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MANT303 Management

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MANT303 Management



 You are expected to critically evaluate what you read and submit report to address the following: 1. i) Dissect a major success this entrepreneur has experienced. What actions and decisions led to the success? Why was it considered a success? 2. ii) Analyse a major failure experienced by this entrepreneur What were the contributing actions and decisions? Why was it considered a failure? What were/are the long-term consequences? 3. iii) Choose a topic from the MANT303 Course Calendar that you believe is most relevant to the entrepreneur’s experience (e.g., Exit Strategies, Social Entrepreneurship etc.). Critically evaluate how this entrepreneur’s experience extends and/or challenges the Required Material on the topic. Some questions that may guide your critical evaluation (part iii):  What are the consistencies and differences between the entrepreneur’s experiences and the material covered in class?Are they different or conflicting? Why are they different/conflicting? Do they approach the same issue from a different perspective, situation, or set of assumptions? Do both sets of insights complement, extend, or substitute each other?How might you advise an entrepreneur deciding whether to act upon these insights? You should incorporate additional (credible) sources that have been identified through your own independent research about both the chosen entrepreneur (parts i-iii) and the chosen MANT303 topic (part iii). REMEMBER: You are focusing on one entrepreneur based mostly on one biographical or autobiographical book. In part iii, you are evaluating these experiences in terms of one topic area.

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