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Management Of Health Care Information

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Management Of Health Care Information

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Management Of Health Care Information

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How Does Management Of Health Care Information Differ From The Management Of Business Information?


Ideally, it is vital for all institutions or organizations to have information to maintain the business process together with decision making. Achievements are made through information communicated in the right manner and transmitted, an action taken by the recipient, given meaning and interpreted correctly (Laudon& Laudon, 2013). Information technology (IT) enhances quick transmission of information from the person sending to the person or people receiving it. In general, IT can be described as the combination of tools, method, and processes involved in the collection, processing, and presentation of data or information (Abdelhak et al., 2014). In a health care setting, IT is one of the core elements in ensuring the services required are provided at the same time maintaining cost. Health information technology (HIT) is sought to bring a better cost-efficient system of healthcare. HIT is formulated to be used by the healthcare entities including patients to improve the health of the patients through the creation of an electronic world that allows the exchange of information ranging from robotic surgeries to various chronic disease monitoring devices done at home. HIT should be used at the right place in the right manner and by the required people and hence a consensus should be applied to the HIT purpose. All stakeholders in health care must agree with the current system in the United States and base their communication to the current technology (Fiaidhi, et al., 2016). This essay gives a description of how management of health care information differs from management of business information to ensure efficient flow of information.
Body of report
Confidentiality in the Patients’ Data
The patient’s data faces the danger of being breached, and due to this, there has been a widespread usage in mobile devices together with the technology of telemedicine in health updates (Free et al., 2013). These updates are health IT-related regulations and have the capability of upgrading and updating itself. The organization and business in healthcare including the billing companies in the third party take care of protected information of health.  They are also responsible for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rule of privacy in U.S. The law has given a mandate to patients to access their PHI, and its access is limited to other parties for confidentiality. In the case of breaching patients privacy information the healthcare attendant is found guilty and can be fined by the office of civil rights (Rozenblum et al., 2015).
Health Information Management (HIM)
According to the American Health Information Management Association, (2015) Health information management (HIM) can be described as the practice in which digital or traditional medical information is acquired, analyzed, and protected to ensure quality care for the patient. HIM professionals go through training concerning the latest technology of managing information. They are experienced in bringing together the clinical as well as management sciences due to their excellent knowledge in providing a quality data. HIM professionals have the capability to keep their integrity at high levels concerning health information even though some lack technical skills in of health system of information. They should understand how to apply HIM in the workflow of all healthcare professionals whether in a large hospital or private physicians. The HIM professionals are the custodians and managers of business in ensuring the information is well organized in a healthcare set-up (Cresswell et al., 2013).
Roles of HIM in IT-Management
There are four major components which are interrelated. These include; IT, data, processes and the user. Primarily, HIM professionals had a role in data processing and management in the form of information, while in modern technology their roles have heightened into IT and user in healthcare. The latter are supporting services in IT. These professionals have the responsibility in the quality of patient’s data and care at every level as they work in various settings of job titles. They are involved in bridging, operating, connection in the clinics and operational roles. They also ensure diseases are classified and treated accordingly ensuring they fit for all sections in the healthcare, be it clinical, financial sector or other legal uses. By ensuring the smooth running of information, they protect and care for patients’ medical data. These includes; a history of physical examination, lab test results from an example being urine, stool and blood tests, clinical information, x-ray and radiography proceedings. Confidentiality and security of high integrity should be maintained at all cost. New methods should be adopted in the process of capturing storing information and accessing it with ease electronically. The electronic data should be accurate and organized to enable the hospital run smoothly with advancement in new technology (Gibson et al., 2015)
HIM and management of information infrastructure
The HIM professionals have various roles in ensuring the national health of information infrastructure is maintained. The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) together with HITECH Act developed a HIT infrastructure that allows the use of electronic in exchange of information nationwide (Lorenzi & Riley, 2013).  The above ensures the following areas have been addressed: 1) securing and protecting the medical information of the patient, 2) minimizing the cost of medication that may arise from random errors or incomplete information hence making it patient-centered organization. 3) Ensuring appropriate information is maintained that will guide the medical decision, 4) including public judgments in the developments, 5) increase the relationship between various stakeholders in the hospital including lab attendants, physicians, and doctors. Others include; heightening clinical study and quality of health, early diagnosis, prevention and managing of chronic diseases and lastly coming up with methods in which health disparities can be alienated.
HIM in maintenance of security and privacy in EMRs
For privacy together with security, the electronic exchange has been facilitated for ease of accessing the health information when it is required while at the same time protecting the privacy of that particular information (Calvillo, 2015). HIM professionals have a responsibility of maintaining confidentiality and security at the level of a general population. In this level, the infrastructure of information is the flow of information goes between different stakeholders of the hospitals to enable the utility of the information. In such a situation, there is a need for trust between the doctors and the patient. The Act published by HITECH gave the power chief privacy officer National Coordinator to provide advice to the ONC concerning the security and confidentiality of the electronic medical records (EMRs). HIPAA is another federal regulation dealing with rules guiding the health information privacy and protection policies to providers and users of the information. Lastly, telemedicine technologies have been extended the privacy and security concerns at homes where some patients are monitored (Nasi et al., 2015).
HIM and information interoperability
Another role of HIM is observed in information interoperability where the information on health can be shared between the different health professionals for the support of healthcare requirement. Interoperability can be achieved through various systems of information are adopted using different standards that are formulated to aid in names, terms, composition and health information messaging (Weaver et al., 2016).
Role of HIT in management of IT in Healthcare
HIM professionals take part in HIT adoption. Health and Human Services (HHS) department deploys the EHRs together with the individual record which use information to support the personal and general population health. The current study by centers of disease control (CDC) has shown that doctors are less trying to adopt the EMRs as a system in prescribing, making orders checking laboratory results and coming up with notes electronically. The reasons could be varying some being because of lacking health care incentives that help in adoption of EHRs between users who benefits greatly. High initial cost of coming up with an information system and lastly, there have been difficulties in starting and running the PHRs as reported. Adoption of PHRs and EHRs is vital and can be facilitated by HIM professionals by holding educational training concerning the adoption of information technology and its management. The gap in the adopting EHRs is mostly seen in underserved locations who are trying their level best to reach their target in using EHRs despite a reduction in required resources and knowledge. HIT professionals have the responsibility of ensuring that knowledge is shared among those people in underserved areas to ensure similar growth and development in adopting IT (McWay, 2013).  They should do this by organizing training sessions, giving students interns so that they get them get experience, collaborating with those at the underserved areas and lastly by holding motivational activities (Chatterjee et al., 2013). Difficulties can be felt when there is a failure in the adoption of EHRs, and also impossibilities in building the informational infrastructure nationwide. In the United States, AHIMA, members are working in various healthcare organization uses their power to improve the health information set-up.
In conclusion, the vast difference is observed in the management of health care information compared to that of the management of business information. Two major groups of professionals are the custodians in managing IT in the health care which are health information management (HIM) and health information technologists (HIT). Also, the management of digitalized medical records allows equal access to already present, legible, and accessible patient information that can be used in the care, and research (Cavusoglu et al.,2015). Though many challenges can emerge with the transition from manual to digitalized record keeping, there is need to move to EMRs and PMRs. The managers of the information will have the authority in monitoring any change that may occur while implementing the current technology (LaTour et al., 2013).
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