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ITC601 Business Information Technology Systems

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ITC601 Business Information Technology Systems

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ITC601 Business Information Technology Systems

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Course Code: ITC601
University: Victoria University

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Country: Australia


Demonstrate understanding of the role of different IT systems in support of organisational objectives.
Analyse flexible and reliable IT systems that respond to organiational requiremetns.
Evaluate IT systems that support value-added change within organisations
Recommend practical IT systems solutions to given organisational scenarios
Analyse the use of IT systems within different functions of an organiation Task 1
– Explain how IT systems contribute to the achievement of objectives in a specific organiational context
Task 1
– Evaluate how IT systems are applied in the different functions of an organisation and how they work together to achieve high performance
– Critically evaluate the role and purpose of IT systems in different functions of an organiation, evaluating their contribution to achieving organisational objectives
Analyse the different ways IT systems store and process data for knowledge management, customer relationship management, data management and communication management
– Critically analyse the different ways IT systems store and process data, providing specificorganisational examples
– Demonstrate an understanding of the different ways IT systems store and prcess data and critically evaluate the choices that have been made in a specific organisational example
Evaluate how IT systems can be used to support value-added change for improving business operations, performance and sustainability.
Critically evaluate the advantages of specific IT systems which support value-added change in an organisational context.
Provide justified recommendations for improving IT systems in the support of valueadded change in an organisational context.


Information technology is the term which generally refers to the usage of certain techniques in different business so as to transmit, store, manipulate and retrieve the different kind of data. This data mainly includes the speech, text, or movies or certain type of graphics or the reports regarding certain events which might be including the malfunctioning of the equipment, any kind of intrusion and many more (Laudon, & Laudon, 2016). Generally information technology refers to the usage of the hardware or the software which are used by the business for the purpose of managing or making different range of business processes. Besides this most of the computers are associated with networking their computer in order to share the information.
This report is mainly going to discuss about the IT used by the organizations Mashreq Bank and the Emirates Airlines. Besides this the report is firstly going to introduce the organizations that has been selected which is followed by the discussion about the role that is played by the IT system in this organization. The flexible and the reliable IT system existing in this two organizations are to be analysed along with discussing about the role that the IT plays in supporting the value-added changes (Pearlson, Saunders & Galletta, 2016). Lastly the report is going to discuss about a recommended IT solution. Lastly the report concludes with providing of the entire report along with the future trends that are expected so as to improve the business keep running along with considering the security as well as the government regulations.  
Mashreq Bank
This is the Dubai-based bank which is considered to be oldest privately owned bank of the United Arab Emirates and was founded in the year of 1967 and was named as the Bank of Oman. This was the first bank of the United Arab Emirates, which was associated with the installation of the ATM machines and was also the first one to issue the credit and debit cards. Along with this it was also the first bank of UAE to provide the feature of customer loan. The current business operations of the bank includes the providing of conventional and Islamic personal banking services (Shaikh & Karjaluoto, 2015). Besides this some other business processes includes the deposits, loans, and credit card. Some of the important services included in the Conventional and Islamic investment banking services includes the corporate finance and the investment advisory upon the various mergers and the acquisition, initials upon the public offerings and lastly underwriting. In addition to this the conventional and the Islamic asset management services mainly includes the management of wealth.
Emirates Airlines
Emirates airlines is the airlines which is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This organization is the subsidiary of the Emirates Group. This is entirely owned by the “Government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai”. Emirates Airlines is the largest airline existing in the Middle East. Besides this the organization operates handles around 3600 flights per week from its hub situated at the Dubai International airport. The airline also operates in an around 140 cities in almost 81 countries and 6 continents. This is the fourth largest airlines in terms of the schedule, revenue, kilometres flown by the passengers, besides being the fourth largest in terms of the international passengers carried (Webster, 2014). In addition to this the airline is the second largest in terms of the freight tonne kilometres flown.
Mashreq Bank
Role of IT Systems:
The role played by the Information technology in the Mashreq Bank have been analysed in this section. The usage of the Information technology has been associated with helping the bank in dealing with the various kind of challenges that are likely to be faced or are already being faced. The usage of the technology has been associated with opening up of new markets, new products along with the new services as well as efficient delivery channels for the Mashreq Bank. The usage of the information system has also been associated with cornerstone of the various other financial sector reforms as well along with the reforms of Mashreq Bank. This has been associated with increasing the speed as well as the reliability of the bank and the other initiatives of the bank so as to strengthen the bank (Thakur, 2018). Some of the example of information technology used is the online electronic banking, mobile banking and the internet banking. In addition to this the IT revolution has been associated with setting up of stage where there exists an unprecedented increase in the financial activities of the bank all across the globe.
Role of IT Systems in supporting value-added change:
The advancements in the technology along with the continuous development of the world wide network has also been associated with reducing the cost of global fund transfer at a significant rate. The usage of the information technology has been associated with enabling the banks to meets the high expectations that the customers are having as they are having demands along with being tech-savvy. They are associated with demanding an instant, anytime and anywhere banking facilities and the information technology has been associated with providing of solutions to the banks so as to take care of the accounts and the other back office requirements (Shaikh & Karjaluoto, 2015).
Analysis of Flexible and Reliable IT Systems:
Like other banks the Mashreq Bank has also been associated with modernizing their services by making use of the computers as well as other electronic equipment. Besides this the usage of the electronic revolution has been associated with providing an easy and flexible banking service for the customers which should also be associated with bringing a lot of benefits as well.
The e-banking strategy that has been adopted by the bank has been responsible for making the customers to say goodbye to the complications arising due to the huge registering of the accounts and large paperwork’s which are to be done while opening an account. Besides this the e-bank is associated with providing of various kind of services to the customers which includes the credit r debit card services, ATM, E-cheque, fund transfer and many more. By all this the bank is slowly associated with moving towards the transformation from traditional banking system to relationship banking. Besides this the use of Information Technology has also been associated with helping the bank in the elimination of the different kind of problems arising due to geographical distance (Schwalbe, 2015). All this have been associated with helping the organization in changing the way of delivering the services to the customers. However there is one major problem which is related to the cost of implementation of all this technology which is very expensive but the rewards obtained from this are comparatively very less in amount.  
Emirates airline:
The first wave related to the digitalization of the materials had been associated with increasing the competitive pressure of the airline industry. Before starting the usage of the internet the airline was associated with selling of the tickets physically at the travel agencies. This in turn was responsible for making the comparison of prices very hard. Along with all the challenges related to the poor service quality norms which were synonymous in nature with the airline industry, the organization Emirates airline grew from of the small organization which was funded by the U$10 million Dubai Government investment in the 90s to the fourth largest airlines of the world in terms of the international traffic (Martins, Oliveira, & Popovi?, 2014). This type of accomplishment is very closely related to the strategy of maximization of the quality by making use of innovations even without focusing upon the competition related to the price. Emirates have been associated with leveraging various kind of digital transformations and they have been listed below:
Analysis of Flexible and Reliable IT Systems:
Inflight connectivity: In the year of 2008 this organization was the first one to provide carrier service associated with GSM mobile connectivity inside the flight and this generally followed by rolling ut of Wi-Fi at large scale. This is one of the great step ahead of usage of the information technology that not only facilitated the organization in attracting more customers but also the customers as well (Eason, 2014).
CRM: This is another application of the Information technology found in organization, which helps in providing the crew of the airline to have real-time customer information along with allowing them to learn the preferences of the customers so as to register the complains of the customers as well. This is also associated with letting the passengers to upgrade their seats minutes before any flight takes off (Long, 2018).
Usage of the IoT in baggage management: the organization has been associated with the usage of the Beacons to locate the bags along with improving the operational as well as the customer services. The organization has been associated with accepting the baggage management system at the Dubai airport (Dandago, & Rufai, 2014). Whereas on the contrary the organization had been associated with piloting the beacons so as to monitor the various conditions of the equipment as well which might be including the lifesaving kits, life jackets and many more without inspecting them physically.
Flexible cloud infrastructure: the demand for the flights is seasonal and is associated with facing an extreme level of peak as well as troughs. For this reason the organization has been associated with adopting a flexible cloud computing platform so as to scale up or down the infrastructure as quickly as possible along with providing a customer service which is consistent  at all the times (Bloom et al., 2014).
Role of IT Systems in supporting value-added change:
Big data usage is considered to be one of the major value added change. the use of loyalty program is very much essential for the organization and this is not only important from the standpoint of the market but is also associated with acting as a source of revenue. Big data is something which can be used but the organization so as to help it out in managing the various kind of loyalty programs in a way which is much more efficient along with being associated with delivering of values for the customers and maximizing the revenue as well (Baptista & Oliveira, 2015). The analysis and gathering of the customer data can be used by the organization for miles redemption offer rather than flooding the mailbox of the customers with the ads and promotions which are general and are superficially targeted.
Recommendation of practical IT Solutions:
Better usage of the mobile platforms: In most of the other airline organizations it is seen that they are having their own applications which are generally used for the purpose of purchasing the tickets online check in and checking the information of the flight.  However these applications can also be used for the purpose of providing the airlines with the information regarding the exact location of the client just few minutes before the flight timing. In addition to this by having access to the GPS of the client it would become possible for the organization to if the passenger would be capable of arriving at the airport on time or not. This would initially be helping in the providing of information that are very much advantageous during the high demand time and besides this the frequency of the domestic route would also be helpful as well and the major reason lying behind this the offering of the seats to the customer who are late and also to the persons who are waiting of the next flight and this would be helping in avoiding the empty seats.
This report has been associated with concluding to the fact that the Emirate online as well as the Mashreq Bank have been making use of the information technology from last few decades. Besides this the organization is also associated with implementation of the various kind of IT equipment in order to earn a lot of benefits. In this report the organization and the IT infrastructure that they are having has been described in brief as well. In each section a recommendation has been provided that would be helping the organization in becoming much more advantageous and would also be helping in gaining much more benefits as well. The major aim of this report is to highlight the usage of the IT so as to understand the problem and change in accordance the situation.
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