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IRHR 2270 Introduction To Human Resource Management

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IRHR 2270 Introduction To Human Resource Management

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IRHR 2270 Introduction To Human Resource Management

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Course Code: IRHR 2270
University: The University Of Newcastle

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Country: Australia


You are a newly recruited Human Resources Officer at a large engineering and infrastructure organisation. The organisation has been contracted to take on several large construction projects across several locations in the Asia Pacific region. You have been charged with the responsibility of recruiting a new management team of Team Leaders (Managers) to head these projects.
Complete the following tasks in order to recruit & select the appropriate staff. In addition, you are required to design a performance management review document; and Employee Engagement
Part A
Task 1 – Job DescriptionWrite a job description for the team leader position. 
Task 2 – Job AdvertisementWrite a job advertisement for the position.
Part B
Task 3 – The Selection Interview Panel1. List and justify the persons on the selection interview panel and2. write the interview questions

Task 4 – Performance Management reviewDesign a performance appraisal record for use in a performance appraisal interview.  


Part A
Task 1- Job description
Position: Team leaders (Managers)
Location: China, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Australia
Division: Asia- Pacific region
Department: Engineering and infrastructure department
Job status: Full time (Permanent job)
Job Code: AUS-AVU-001
Report to: President, Asia-Pacific (construction and engineering services), Human Resources Officer (BGC, Australia)
Written by: Andrew, Human Resources Officer (BGC) Date: 6.9.2018
Approved by: President, Asia-Pacific (Construction and engineering services), HR Officer (BGC, Australia)
Job Objective
The main objective of recruiting the team leaders or the managers will be to develop a healthy and positive work culture through implementation of various policies, laws, rules and regulations approved by the HR Officer for ensuring smooth business functioning. This will not only assist in creating a good working environment where the employees can work together as an unit, but can also facilitate the improvements of customer’; services, thereby lead to enhanced level of customer satisfaction and higher revenue generation for the organization named BGC, Australia too (bgcconstruction.com, 2018). It is also important for the area manager to provide relevant help and support to the team leaders for making them manage the human resources properly. It is also important to coordinate team logistics and communicate the accomplishment of tasks, its status and direction, which is another major objective of the job role (Braun et al., 2013).
Organizational duties and responsibilities
The duties of the individuals for the concerned post will be manage the large team consisting of employees and even manage the scheduled time frame. The team leaders should also be responsible for managing the budgetary methods and at the same time work with the subcontractors for the development of a positive culture and healthy workforce through consideration of safety and health standards (Bens, 2017). This would also ensure that they follow the rules and regulations, furthermore align with the management level and Government authorities. The team leaders should also carry out the roles and responsibilities of maintaining the health and safety standards for keeping the workers safe while working on a construction or engineering project; furthermore work with all the management and Government authorities with ease and efficiency. The team leaders are concerned with the management of policies and procedures for strengthening the customers’ services and optimize the sales performance through alignment with the strategic goals and objectives (Hu & Liden, 2013). The roles of team members are to manage the human resources properly through proper recruitment and selection processes along with the development of staffs through training and developmental sessions for ensuring that the laws, rules and regulations are followed properly by the organization. The management of costs incurred and those, which are associated with the various functions of construction and engineering has been done for meeting the budgetary requirements and at the same time, keep the costs under control to prevent any excessive expenditures (Tregaskis et al., 2013). The team leaders must often engage with the line managers, managers, HR Officer and other major officials for keep the workers engaged and furthermore motivate and encourage them to perform to their potential. All project related information should be reported to the Area Manager every month regarding the expenses incurred, sales, business performance and the requirements of the organization assessment (Barna, 2013). The team leaders must also follow the environmental policies and procedures to perform general duty of care and at the same time, keep the environment safe and healthy through prevention of harmful gases’ emissions.
The relationships are established by interacting with different persons and ensure that close connections are made to facilitate coordination among work and improve the skills and knowledge and workers during the construction and engineering project undertaking. The construction and engineering manager should be communicated with consistently for strengthening the services and ensure successful business functioning. The team leaders do hold the responsibility of managing a team consisting of 30 members through supervision and proper support provided to them for guiding them in the right direction and establishes positive relationships thereafter (Sacramento, Fay & West, 2013).
To become a successful team leader in the construction and engineering company BGC, relevant skills and knowledge are required with the obtaining of a degree in engineering, mechanical or civil engineering and even knowledge in business management, marketing and experience in the industry of financial services (Ahsan, Ho & Khan, 2013). The skills regarding management of good relationships, leadership skills, motivational skills and interpersonal skills are required for managing collaboration across all levels and at the same time foster growth and development in the professional career in the future.  
Problem solving
BGC is currently searching for a skilled and knowledgeable Team Leaders who can manage the large teams consisting of more than 30 members during the construction project in various locations as well as manage the overall construction or engineering project at the own location. The Team Leader will not only be responsible for maintaining a dynamic business environment but at the same time, keep the staffs motivated and encourage to perform their own responsibilities at different locations with much ease and effectiveness. The Team leader should make effective decisions and handle critical situations with proper approval by the Area Manager (Elving et al., 2013). The Team Leader, being provided with the roles of managing large teams in different locations must learn the culture and adapt to it to create a sense of belonging and raise the team morale, thus driving the business performance largely.
The Team Leaders of the construction and engineering company should have the power and authority to recruit or select as well as terminate the workers in case they do not follow the rules and regulations and abide by the policies and procedures. They can also make approval of leaves and remuneration management based on the performances of the workers; furthermore implement effective promotional strategies for assisting the HR Manager and Officer in attracting more skilled individuals to get involved with the project (Groneck, 2017).
The Team Leader should manage the large teams comprising of more than 30 members and at different locations, due to which, he must be accustomed with the ways expenses and controlling of business operations should be managed. The locations will be all around Australia and in India, South Korea, Thailand, etc.
Special circumstances
Because of the long duration of the construction and engineering project, the team leader should be able to work for longer hours and travel whenever necessary for managing the teams in different locations appropriately (bgcconstruction.com, 2018).
Performance indicators
The performance indicators are to be measured by understanding the contribution of team leaders, performances of the workers, budgetary control and revenue generated from the project.
Task 2- Job advertisement

“Are you looking for a new challenge?
Are you a successful team leader OR a high performing team member?
Then your next destination is BGC Construction and Engineering Company
Experience- 0- 2 years
Vacancies- 10
Salary- 12,000-15,000 AUS$
Location: China, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Australia
Industry type: Engineering and Construction
Functional area: Human resource management
Desired qualifications:
· Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering
· Post graduate/Diploma/Graduate Certificate Computer Course
· Fluent in English communication skills
· Competent in managing large teams
· Capable of performing MS Excel functions
BGC Construction Company is looking for young, dynamic and aspirant team leaders. It would be a full time job with the following objectives:
· To develop a healthy and positive work culture through implementation of various policies, laws, rules and regulations approved by the HR Officer
· To create a congenial working environment
· To facilitate improvements in the customer services
· To provide relevant help and support to the team leaders for making them manage the human resources properly
· To coordinate  team logistics
· Communicate  the accomplishment of tasks, its status and direction
Duties and responsibilities:
· Managing large team consisting of more than 30 employees
· Time management
· Managing the budgetary methods
· Work with the subcontractors for the development of a positive culture and healthy workforce through consideration of safety and health standards.
· Maintaining the health and safety standards for keeping the workers safe
For more details, contact on the following number: 987654321
The interested candidates can send their detailed resume at this website: https://www.bgcconstruction.com/

Part B
Task 3- The Selection Interview Panel
List of persons in the interview panel
An interview board panel includes the personnel from the higher authorities of the companies and organizations. The members in the panel differs according to the requirements of the recruitment and selection (Zhang, Li, Ullrich& Dick, 2015). In case of BGC Construction and Engineering Company, the interview board panel members, for the selection of a team leader, would involve, CEO, Head of the Department and two senior team leaders.
Justification of the persons involved in the interview panel
CEO plays an important position in the taking beneficial decisions for betterment of the company. He is responsible for implementing short and long term plans for enhancing the overall productivity. His presence in the interview is crucial, as, through interview, he would judge the capability of the candidates to handle the teams and prepare them according to the organizational requirements. Based on the interview performance of the candidates, the CEO of BGC Construction and Engineering Company can make estimates about enhancing the efficiency in the business operations (Senaratne&Gunawardane, 2015). CEO is in direct liaison with the Board and the management, therefore, it would be beneficial for BGC Construction Company to communicate the results of the interview to the HR Managers.
Head of the Department
One of the essential functions of the Head of the Department (HOD) is to contribute into academic leadership. His basic duties includes managing the operations of the departmental unit for achieving operational excellence. His presence in the interview board panel would assist in assessing the leadership skills, attributes and competencies of the candidate in maintaining large teams. His presence is required in the board, as the selected candidate (team leader) would be reporting directly under the head of the department. Moreover, it would be the duty of BGC Construction and Engineering Company HOD to the gain acquaintance with the human resource, which he is to manage for completing the construction projects in an efficient and effective manner (BGC Construction, 2018).
Senior team leaders
Senior team leaders possess a sound knowledge of the business and accordingly prepare the teams. Their experience counts for the companies and organizations in terms of enhancing the efficiency within the business operations. Their presence in the interview board panel acts as their professional empowerment, providing them with the opportunity to venture into the path of the leadership. Their presence in the interview board panel of BGC Construction and Engineering Company would enable them to judge the capability of the candidates in terms of managing large teams (BGC Construction, 2018).
Interview questions

Q1. Tell me something about yourself
Q2. How will you rate your work experience till now?
Q3. What are the strategies, which you adopt for determining the risks associated with a task?
Q4: Imagine a situation, where your team members are disagreeing to your opinions. How will you handle the situation?
Q5: Do you think team leader’s roles and responsibilities are different from that of a coach?
Q6: Do you think performance metrics would be an important tool in measuring the performance of the team members?
Q7: What is your opinion on “not all experiences enhance the learning?”
Q8: Why do you think we should hire you?
Q9: Why did you leave your last job?
Q10: How will you use your weaknesses to achieve success?

Performance management review
Performance appraisal record for use in performance appraisal interview

Maintaining records for the performance appraisal helps the interviewers to conduct the interview process efficiently. Keeping the appraisal records in front while interviewing enhances the awareness towards the overall performance of the employee. The ratings given by the employees and the team leaders assists the managers in gaining an insight into the relationship between the employees and the team leaders (Ellington & Wilson, 2017). The categories through which the performance is assessed gives shape to the overall character of the employee. These criterions form the basis for planning salary increments, promotions among others.
According to Iqbal Akbar and Budhwar, (2015), maintaining frequency in the reviews is assistance in terms of tracking the changes within the employee performance. This regulation is crucial in terms of carrying out career enhancement plans for the employee. All these aspects prove true for all of the companies and organizations including BGC Construction and Engineering Company. Ratings for the behaviours of creativity, reliability and dependence directly makes the interviewers familiar with the approach of the employee towards the allocated duties and responsibilities. However, face to face interviews on the performance appraisals helps in gaining an insight into the self-judgmental skills of the employees (Anstey, Riggar& Walker, 2017).
Like other companies and organizations, in BGC Construction and Engineering Company, the act of record keeping for the performance appraisal forms would be carried out by the HR department. The filled up forms would be sent to the managers, who then would conduct the performance appraisal interview. Prior to the interviews, evaluation of the forms is crucial in terms of averting any unwanted discrepancies (Pälli&Lehtinen, 2014). Providing incomplete forms destroys the reliability and validity in the employee performance. Honesty and transparency are vital components, which helps in maintaining the stability in the relationship between the employee, team leader and the manager. Concealing information in the interview leads to discrepancies, putting the employment of the employee at stake (Rao & Tilt, 2016).

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