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MANG664 Negotiation And Conflict Resolution

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MANG664 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Your assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of negotiation concepts by analyzing a complex negotiation. Your assignment is to:
Choose a negotiation to analyze.  The negotiation may be from the news, history, or even from a movie or other work of fiction. Some examples are teachers’ union contract negotiations, other union contract negotiations, sports contract negotiations, and peace treaty negotiations.  You should generally not choose to write about a negotiation in which you were involved. The exception is that students with years of professional work experience may write about a significant negotiation at work, if you are able to share a sufficient amount of detail to fully describe the negotiation without compromising confidentiality.
Analyze the negotiation addressing the following points: 
Describe the context of the negotiation. Identify the parties to the negotiation (include audiences/constituents, when appropriate). Describe the circumstances that led to the negotiation.
What were the interests of the parties? What were the goals of the parties? Your reporting of interests and goals should be based on research you conduct; however, you may also need to make a judgment based on the information you find. For example, a news article about the negotiation will probably not clearly state the interest and goals, but you should present the information you find (citing the source) and then state what you think the interests and goals were based on that information.
Describe the process of the negotiation. This may include who made the initial offer, the general pattern of offers and counter-offers, negotiation techniques used in the process, etc. Again, use the information from your sources.
nalyze the negotiation using concepts learned in the course. What strategies and tactics did the parties apply? What went well in the negotiation? What could have gone better? What type of agreement was reached? Do you see a possible alternative solution that the parties could have explored? What is your reaction to the negotiation?

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