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KPZ211 Population And Community Ecology

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KPZ211 Population And Community Ecology

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KPZ211 Population And Community Ecology

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Course Code: KPZ211
University: University Of Tasmania

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Country: Australia


Identify and describe the population and community characteristics of medium to high density urban areas with special reference to campus residential communities.

Campus Lifestyle

Campus in this case can be taken as a community of young stars or middle age who joined university for study. In this essay I am going to talk about the population density, behaviour of the said community and more importantly the characteristics of the median and high population density urban area in Townsville.
High population density in either and area or a town is associated with so many issues, right from the social life, economic life, cultural life and even planning of the place might find some hindrance. Looking at campus residents, you realizes that it comprises of students from various part of the earth who have come to seek for education. Some of these students are mature enough and have different life style which other tend to emulate, be it bad or good behaviours. All these turn the campus to be a metropolitan town. You will also realize that infrastructural planning  in terms of housing is also a big issue in such places which forces almost four student to occupy one room. Densily populated area are also characterized by shortage of water and electricity, because of high demand. All these issue are faced by campus residents and any other place that has a high population density.
 Literature Review
Karl Max in his book Macro- Sociological believes that, “in traditional and pre- industrial error, people were generic and tribal beings,” where by they used to live a long tribal and ethnic lines. Urbanization played a vital role in transition from barbarisms to modernization and civilization where people realized political and economic freedom and more so productive specialisation. Capitalism was then transformed into socialism which led to the a complishment of the human social evolution. The high rise of rural urban migration let to emphasis of economic exploitation, inequality problems and conflict. A sense of discrimination can be sported in the University of Washington in terms of population, you realize that Asian students are the majority in almost all the faculties, with rice as a stable food in all food centers in the campus, this is to mean that students from other part of the world may find it hard to survive in that campus unless they are assimilated.
Fednand (1855- 1936) puts it clear that city life is a mechanical aggregate which is associated with disunity, a lot of individualism and selfishness. This is to mean that a person in the neighborhood may have a problem but die with it silently because the neighboring door is a person from different class. Looking at the University of California, Santa Barbara residential campus, the social part has been fairly compromised, because all the students are busy on their studies which makes them not have time for social life, unless for those who are idle with enough time to just seat, drink and go to movies. He also wrote that in campus residential estate are some sort of friendship which requires a common mental community like religion, games and sports, or even night clubs. He on the other hand feared the undermining of the fabrics of social life.
George(1858- 1918) on the other hand considered the importance of urban experience. In his essay “The Metropolis and Mental Life” gives a clear picture on the life within the city of which he termed as urbanism and the development of urban residence areas (urbanization). In the urban residence, there are unique characters of modernity in the city which intensify nervous stimuli of which the residence must cope with. Residence learn to discriminate, develop rationality and culculative moves. More so they develop abase attitude. They appreciate the sense of freedom and transcendence of petting of daily routine. The academic freedom is a tradition of the University of Colorado which give students of all center freedom to education in various department. All of which are aimed at fighting the since of discrimination in the campus residence.
Louis (1897- 1952) define the city as a large, density with permanent settlement with socially and culturally heterogeneous people. In his definition of a city, the following traits emerged.
Population size.
The large population in an urban residence brings about the issue of create diversity, which increase the possibility of differential among the city dwellers. On the other hand, the migration of diverse group to the campus residence in seek of education creates need for formal control structures like legal system, support proliferation of further complex specialization and division of labour and more importantly, organizes human relationship on the basis of specific interest.
Population Density
It exposes the quality of separatness which foster a loss of sensitivity to more individual aspect of others, and intensify the tendancy to stereotype.
Population Heterogeneous
The interaction of persons with different personalities brakes the rigidity of caste lines and complicate class structure which increase social mobility and at the long run the physical mobility.
Campus residence is taken as a community because of its overpopulation is associated with very many evils characters like drug and illegal weapons trafficking, this is where by students smuggles illegal weapons and drugs across the boarders. These has affected the moral life of the University students. Nairobi University in Kenya being one of the victim of circumstance, the year 2016 around a hundred students were arrested on the blackmarket with heroin, the same year Garissa University college was accessed by the terrorist who managed to kill hundreds of students leaving thousands injured and mentally tortured. All these was because of freedom of movement in the University. Minister for internal security by then Mr. Joseph Nkaisery addressed the police force saying “….the terrorists are taking advantage of freedom of movement in the University to kill our innocent Kenyans.
Townsville in Queensland
according to Aboriginal community of Townsville, land had a spiritual meaning, they believed that the ancestors created the natural world more so, dreams tells them about the movements and actions of the ancestors. On the other hand they trust in protection and maintenance of indigenous vegetation, as it plays a major role in maintaining  the ecosystem. In nineteenth century, there was an industrial revolution where sugar industry and gold mining spark off. According to the ABS community profile Townsville is the largest town in terms of population in Queensland. The population census that took place on 30 June 2010 revealed that it had an estimation residents population of 185768 people. As per the population growth rate in Townsville , the population is projected at 270500 people by 2031. The current migration, arrival of refugees and humanitarian gives Townsville a strong profile of cultural diversity.
Topographically, Townsville is majorly urban centers which are on coastal region mountainous region and rock shoals. It has a tropical weather, natural surrounding, outback rainfall, beautiful beaches which makes it well known. Townsville pans to use 2011- 2021 community plan as a guide to create, connect and shape the place so that they can be proud of. All the objectives in the community vision has became an opportunity to a fulfill the vision.
As Townsville work towards a socially inclusive community , it is experiencing a rapid social changes which emanate from several issues. These issues impact negatively on the social inclusion. The coming of Australian Defense Force , increase in workforce in the mining sector and the increase in enrollment in James Cook University has increased pressure on affordable housing market. Rapid population growth and new development in Townsville has let to high competition on social amenities.
The town has a wide range of animals and plants, Gold coast hinterland and the boader wet tropical region are the widely recognized biodiversity hotspot. The natural environment is greatly affected by agricultural activities and mining industries. There is high rate of water consumption where by averagely the household consume approximately 450kl of water per annum with 65 percent of this is used outdoor. There is also a high electricity consumption with an average household consuming approximately 7.147kw/h per annum with 18 percent of the population using other source of energy.
The strong population growth rate, new public and private sectors, city diversity economic growth has really boosted the Townsville economy. However there are still like remoteness has made it hard for the town to be accessed. There is a need to modernize some part of Townsville so as to attract investors in the region.
Townsville has vision 2021 guided by a statement that says “Townsville is on the gateway to Queensland, our well built city connect people to their community, via an active lifestyle that is enjoyed by all who live and visit. We are leader of positive environmental action, we are acclaimed for other our business entrepreneurship, Government enterprises, innovation, technology and cultural stewardship” from this vision the community felt that it can be achieved through creating a community that is:-
Strong and connected community
This was supposed to be achieved through strengthening community cohesion by supporting and iinterconnecting communities that will work together to bring about a conducive environment for people within there street, neighborhood and wider community. Individuals are to be encouraged to interact with their neighborhood and the local community groups. In the statement, there is also a wish to come up with places, spaces and events that will pull people together for leisure. On the other hand their is a need of creating opportunities for Townsville members to participate in local clubs and groups. Townsville also plans to come up with a community that work hand in hand the Government and private organization so as to achieve a real and permanent cohesion.
Sustainable Environment.
Townsville appreciate and protect the natural environment, urban grean space and scenic amenity. They do so by rehabilitation of shrubs, coastal region and otherresources that provide homage for the wildlife. They also wish integrate natural areas into strategic planning, they also wish to replace dry lands with local native trees and shrubs.
Sustaining Economic Growth.
Townsville believes that sustaining a strong and diverse economy is very important for the long term prosperity. They have planned to achieve this through building a dynamic economy, promoting a cost- competitive business environment to encourage new investors. Their is also a proposal to develope infrastructure that will support economic development.
Shaping Townsville.
Townsville want to create a vibrant, sustainable, connected Urban from town with plans that will provide a great lifestyle. They have planned to achieve these through:-

Making sure that their is a greater variety of houses that will meet the future population.
For those with special housing need, their is a plan in place to improve the accessibility of such houses.
They want to identify and consolidate all residential areas.
Weather risks have to be taken into consideration when planning a location.

Medium and high density population in both campus residence and the urban residence have proved to be advantageous and disadvantageous to the social life. Looking at the campus context, you will realize that there are many evils that result from settlement of people with diverse characters which has to some extent resulted in moral decadence of the community. On the other way round when we look at Townsville insistence is enjoying overpopulation of which it is also encouraging migration of people from other parts into the region.
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