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Laboratory National Patient Safety Goals (LNPSG) Essay

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Laboratory National Patient Safety Goals (LNPSG) for 2020 is a set of guidelines for laboratory-related safety measures. It consists of three main elements, such as identifying patients correctly, improving staff communication, and preventing infections (“Laboratory services,” 2020). The goal primarily focuses on healthcare-related problems and the ways to solve them. The first major element is correct patient identification, which is essential for preserving the acquired data attached to the corresponding individual. The given section recommends using at least two divergent ways to conduct patient identification (“Laboratory services,” 2020). For instance, a healthcare professional can follow this recommendation by indicating a patient’s birth date and name.

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The second important element is enhancing staff communication within the healthcare facility. In order to do that, the result must be delivered on time. The LNPSG states: “Get important test results to the right staff person on time” (“Laboratory services,” 2020). Therefore, proper scheduling and time management plays a vital role in the communication process. The third element focuses on preventing infections, where LNPSG recommends to follow hand cleaning techniques (“Laboratory services,” 2020). The overall I following his particular National Patient Safety Goal on patient safety policies is paramount. The main reason is that it eliminates any possibility for false positive or false negative types of diagnosis due to improper patient identification. In addition, it emphasizes the simplest, but critical health preservation approaches, such as cleaning hands. The LNPSG also promotes correct scheduling to prevent time mismanagement within the healthcare system.


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