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MBA 7062 Developing People For Leadership And Management

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MBA 7062 Developing People For Leadership And Management

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MBA 7062 Developing People For Leadership And Management

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Course Code: MBA7062
University: Grand Canyon University

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Country: United States


Conduct a needs assessment, develop training objectives, and develop a detailed proposal for a half a day management training program.
You are expected to demonstrate your own creativity and critical thinking and analysis based on strong argumentation that blends theory and practice. This is an academic piece of work. Therefore, every claim you make needs to be justified and supported by academic and professional references: you should use minimum 15 academic and professional sources (books, articles, blogs, etc.) from the last three years Your Half a Day Management Training Program Proposal in report format and should be structured as follow

Critically evaluate theories and models of leadership and management learning and development.Demonstrate a critique of strategies on talent management and succession planning.


Training and development play an essential role in the growth of the business. Most of the organization arranges training for their employees to enhance their performance in the organization (Ford, 2014). The training and development program directly affect the overall performance of the company as well as increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the company as greater level (Sung and Choi, 2014). Training is considered as a key point for both the employees as well as the organization.
A well-constructed training programme is beneficial on both the level i.e. organization and individual. In the individual level, the employee will gain intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction as well as the employees would able to enhance their portfolio for better employability (Cummings and Worley, 2014). On the level of organization, it can lead to improve as well as enhance the work performance, productivity, decrease wastage, greater consumer satisfaction, and low turnover of labor (Baldwin, 2016). In the following report, the research is based on the training system and pattern of Tesco Company.
The main reason to select such organization due to the reason, it is leading retailer companies in the UK (Lin and Peng, 2018). Tesco is the largest supermarket in the country UK. Approximately, more than thirty-six thousand people are employed and managed by the company as well as the company has spread their roots in other countries such as USA, Japan Cyprus and so on which make the company more prestigious business organization in the market (Cunningham, 2017). The stores of Tesco cover with a different range which includes from small stores to large stores. Tesco will arrange training for their employees related to the communication and leadership which help them to enhance their capabilities in an effective manner (Reilly, 2015).
In the following parts of the report, there will be a detailed discussion on the planning of the training program, the methods that will be used in the training with a brief discussion on the activities covered in the whole program.
Analysis of Tesco
The main plan of the company is to grow and expand their business and put the right folks at the right place in an organization, at the right time. The employees within the organization have a wide range of skills who can work agreeably that are more productive for the business. In-store and non-store based posts require different methodological skills and competence (Are, 2017). The in-store employees require effective communication skills to deal with the consumers due to the reason they have a direct interaction with the consumers, therefore, the employees of the in-store require to be more presentable than another department because they represent the company in front of the consumers (Anderson and Pereira, 2017).
Therefore, Tesco frequently evaluates the performance of their employees in order to anticipate any possible skills shortage. This concept helps the manager as well as employees in deciding that whether they have the correct knowledge, skills, understanding, and resources to carry out their job effectively or not. Through the process of the annual report as well as career discussion, the employees would able to apply for training suited to their needs (Burgoyne, 2016).
The analysis of the requirement of the training program in the organization will be done through the tools of quantitative, qualitative and participatory methods each with differing underlying approaches, tools, and techniques (Marr, 2016).
Quantitative method
The survey will be arranged within the organization on large scale. The major focus will be done on measuring “how much is happening to how many people”. The indicators of quantitative measurable are relevant to the predetermined hypotheses are identified and joint into questionnaires. On the basis of questionnaires, it has been found that the employees are facing issues in handling the consumers in an effective way at certain points (Mishra et. al., 2018).
Qualitative method
In this method, the analysis in the company will be done by measuring the performance of the employees. It is totally based on the observation of the senior authority. This method is based on the deliverable done by the employees. From such a method, it has been analyzed that some of the employees of the company lacking in their performance which is required to improve in the limited time frame (Mollah, 2014).
Participatory Method
It is an effective manner to learn the requirement of training in the company. It is the inclusion of both quantitative and qualitative method.
Tesco is one of the leading retail companies which require handling the consumer in a more effective way. They need to deal with the consumers on regular basis. The company uses different tools to deals their consumers but the essential tool is a communication pattern. The company has strongly adopted marketing promotional strategies in which they need to interact with their consumers in an effective manner. Therefore, due to such reason the company arranged the training program for their employees to deal with the consumers in an effective way; it would help the company to lead in a competitive environment (Bai and Qin, 2016).
Training Program of Communication skills
Communication skills are the most vital skills that individual possess and it defines or bridges the gap between effective communications. For effective communication one has to listen, understand and respond accordingly (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra, 2014). For any organization to be successful, they must have such employees who have the good communication skills which will not only help themselves instead they will boost the competition and up a skill other due to which organization can get the better results. Communication is one of the simple ways to interact with one another; it refers to transferring information from one source to another (Clair and Milliman, 2017).
It can be verbally or Non-verbally (it includes gestures). Also, it can be in the combination of the verbal and non-verbal. Therefore, Tesco is planning to organize a communication training program for their employees to enhance their capacity of the communication. In the environment of fast pace, it is vital for the employees to communicate in an effective manner for achieving success. The company helps in enhancing their skills of communication by arranging the workshop for their employees within the organization (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017).
Training Objective
The importance of communication skills is essential to understand to achieve better results. The main purpose of the communication program is to set up goals, expand plans for the accomplishment of goals. In this program, we would be improving the communication skills for the leads of the organization so that when they are working in their day to day operations then it can better operate (Voegtlin, Boehm and Bruch, 2015). The training program will help to gain the knowledge and effects for better communication skills which will enhance their confidence and ability to gain or up-skill self. The training program is designed in such a manner that it will cater to the need of the employees in the current situation and it will help to improve the future requirements (Goetsch and Davis, 2014).
Training Methods
Training methods are the measures on which training modules are used or catered. Training methods are designed in such a manner that participants increase their knowledge via classroom training as well as practical (Sekaran and Bougie, 2016). The mixture of two benefits the participants more. We can classify Methods in two ways which are as follows: –
# On the job Training Method – It is one of the universal accepted training methodologies and it is widely used, In this particular method employee is placed on the specific role and taught in a live environment which enhances the skill set and knowledge. There are a few advantages which are associated with this method which is as follows: This method involves less cost; more exposure is available; it provides more flexibility. It covers Job rotation, coaching; Internship etc. (Clair and Milliman, 2017)
# Off the job Method – There are few limitations in on the job training method due to this another method which is off the job method is used in which employees are given classroom training until they qualify. It refers to the development of employees away from the live exposure. This method is not utilized frequently as the other method (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra, 2014).
Therefore, Tesco will organize their training by adopting the method of on-job training. This method is mostly used by the company due to the reason that existing employees would also able to participate in such activities which are essential for the company. The on-job training benefits the employees in several ways.

It helps in increasing their intelligence of the possession in the trade.
The fresh talents and capabilities in the areas which include decision making will make powerful employees that make them more operative within the company.
They become better thought-out, productive as well as flexible and are better able to meet the needs of internal and external customers.

Lesson plan
A lesson plan is one of the plans in which what all things would be covered for example we need to define what communication skill is i.e. exchanging the ideas or thought in such a manner to the other individual so that message is communicated in the same manner in which sender want to share the data (Chizhik and Chizhik, 2016).
In the communication training program, the following steps will be taken by the company which is explained in below lesson plan.       
Lesson Plan




Firstly the secession will start from the part of the introduction, in which employees will come and introduce themselves to make the environment more comfortable and friendly


Overview of communication with Do’s and Don’ts of communication.


Planning of message in which the benefit of clear writing, statement of purpose will be cover


Reviewing the Nonverbal Cues


The exercise of Body Language


Concentrating and Practicing in Improve Listening




Telephone Etiquette


Practicing Communication Skills


How do you Clam down an Upset Consumer


Game of Hunter

Second would be identifying the key things for effective communication i.e. a person who is receiving the message should be a good listener that will create a major differentiator in understanding and implementing the correct communication. Everything which is being communicated to one party to another should be crystal clear and should be precise. Both the sender and receiver should be confident enough to their part or role effectively (Ream, 2015). The parties involved in it should have an open mind for better understanding. If any of the party is lacking in the communication part and another party has identified it then it should proactively ask and resolve the query at the same time to avoid clashes in between (Anderson, 2015).  
Training Material
The training material is one of the materials by which the trainer can help employees to know what is being taught. It includes everything which is essential for communication skill training. In the process of training, the trainer will provide a booklet to their employees in which all the topics will cover which help them to learn in an effective manner. Trainer guide will be provided to the trainer as well as the employees with a workbook which is considered as hardcopy o understand the concept more easily.
In addition to, self-assessment will be provided to the employees for practicing the things they learn from the training. Moreover, Competitive review game will be arranged for them at the end of the secession to understand the level they understand in the process of training (Raman and Sharma, 2015). The desk of Powerpoint slides will also provide to them during the class with additional exercise sheet at the end of each session which helps in clearing their concepts.
The material is prepared in such a manner that it is interactive and communication would happen from both ends. It gives chance to participate in the material for the participants. Details are as follows: –
Understanding – The material is designed in such a manner that everyone can understand easily and can interpret or relate to it which the requirements which they are seeking. By this trainers ensure that all the modes of communication are covered in itself such as oral, written communication etc.
Styles of communication – Each individual have their own style of communication with one another and it differs from person to person. So examples of all the communication styles which be showcased and quiz would be conducted after the module to gauge that participants are able to answer what is expected (Kunnavatana, Wolfe and Aguilar, 2018).
Confidence build up – Training program helps individual to identify their own confidence by knowing their strong areas and able to improve more towards it.
Good listener (Active Listener) – Showing the case study by which impacts of the good listener are shown and improvement or the grey areas could be seen and improvement can be there.
Providing an understanding of Nonverbal communication- Bring in to the knowledge of the participants that what is nonverbal communication is and how we can judge and act accordingly, for instance, to observe and see the body language, Facial expression, personal space, gestures and so on (Farmer et. al., 2017).
The message conveyed – Training modules helps in bringing up the communication which has been passed by the sender should be received in the same manner or expression so that impact and effect of the communication can be established. This exercise can be done with Chinese whisper, an activity will be introduced in which message is conveyed to one another and last person receiving it should be speaking the same message which has been communicated by the first person. This way we can gauge how important is to listen actively and act accordingly.
Practice – This training module will help in getting or increasing the knowledge what to do and what not but it is the responsibility of the participants to constantly try to improve what is taught in training so that impact could be seen (Salas et. al., 2017).
Evaluation plan
It is paying attention to gauging progress and evaluating impact. This is the process which is done pre and post-training so that everyone can gauge how much improvement has been shown by the participants. It answers what happened and why.
There are three subdivisions to give consideration while evaluating: –
# Checking the program layout and Analyses – To what extent the problem persist and to how much population.  
 # Monitor and accountable – The plan which has been laid down is according to the need for the population and checking that all the things which are in the plan are going accordingly.
# Assessment – It will be done in every module which would be finished. So that feedback is received module wise so that better results and feedback could be derived from it. Each and every aspect of the program is cross-checked an evaluated so that the cost and efforts which are being introduced are utilized properly and effectively. For doing so the company has to ensure that everything is as per the plan and evaluation is done at specified time frame or period. The content and material should be designed in such a manner that it can be understood and downloaded to the participants. There is need to track all the assessments and evaluation so that documentation can be done and it can be referred in future for ref purpose if same concerns are highlighted or problems are faced (Kirkpatrick and Kirkpatrick, 2015).
From the above, it can be concluded that training and development play a crucial role in the success of the organization. The human resource is the keys to the success, if they work effectively then the company will grow in the market without any hurdles. They are the key productive resources for the company. Most of the companies arranged the program of training for their employees to enhance their capabilities which benefit both the employees as well as an organization. The organization will able to get more productive resource due to effective training programs and the employees’ would able to enhance their portfolio by increasing their skills. There are different types of training programs held by the company according to their requirement.
Therefore, Tesco has also planning to arrange a training program for their employees in their workplace. The company led in the retail industry where there is a huge requirement of interaction with the consumers directly. Thus, the company is planning to arrange communication training program for their employees in which they will cover the topics such as the importance of communication program, the body posture that should be applied while communicating with the consumers and so on. It will help the employees to improve their communication skills which also help the company to grow more in an efficient manner.
Tesco, employ more than thirty thousand employees as well as take care of them in a proper way. They organize a time to time training for their employees to enhance their skills. It directly affects the performance of the employees and their productivity. Different tools and methods will be used during the period of training and provide sufficient training modules to the employees that would help them in practicing such points at home as well.
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