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MBB7011M Business Consultancy Project

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MBB7011M Business Consultancy Project


Before the placement starts do some reading around a business-related topic that you think would be helpful or interesting to explore while on your placement

This might be HR or marketing for instance

Once on the placement discuss with your supervisor ideas to take the project forward. You have the lens of a consultant so you would identify an area that you wanted to research, gather data and then combine this with literature to come up with recommendations or conclusions for the business.

The final report would have the following structure:

An outline of the business – while retaining anonymity – so number of employees, type of business, geographical reach etc

Problem definition:

A critical evaluation of the area of the business that you are going to explore. This section should be well supported with literature. E.g. the x department has high employee turnover this can lead to

Findings and discussion:

This section would explain and analyse the data gathered in order to inform the problem

e.g. comments from interviews, analysis of figures and other information. There would be links back to the literature from the definition section but could also contain references to news, professional literature and websites to frame and extend the findings.

e.g. employee 1 felt that … This seems to be a common feeling (cite websites etc). Research has found….which goes some way towards explaining this.

Referring to literature and the findings, recommendations for small change projects to improve the situation.

Summary explaining the potential impact of implementing the change project suggested

Assessment Regulations

Your attention is drawn to the University policy on cheating and plagiarism. Penalties will be applied where a student is found guilty of academic misconduct, including termination of programme (Policy link).
You are required to keep to the time limit set for the assessment and to note that you may be subject to penalty if you exceed that limit. (Policy link).  
For late or non-submission of work by the published deadline or an approved extended deadline, a mark of 0NS will be recorded. Where a re-assessment opportunity exists, a student will normally be permitted only one attempt to be re-assessed for a capped mark. (Policy link).
An extension to the published deadline may be granted to an individual student if they meet the eligibility criteria of the Exceptional Circumstances policy.

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