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ITSU1003 IT Professional Practice

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ITSU1003 IT Professional Practice

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ITSU1003 IT Professional Practice

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Course Code: ITSU1003
University: Victorian Institute Of Technology

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Country: Australia

1. Write a paper on the malware attack that crippled the UK health system in May 2017. Explore the motive for creating the malware, and discuss theories on who released it.2. The trend in the Australian IT industry toward outsourcing rather than internal development has been increasing over the past 2 decades. Discuss the motives for this, the disadvantages in outsourcing, and effects on quality of life.3. Write a paper that discusses the appropriateness of Instagram’s privacy policy. In particular, explore whether they have a policy regarding the sharing of your information with third parties.4. Write a paper comparing and contrasting copyright laws in Australia and copyright laws in your country of birth (or compare with the United States if you are Australian born).5. Write a paper that explains how the adoption of formal methodologies such as Agile or the SDLC improves software quality.6. Write a paper discussing the ethics, risks, and benefits of allowing cookies into your computer and explain how the cookie technology works.7. Write a paper analysing the legality of the American’s NSA program to collect and analyse the overseas phone calls of U.S. citizens without a court order.8. Write a paper discussing the ethics and consequences of different types of workplace monitoring.9. Write a paper that explorers the history of Google and then discusses the ethics of the current practices.10. Write a paper that explores the methods Social Networking sites can use to make a profit.

The social networking site is the online platform that people utilize for building the social relations with various other people, who are sharing similar personal interests, backgrounds and activities (Fox and Rooney 2015). The social networking sites eventually vary in several number of features. These sites could incorporate the range of newer communication tools and information. Moreover, they even feature the digitalized photos or videos and even web logging. The sites of social networking also provide the space to interact for continuing beyond the personal interactions. All of these interactions of the computers could link each and every member for several networks and might be helping for the maintenance as well as development of the new social networking sites (Miltsov 2017). The following research report outlines a brief discussion on the several methods that are utilized by the social networking sites for making profit within their business. There are some of the most important and significant methods that are utilized by these networking sites and all of them will be discussed here.
Features of Social Networking Sites
Social networking sites allow the users to share the ideas and various other posts and videos (Perrin 2015). There are various characteristics of the social networking services and these are as follows:

i) Sharing of Content: The first and the foremost characteristic of the social networking site is that it helps in sharing the user generated contents like the posts, videos and photos, which could inform the other users regarding the interests as well as activities of the sender (Tsai and Men 2013).
ii) Connection through Online: The second important and significant characteristic of these social networking sites is that it enables a proper connection through online services. The individuals could connect with one another from any part of the world, by utilizing some of the most significant platforms.

iii) Completely Free of Costs: The next vital and noteworthy characteristic of these types of sites is that it does not incur huge costs (Fox and Moreland 2015). The business model is on the basis of memberships and hence, the usage charges are counterproductive in nature. There is a high possibility that the network could grow larger and become quite useful by charging only a little fee.

iv) Finding Information: Another important or vital characteristic of the social networking sites is that it helps to find relevant and suitable information and data (Lin, Fan and Chau 2014). Moreover, the products and services are also shared within the social networking sites.

Methods Used by Social Networking Sites for Profits
The social networking sites utilize some of the most significant methods for making their profits (Luo and Zhong 2015). These specific methods are as follows:

i) Funding fromVenture Capital: The first and the foremost method that is utilized by the several social networking sites for making profit within their businesses is by funding from venture capitals (Pai and Arnott 2013). Most of the social networking sites start their business with the funding from the respective venture capitalists. The several investors eventually take the risks on the organization, when they think it could be extremely profitable in future. As a result, these investors invest early and then hope for the huge profits down the business. The popular examples of social networking sites are Facebook and Twitter. Both of them have raised several million dollars within venture capital and hence profit is obtained by them (Maier et al. 2015). They monetize the business and even sell it to the larger corporation for better profit.
ii) Advertising as well as E Commerce: The second important and significant method, which could be utilized by various social networking sites to make profit in the businesses is by the help of advertising and the electronic commerce (Jelenchick, Eickhoff and Moreno 2013). The advertising is considered as one of the most effective and efficient method that could be helpful for the social networking sites to make money. The social networking sites have millions of users and hence advertising is extremely easier for them. They could easily generate their revenue by allowing the companies to advertise on their networking sites. Web advertising is considered one of the most efficient emerging market and thus because of these millions of users over the social networking sites; advertisers have the will for paying more money for the advertisements (Salehan and Negahban 2013). The major example of this particular method is Twitter. They have recently organized the developer conference, known as Chirp. During this conference, various methods were being discussed for monetizing the website and harnessing the power of advertisements. They have decided that as the users are already using the social networking site for getting the product recommendations and the organizations are already using them for the proper promotion of their products; the customers might be buying the products directly from Twitter via electronic commerce (Oh, Ozkaya and LaRose 2014).

iii) Offering Premium Options: Another important and significant method that is utilized by the several social networking sites for making more profit is by offering the premium options. Some of the social networking sites are absolutely free of cost and the other social networking sites offer a specific premium option for the users for the core purpose of earning money (Fox and Moreland 2015). The example of this particular method is LinkedIn, which comprise of the premium package for any type of job seeker. Each and every option of networking is completely free in LinkedIn; however, if the user wishes to have some specialized privileges, they would have to sign up for any of the premium options. The second example of this particular method is Ning, which undertook recently. Although, this social networking site of Ning comprise of millions and billions of users, they have recently announced for suspending their each and every free service (Lin, Fan and Chau 2014). This is mainly because of the fact that they have decided for making profits. Ning has taken the decision to concentrate majorly on the premium model they have. Moreover, they were even forced for cutting some of the most significant and important jobs of the employees. Hence, it helps in depicting the fact that it is extremely difficult for all the social networking sites to monetize their services of social networking (Pai and Arnott 2013). For the several social networking sites, which are incorporating the various services and applications within the community, the developer fee could be helpful for generating the revenue easily and promptly and without any type of complexities.

iv) Creative Products as well as Promotions: The fourth subsequent vital and noteworthy method that is being utilized by some of the most popular social networking sites to make the profits in their businesses is by simply providing the creative and innovative products as well as promotions (Jelenchick, Eickhoff and Moreno 2013). Since, there is an extreme difficulty to monetize the social networking, the significant websites are forced for coming up with several creative and innovative methods for earning or even increasing the revenue. The most significant example of this type of method to make profit used by the social networking site is Facebook Gifts. This particular social networking site of Facebook has launched this technique to gain profit from their business (Salehan and Negahban 2013). The facility of the Facebook Gifts eventually enable the users for sending virtual gifts to the other users like his friends, family members, colleagues, which are appearing on the profile of the recipient. This type of gifts is sent to the recipients profile as soon as it is being shared and hence this has become extremely popular amongst the users in the entire world. The expense of this type of gift of Facebook is only 1 dollar and the user could even add any personal message to this gift (Tsai and Men 2013). Although, Facebook is a free social networking platform, this particular option of gifts is bringing major profits within their business and hence they are benefitted by these.

Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that the social networking sites subsequently allow the users to share their ideas, digitalized photos, videos as well as posts. Moreover, it even allows for informing other people regarding the online and real world events or activities within the network. The social networking sites are completely dependent on the social media platforms and the members have the ability of contacting with all other members. The most popular and significant social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. The major types of the social networking sites comprise of the several services. The main types of the social networking services are socializing with peers, colleagues, utilized for the non-social interpersonal communications and social navigation for finding the information and resources. The individual centred services are provided by the social network services and the group centred services are provided by the online community service. These social networking sites could facilitate the network building for the core purpose of exchanging the several types of content online. The above research report has clearly demonstrated the methods used for making profits.
Fox, J. and Moreland, J.J., 2015. The dark side of social networking sites: An exploration of the relational and psychological stressors associated with Facebook use and affordances. Computers in Human Behavior, 45, pp.168-176.
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Miltsov, A., 2017. Social Networking Sites. The Wiley?Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Theory, pp.1-2.
Oh, H.J., Ozkaya, E. and LaRose, R., 2014. How does online social networking enhance life satisfaction? The relationships among online supportive interaction, affect, perceived social support, sense of community, and life satisfaction. Computers in Human Behavior, 30, pp.69-78.
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Tsai, W.H.S. and Men, L.R., 2013. Motivations and antecedents of consumer engagement with brand pages on social networking sites. Journal of Interactive Advertising, 13(2), pp.76-87.

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