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Innovative Technology Developing Its Product

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Innovative Technology Developing Its Product

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Innovative Technology Developing Its Product

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Explain Innovative Technology Developing Its Product?


Amazon is a U.S.A based company that deals with electronic trading and cloud computing. Jeff Bezos in Seattle, Washington launched it on fifth day of July 1994 (AMZN Company Profile & Executives – Amazon.com Inc. – Wall Street Journal” 2017). In the initial stage, Amazon was mainly dealt with online bookstore. Later on, it was expanded its business in various fields like Blue-rays, music player, video downloading, home décor, food and beverages, jewelry and so on. Consumer reliable electronics like kindle e-readers and fire tablets were also produced by the company (Wulff, Hills and Hertwig 2015). Amazon has different commercial website fourteen countries including countries like United States, United kingdom, India, Australia, Japan, China, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil and Mexico. Amazon logo revealed the company’s business nature as it is designed with a curved arrow began with A to Z.
Amazon has focused on innovative technology and developing its product reference day by day. The product list of this company includes media like books, music players, video, consumer product, home décor, industrial and scientific items, kitchen products, various types of instruments, goods related to sports, equipments, games including every possible essential commodity (Hann, Ogneva, and Ozbas 2013). Amazon has bought many sites such as wag.com, woot.com, Zappos.com in the year 2010. As per the market census in 2016, Amazon ranked as fourth most valuable public company in the globe with its most prominent offer and service (Sorokina and Cantu-Paz 2016).
The central focal point of this report is to describe the various aspects of Amazon Company. This report also highlights the basic conception on Baconian method, structure analysis of Amazon Company and the filtering process of Amazon.
Bacon’s method:
Francis Bacon was a prominent scholar in United Kingdom (Rossi 2013). He had served his country as Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England. Bacon is known as the father of empiricism. His work was based on elementary reasoning and careful study cum observation of events. He emphasized the probability of scientific knowledge. The method created by Francis Bacon is an investigative study on modern science (Bacon 2013). According to him, a systematic observation is necessary to find out the quality facts. Bacon formulates the study of nature and his thought was based on empirical knowledge, which is rooted in the natural world. With his theory, Beckon tried to overcome intellectual blockade. He opposed to the philosophy of Aristotle. The theory of Beckon is mainly based on natural law and a deep observation regarding it. Francis Beckon has generated three main domain of empiricism. They are facts, evidence and research. Francis Beckon has recorded his work in his book Novum Organum (Bacon 2016). His study evolved with natural science and he tried to investigate it with an approach of scientific method. Bacon’s method is the foundation of new age scientific research. In his theory, there is a co existence of nature and science.
Bacon’s idea differed with the idea of scientist. Bacon ironically revealed that scientific innovation could be possible by maintaining the natural philosophy. Bacon’s philosophy was much regarded by the then people and they started to utilize the nature for profitable gain. This causes a renaissance and the life style of western society has dramatically transformed.
Structure of Amazon:
A corporate structure denotes the design and technique of interaction and communication among its members (Rothaermel 2015). The structure of Amazon ascertains the operational activities of managers in the arena of various business segments. Amazon is one of the top retail platforms. Thus, it is important to the company to retain a good organizational structure to maintain its reputation in the market. Adequate structure would provide Amazon an increasing market capital. The structure of Amazon can be classified into three parts: global function based groups, global hierarchy and geographic divisions (Delgado-Ratto 2014).
The most effective function of all leading business organization is its structure of function-based groups. Amazon is not an exception. Function-based structure helps to facilitate commercial operation. The organizational structure of Amazon comprised of the office of the CEO, department of development program relating to business, a strong financial structure, with an intention to regulate consumer business internationally, to maintain a good accounting process and consumer business and to perpetuate legal and secretariat.
Hierarchy is one of the conventional characteristics from the view of institutional feature. It helps to express the contents of global system from the aspect of command to influence the online procedure of retail firm. Command means to give a peremptory order. For an instance, the directives given by the senior managers are applicable to the company, irrespective of its branches. It helps to simplify the managerial control over the entire organization of Amazon.
Amazon is one of the biggest retail portals in the world. It has different commercial website in various countries. Thus, geographic divisions are also includes within the structural characteristics of Amazon. It helps to manage the online business throughout the world. It helps to understand the regional demand of a state as it is different from one state to another and it is important to meet all the requirement of a customer in case of operate the business smoothly. Amazon has divided its geographic division in two parts, North American zone and international zone (Alden et al. 2016).
The corporate structure of Amazon is supportive in nature. Based on suitable structure, Amazon has achieved world’s fourth most valuable public company in the year 2016. The function-based group and hierarchy structure brings Amazon to implement rapid and effective managerial directives. Geographic divisions also help to focus on the online retail program in certain regions mentioned herein.
Management of Amazon:
Amazon runs its business from an unparalleled path of prosperity by the assistance of an experienced management team (Teece 2017). It becomes one of the dominant companies that eligible to cloud computing service. Jeff Bezos was the founder of the company and he is the chairperson of the board of Directors of Amazon. The company has achieved such a phenomenal position for his tremendous effort. However, Chief Executive Officer, Director, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technology Officer manage Amazon (“AMZN Company Profile & Executives – Amazon.com Inc. – Wall Street Journal” 2017).
The main function of the Chief Executive Officer of Amazon is to look after the strategic as well as operational roles of the company. The cardinal responsibility of a CEO is to identify the proper market for Amazon, to ensure the effective application of the resources of the company, enlargement of various processes in the territory of organization, and arranging meetings to discuss about various issues relating to the company’s market affairs. Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon.
Shareholders of a company may be referred as a member of the corporation (Collision et al. 2014). These shareholders elect the director of a company. Directors are participated in the meeting that organized by the board of directors. One of the major functions by the director of a company is to manage the financial statements and governance issues. Director of Amazon also communicate with the customers and business partners to make new deals and consanguinity. Daniel P. Huttenlocher and Wendell P. weeks are the directors of Amazon.
To operate a company like Amazon smoothly, it is important to manage its financial program in a systematic way. Chief Financial Officer of Amazon does this function. He provides effective financial resource for the actual development of Amazon. He has to look after the provision like tax, accounting, investor relations, and financial planning. Brian Olsavsky is appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of Amazon in the year 2015.
Chief Technology Officer of Amazon looks after the technological aspects as well as the technical operation within the corporate premises of the company. He submits his report directly to the CEO. Warner Vogels is the CTO of Amazon.
Challenges faced by Amazon:
It is true that Amazon is the biggest success in the arena of online retail sector. It has expanded its business in fourteen different countries with different web portals. Being a giant retail company, expectation from Amazon is also hopeful like sky. Many a time it has been noticed that Amazon was unable to meet all the expectation of its customer. Amazon has many competitors in market (Ramirez-Gomez et al. 2015). The most significant rivals are Alibaba group, eBay, Microsoft Corporation, Facebook Inc., Wal-Mart that create continuous market pressure and due to that, Amazon was forced to increase its market price in various aspects. That could be a challenge to the company in near future.
Amazon has taken a new diversification strategy from the perspective of risk management. Unfortunately, Amazon has failed to take necessary strategy regarding it. This can help Amazon to move away from its original track and core competence.
Amazon’s free shipping strategy can be dangerous in case of losing its margins, which cannot be optimized on cost (Hua, Hou and Bian 2016).
Amazon has taken certain measures to innovate and reshape customer experience. Though the company has gained tremendous success through it, in 2012 had suffered from huge loss, as Pets.com became the biggest dot-com overflow.
Amazon is an online retail portal. One of the biggest challenges faced by Amazon is cyber hacking that leaves its customer data exposed (Paek et al. 2014).
Amazon has recently feathered with a negative role due to its serious tax evasion. It is an online portal. Therefore, it is very common parlance to this company to bear a high rate of revenue for this. Unfortunately, Amazon was unable to meet all its revenue and that make a big challenge to the reputation of this company.
Amazon has launched certain products that became a great flop. The fire phone, as launched by Amazon was a big flop (Radhakrishnan Gupta and Varma 2014).
Some allegations regarding patent infringement or other lawsuits are also pending against this company, which black listed the company and created a negative effect on the company.
Though there are so many challenges put forward to Amazon, it has the capability to cure all the problems. Amazon must pay more attention to the developing countries (Bull et al. 2016) and (Grant 2016).
Filtration proceedings at Amazon:
Amazon filters are a separate responsible company, which is supported by the local community to become a major employer’s region. The growth rate of Amazon is expanding rapidly. Filters are applicable to the information before an overall function specify by someone else. It helps to analyze a single base data set. The quality and quantity of online retail industries are increasing day by day. The economic expansion and public demand has supplied lifeline to these online retail shops. The present scenario of market policy is changing due to these online shopping trends. A new type of threat is also growing on this behalf. This threat can be categorized as Cyber threat (Chernin et al. 2016). It is a malicious attempt by the hackers to damage the network system of a computer. Cyber theft has become a serious problem now, especially in the zone of online payment. When a customer opted for online payment and enters his password, the hackers can easily access to the respective account with some malicious code and grab all the money. In recent past, Amazon has faced such problems and it becomes a serious threat to the company as well as it creates a negative impression on the goodwill of the company. In these cases, filtration of information is required.
Companies like Amazon have to maintain a smooth administrative procedure as it is one of the most growing retail portal. Employee’s productive activities are necessary in this regard. Many companies monitor their employee’s activity on websites. Monitoring and filtering of an employee’s web activity is legal in respect of some perspective. It may not infringe the personal right of an employee. According to a recent survey, it reveals that approximately 44% workers are surfing adult websites from their work place. Web filtering is a process by which some websites are blocked by the employers. The filtration proceeding can be done in two ways, tally specific URLs to the block list and/or allow certain websites to be surfed. This process is very helpful to make the employees disciplined while they are working. This filtering process also helps to avoid certain unprofessional activities made by the employees during their course of employment (Mitra, Hutto, and Gilbert 2015).
However, there are certain down sides too. If anyone need a site again after it was filtered or blocked, then one must go back to the website, and change the policy of it again and then only anyone can access to it. It is a long time procedure. Another negative side of filtering process is employees do not feel reliable and they can agitate against it, which can lead to a serious trouble between workers and management. Web filtering procedure is important to avoid internet abuse by the employees in work place. Amazon monitors its employees with Amazon RDS to maintain a strong database program. Besides Amazon RDS, there are different monitoring tools used by Amazon to filter the web activities. They are Amazon cloud watch alarms, Amazon cloud watch log; AWS cloud trail log monitoring, and database log files.
Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that the retail portion of Amazon is based on a strong administrative quality as well a s work power and reasonable web filtering procedure. Amazon is the fourth most popular public company. It has its branches in fourteen different countries and the company gets a huge success to meet the maximum demand of its customers. At the initial stage, the company dealt with books, music players and video downloading. Gradually it has extended its wings and now it is one of the most remarkable online retail portal that represents the respective sector with a big hit. Amazon has a glorious history. It has bought websites like woot.com, zappos.com. Amazon is the USA based company has its founder Jeff Bezos. The structure analysis of Amazon is well designed and it helps the company to maintain its reputation in the market. Amazon has three structural forms. Amazon becomes capable to develop a fair accounting process.
The management procedure of Amazon is assembled in a systematic way (Iwashita and Tanimoto 2016). It has a CEO as its head and director, chief financial officer, chief technology officer to assist the CEO in all possible aspects. Due to remarkable market competition, Amazon has to increase its market price. Amazon is an online retail shop that ensures free shipping to its customers and sometimes it is very hard for the company to meet its revenue properly. Sometimes, it is losing its margin that cannot be optimized on cost. Even, the cyber threat is also become a big trouble for Amazon.
Amazon has taken certain measures to ensure maximum security (Narula and Jain 2015). The filtering procedure of Amazon is a big hit and Amazon get succeed to maintain a friendly working atmosphere in the administrative sector. The marketing strategy of Amazon is designed with a motto to develop customer traffic. The product offered by Amazon comprised of detailed information. Amazon provides products from most covered areas and look at the matter relating to customer satisfaction. Amazon has applied PESTEL model (political, economic, social, technological, economical and legal factors) to deal with its external affairs (Balasopoulou et al. 2016). It helps to identify the threats of external affairs. PESTEL model assists to regulate the external factors that are legally bounded. PESTEL model helps Amazon to ensure web based commerce by way of regulatory compliance (Anton 2015).
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