as well as your Word Count (the Cover Page is not included in the Word Count).

Hospitality industry sustains the major scale within the global industrial aspects present. Within this industry, practical advancements are undertaken within every ongoing second. For such, there are existent several factors such as health foods along with technological developments along with sustainability aspects. Favouring such, the following content would be dealing with on-going along with future trends for the hospitality industry of Australia. For the present as well as future hospitality trends, positive along with negative impact would be also formulated. Apart from such, a recommendation would also be followed regarding the capitalisation of business opportunities with risk aversion. The thesis statement hence would be regarding analysis of trends for the hospitality industry with evaluative context and a conclusive portion at the end. 
Present and future trends analysis for hospitality industry
The ongoing trend for hospitality sector over Australia can be taken in form of sustainability along with advancement in technology and health foods. For the management of sustainability, there are existence of cost efficiency strategies along with economic incentives and maintenance of regulatory affairs (Barnes and Mattsson, 2016). Concerning to that of technology, there are presence of mobile applications along with mobile check in or digital cards for more convenience. Apart from that, regarding the health foods, there are trends of producing alcoholic beverages with lower percentages of alcohol. There are uses of ancient grains along with probiotic food items along with power bowl facilities for instant energy. The focus is on the sustainability with cost efficiency strategies and economic incentives that help in focusing over the development of training and opportunities to increase the income through better agricultural practices. The focus is on increased emphasis on health and well-being with addition to the healthy food options that includes the growing trends that energizes the in-room exercise. 
Positive impacts
For the sustainability aspect, cost efficiency would be duly effective for reduction along with improvisation of efficiency through implementation of better working strategic processes. Apart from such, economic incentives from the government side are beneficial for producing green environment for reducing environmental impacts. Also the new regulatory affairs are effective to manage the ill-health products along with enhance the band image of hospitality sector (Cheng, 2016).
Technological trends regarding the use of the mobile applications have greater impact. Through use of such, hassle free booking can be catered to a greater extent. Also the use of the digitised cards for check in and out caters to more security to the customers while being engaged within the hospitality industry. The technology continues to evolve and interconnect with the expectation to see that there are more ordering and better delivery of the services through the applications. The websites like Trip Advisor and the Airbnb are dabbling in the reviewing of restaurants and the check-ins.
Health food trends comprise the probiotic foods and ancient grains that are effective to provide higher supplement for the body with greater energy. The concerned power bowls are effective to produce more amounts of vitamins along with other nutrients within a shorter amount consumption (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015). Apart from such, alcoholic beverages with less alcohol percentage are effective to produce similar flavours with less effect over the body. 
Negative impacts
For the sustainability trends, concerning towards the economic incentives, the factor stays with the deployment of incentives to every working individual that sustains difficulty. Apart from such, the implementations of strategic approaches for green environment are taken to be more cost engulfing. For such, any hospitality sector lower yield would face difficulty (Zaitseva et al. 2016).
Technological trends sustaining the use of mobile applications are effective to procure data thefts along with produce transaction issues. For the use of digitised cards regarding check in/outs, any malfunctioning can either lock the customer inside or might restrain from entering the room. Such aspects are a major disadvantage (Ali, Amin and Cobanoglu, 2016).
Use of probiotic foods are inefficient to many ages while might be efficient for athletes. Probiotics are negative towards digestive system for ordinary body along with has negative impact over the blood pressures. Further, overdoses of power bowls are effective to produce bodily constraints. 
Future trends (health foods, sustainability and technology)
The future trends of the hospitality industry seek to produce greener substitutes for production of energy to run the hospitality industry. Apart from such, the future also seeks to have highly trained officials to cater the customers toward a widened information section. For health food, the trends subjects to meat reduction along with implementation of medicinal foods. Concerning to that of future technological trend, it sustains the implementation of virtual reality along with use of robotics and chat bots (Yeoman and Meethan, 2015).
For the sustainability aspect, through having greener substitutes can be efficient for managing the environmental degradation caused by the hotel activities. Apart from such, the use of highly educative hospitality officials can cater and produce better information to the seekers (Schuckert, Liu and Law, 2015). Through such, educative as well as informative approach can be taken into consideration for the incoming travellers.
For the concern of health reduction, medicinal foods with customisation can produce both tastes along with healthier procurements for the user. Apart from such, the medicinal foods would be effective for all kinds of user starting from infants to adults. Apart from such, customising the plant products against the animal products would be effective to produce proper diet (Dredge, Airey and Gross, 2014).
For the technological trend, use of virtual reality can cater to produce the hospitality scenario with similarity to real situation giving live experience. Further the pros of virtual reality would produce effective communication with a group of communicators/customers. Through use of chat boxes, customer services at a faster rate can be entailed.
Negative impacts
For the management of greener initiatives along with having highly educative official within the hospitality sector, there are requirement of huge amount of capital that might entail difficulty. Without proper capital, initiatives cannot be undertaken. Apart from such, it would only be limited to upper class sectors with fewer binds over capital (Oskam and Boswijk, 2016).
For the health foods, medicinal foods would procure higher capital investment for production along with have sufficient expense for the user. Apart from such, the synthesis of medicinal foods would entail difficulties in stages of processing. Devouring the animal product would also produce imbalances within the diet of the user.
For the technological trend, the virtual reality is ineffective to produce the real scenario that subjects the real condition to be experienced. Larger use of the virtual reality can produce higher capital investments. For the chat boxes, there stays the con of limited customer responses being a reason for business downfall (Boella, 2017). 
Concerning to that of sustainability, a recommendation can be produced for the use of governmental aspects for the implementation of greener substitutes to be used. Apart from that, the strategies are to be made in accordance to the economic and other existing factors in order to cater the requirements of the industry.
For the technological trend, use of mobile application can be treated with more security patches with sufficient stronger level of data protection. Apart from such, the virtual reality can be taken into higher performative areas and not for lower areas where the cost factor won’t be compensating with the demand.
For the probiotics usages, there are to be entailed limitations for the dosages in order to restrain any sort of damage to the body. Apart from that, use of medicinal foods should only be catered to the needy and not applying to every incoming customer. Through such, any sort of disadvantages effect of the medicinal food can be taken into consideration. 
From the above content, various conclusions can be derived. Regarding the sustainability, there can be found several enhancements for both the current along with future trends but are with significant side effects. Further the use of high calorific food such as the power bowls or probiotics can produce harm to the consumer if not restrained to a limited consumption. Further the use of alcoholic beverages is taken to be reduced to a certain level so as to not provoke any sort of health issues. For the technological advancement, it is evident that there are existent several advancements both for present as well as future. For catering such, there are evidences of capital requirement along with proper field to activate such technology. Against such would procure more loss than to produce the desired favourable outcome.
Reference list
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