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LIDA100: Annotated Bibliography Assignment

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LIDA100: Annotated Bibliography Assignment

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LIDA100: Annotated Bibliography Assignment

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Course Code: LIDA100
University: Saylor Academy

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Country: United States

Discuss about the LIDA100: Annotated Bibliography Assignment and mobile Computing And Vechicle Communication.

The article research about the Intelligent Transportation System which is for handling the new hybrid technology resources with impacting the traffic management and the safety for the roads. The analysis is based on the storage and internet for decision making where the survey is about how the vehicle cloud computing is able to bring the special attention to the different applications for the cloud formation, key management and the inter cloud communication-based systems. There are different broader aspects of the security and privacy with ITS working on the technological shift through converging the intelligent networks through autonomous traffic and the vehicle control. The technique could be used for the management of the road safety messages, managing the parking and handling the countries perspectives with handling shopping mall data center as well.
Here, DSRC is proposed for handling the support for the communication mainly in between the vehicles and the units for the roadside. It will help in the management of the range communication technology that helps in the improvement of public safety measures. VANETS have been able to work with different research and application areas that works on the equipping with proper embedded sensors. They are working with the powerful and the potential of the life changing applications on the safety and the system efficiency as well. The focus is on the communication where the information technology needs to handle the network operations and government worldwide with expressive resources set for the deployment of vehicular networks. The technology and communication has been effectively be able to provide the vehicles and roads with capabilities to handle the transport with infrastructure that is secured. The applications are determined to work with protocol stack and the challenges are related to QoS requirements with vehicle networks set in highways.
The emergence of the advanced vehicular applications include the challenges to meet the demands for the communication and the computation. here, there are different solutions like the cellular networks that are set with the roadside units and the mobile cloud computing. There are different number of vehicles that are set with underutilized vehicular resources that are for using the offers with greater opportunity and value. The idea is about handling the vehicular computing which is important for the collaborative multitude for the end-user clients. This includes the aggregation of the resources with the individual vehicles and the quality of services. There is a need to focus on the enhancement of the quality with scenarios working on parked vehicles as communication and computational infrastructures. It is important to focus on the advancement of the equipment and the technologies that helps in working with the increase in demands for the data communication and computational capability.
The cloud computing is an important network access model which generally aims for sharing on the computing resources. They are set and leased by service provider to digital customers who are focusing on handling the data through the internet. The increased traffic accidents and the road user’s dissatisfaction leads to assurance of the improving in safety of road safety. The article has highlights about the approaches where flexible solutions include alternative routes and the synchronization of the traffic lights. They need to be used by the road safety like the police and the disasters. The improvement in traffic safety helps in providing with computational services to the users who work on the models called VANET. It is important to analyze that VANET-Cloud helps in constructing the cloud infrastructure with the majority of stationary nodes for handling the edge of vehicles. The model helps in reaping the benefits for computing capability of vehicles effectively.
The increased number of vehicle devices include the higher data rate where one needs to push to rethink about the current generation of the cellular mobile communication. Here, the expectations are needed to maintain the high-end requirements. The 5G networks are characteristics through connectivity and low latency and a higher transfer of speed data. The novel architectures and technologies are set with focusing on the load balancing. The 5G networks are perceived through the main features with focusing on connectivity, zero latency and high-speed connections. The network will help in supporting the life critical systems with real time applications that are set with zero delay and tolerance. here, the key features are depending upon enlisting the fourth generation of the cellular networks. The scope is depending upon network function virtualization with machine-to-machine communications that are based on encompassing a system architecture with redesigning the communication layer.
The article highlights about the mobile computing technology with storage and the processing that is based on the operations of mobile devices. Here, the recent technology is about Internet of Things where the interaction and cooperation is based on the objects that are sent through the wireless networks to handle the objectives set with combined entity. The rapid development is for the cloud computing and Internet of Things that aims to focus on discovering the benefits of integration and concluding about computing technology that helps in improving the IoT functions. With analyzing the functions, the mobile cloud computing is set through improvement by new generation of services. The concern is about how new platform is set for the working on IaaS, PaaS, SaaS with accelerating the IoT applications, development and management. The discussion focuses on the embedding intelligence into the sensors and actuators.
The mobile computing and vehicle communication is through handling the different devices and communication  technologies like mobile phones. It is important to work on the automation of processes with collecting and proper delivery of data at a reduced cost. The mobile devices are also suited for health information delivery, access and communication. It allows the challenges of application to handle security, privacy and the reliability with enhancement of medical security of data and service capability. The flexibility is in the storage of data and how the system is able to make use of the large amount of contextual data for handling the storage, processing and analysis. The recent proposed solutions are for enabling the discovery, connection and integration process where the platforms are defined to support the connectivity and real time applications for the smart cities.
In the road network, there is a need to focus on decision accuracy for the event messages that are set under the location privacy with the enhancement of schemes. It includes the fast forwarding of the messages and the other collusion attacks that have the knotty problems. The authentication protocol is mainly to verify the vehicle activities with the terms related to the privacy and the preservation. The model proposed focus on basis of NS3 that helps in improving the user authentication key establishment protocol with shorter time response and reduced costs. It will lead to lessening packet loss information but improvement in the privacy presentation when compared to the existing methods. The rapid development of technologies apply to the interconnections with improved safety through vehicle infrastructure. Here, the article also highlights about the priorities for the different flows and applications with computational threats. VANETS communication messages do not require any verification from the main server.
The cloud services are for the smart things which tend to face latency and other issues of connectivity. There are fog devices that are positioned mainly in between the cloud and smart services with high speed internet. The real time applications and location-based services are important for supporting mobility with decentralizing the control to recognize about the fog computing and then relate it to the SDN (Software Defined Network). The article highlights about the environment with focus on industrial automation, transport and the network of sensors. It supports the densely distributed data collection and provides the advantages related to the entertainment and advertisements for the different applications. The decentralized smart building control is facilitated through wireless sensors with deployment to measure the temperature and the humidity for the different gases in the building atmosphere. The coordination is based on handling the spatio-temporal even processing system that makes use of the prediction-based theory.
The autonomous vehicles works on the rising technology where the vehicular communication system is set to share the different conditions of the road with handling the components that are important to handle the capability of millimeter wave communication. There are introduction focusing on the potential to remove the accidents due to the traffic. Hence, the vehicle communications highlights on the vehicle to infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle network that helps in optimizing the driving strategy. It tends to make use of the communication patterns where the wireless data sharing is used with advancement in the breaking of light-of-sight constraints and acquiring more data for the surroundings. The recent advancements are set with the interpretation of sensory information identify the appropriate navigation process. The analysis is determined through the wave wireless communication with propagation, penetration and Doppler effect.
The VANETS have been able to attract the attention for the different research communities with manufacturing of cars and the government handling the potential applications with different characteristics. The on-board resources in vehicles are underutilized with developing the subscribers safely and working on infotainment services. The article highlights about the survey with vehicular cloud computing and performance improvement techniques. They are mainly to address the problems of the resources and then handling the underutilization with the concepts related to the vehicular cloud. The paradigm shift is from the conventional to the vehicular cloud that is used for the on-board resources and to merge with the cloud computing for the VCC (Vehicular Cloud Computing). The discussion is also on the number of vehicles that helps in achieving the requirements of Intelligent Transport Systems with enabling the diversification of traffic applications like the traffic safety. The employing factors are set to support the traffic safety and the comfort that is related to the services with earning much attention to industry and academia.
The paper proposed about the advantages of the SDN network for the connected vehicle environment, where the communication channels are unstable. Here, the controller also need to understand about the network state with maintaining the network topology. The information is collected by the controller where the division of the nodes is determined with mobility types and other related attributes with effectively managing the mobile connections. The approach is to utilize the mobility information and then work on reduced control message with adjustments for the beacon messages and supporting the efficiency failure recovery. The check is also on handling the connections for the services with determining the real time scheduling methods which help in demonstrating the reduction of control overhead.
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Park, S., & Yoo, Y. (2017). Network intelligence based on network state information for connected vehicles utilizing fog computing. Mobile Information Systems, 2017.

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