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MECO6929 Chinese Media Studies In Global Contexts

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MECO6929 Chinese Media Studies In Global Contexts

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MECO6929 Chinese Media Studies In Global Contexts

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Course Code: MECO6929
University: The University Of Sydney

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Country: Australia


Students are expected to read both the background and required readings at a minimum. The background readings are accessible either on the open web or via the Factiva database subscribed by the library. Chapters of eBooks and journal papers are accessible by searching on the library website. Chapters from paper-copy books are available electronically as eReserve on the unit’s Canvas’ site.

What is the unit about?
What are the expectations of this unit on students?

Allocation of presentations

What do “cultural imperialism”, “globalisation” and “soft power” refer to?
How are these concepts relevant for understanding China’s media?
What are the main bodies responsible for controlling the media in mainland China?
What is the mechanism of controls?
What are some of the consequences of such controls?
What are the rationales given by China for the expansion of its media into the global arena?
What are the key initiatives of such expansion?
How successful are these initiatives?
How has mainland China engaged with the film industry outside its border through consumption?
How has Greater China engaged with the foreign film industry through production?
What are some of the cultural consequences of these engagements?
How does the business of China’s internet giants compare to their global counterparts?
What are the political conditions that influence their positions?
What role do these companies play in Chinese society?


“The globalization of Chinese media has been influenced by and in turn has influenced global (Western) media” (Thussu, 2018). In the last quarter-century, China has attained a phenomenal growth in economy and this is because of the combination of massive infrastructure spending, exports and the gradual market liberalisation. This has culminated in the entry of China into the WTO (World Trade Organisation) in the year 2001. However, since then, China has been making a huge and significant investment in its project of “go global”, comprising of the launching of multi-language satellite TV channels, by staging art and heritage exhibitions, making sponsorships for the international students for studying in China and performing cultural programs in international boundaries. Notwithstanding this fact, the integration of China into the world economy is also been driven by a total of four different key forces- the booming global trade, the investments of it in international countries, its rapid economic growth and the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in China.
This essay aims at describing how globalisation of the media sector of China has been influenced by and is influencing the global media, with special reference to Western world. In order to do so, evidences shall be assessed form one of the media sectors of China that are covered in the weekly topics of this unit of study. Furthermore, this paper shall also examine the conditions, the advantages as well as the limitations of going global of this media sector of China. It is to mention that the chosen media sectors is that of the film industry.
In the international film market, china is continuously gaining high attention in the present world. The box office of china along with the admissions in the film industry are also developing with each passing year. It is also to mention that the Chinese film and the companies in relation to it are now able to make the business in international market. The term ‘globalisation’ is one of the most general terms in this 21st century world. It refers to the “rapidly developing process of complex interconnections between societies, cultures, institutions and individuals world-wide” (Lee, 2016). Also, as per Zhao (2010), globalisation is the entire world system, the global human condition. Brzeski (2018) also put it as “the process involving a compression of time and space, and in the 21st century, the relationships between time and space have developed in unforeseen ways”. It is something that shrinks the concept or the notion of distance in between the prevailing cultures by significantly reducing the time that is taken for crossing the distances which separate them physically (Brzeski, 2018). Hence, it is due to this reason that the world seems smaller day by day and in a certain sense, it brings the human beings in much closer contact with one another than ever before. Moreover, globalisation also stretch the social relations in between the human beings by removing the relations that govern day-to-day lives from the local to the global contexts.
As per Van der Kamp, Lorentzen and Mattingly (2017), it is stated that globalisation of media would result in the process of decentralisation of the power and at the same time, this would also allow more bottom-up control. However, due to the American monopoly in the communication research since the World War II, there are some people who consider mass media as the channel of Westernisation. It is to mention that the flow of media to the nations that are less developed from the Western part of the world was considered by the well-developed Western countries as good for not only the recipients but for also the senders who saw it is a central part of their fight against the issue of totalitarianism and socialism. However, this ethnocentric point of view of the global communications has drawn a very critical response from the global scholars and the receiving nations. At the time of Cold War as well as the different resistance movements within different areas that are still semi-colonial, the problems became a very inevitable argument. The new media imperialism is seemed to be succeeding more easily as compared to the earlier international propaganda as of its different form of simple entertainment as well as the willingness of huge number of audiences for enjoying the popular culture. With the same, as per the detractors of globalisation, the global communication are highly connected with the ideas like such as that of the cultural imperialism as well as the media imperialism. These detractors consider the global communication as a type of vehicle that aims at undermining, invading and controlling the other cultures. However, as per Inglehart (2015), “The transmitted cultural or ideological pattern has often been seen as an invasion of Western values, particularly those of America”.
The film export revenue has always been an important aspect for the balance sheets of the major Hollywood firms for a quite long period of time. The revenues that are gained from the local Chinese market alone would not cover the costs of production that have been on a steady upward trend. With the same, the support for the exporting films as well as the audio visual content has long been the mainstay of the foreign policy of the government of United States, particularly after the Second World War. At the time of Cold War, it is to note that the main motto was political in nature. Notwithstanding the fact, the economic consideration have also encourage the government of America for bolstering this strategy.
It is to note that for becoming successful in context of economy, the blockbusters of China need to play well on the global scenario. This is due to the fact that the domestic market of China alone could not provide the return on investment. With the same, it is also to be considered that the costs of marketing and production are continuously rising the all over the film industry and over the entertainment and media sector in particular. The blockbuster model has really increased the growth in investment. A higher level has been attained that some nations could only sustain and so far, it is only China that have tried. However, as it is already seen, the Chinese nation has a huge local film market and it has introduced the barriers or challenges for limiting the mainland over the foreign films. Along with this, China is also playing a very notable role in the global film industry as well. The present trends in the 21st century in the global film consumption is suggesting that the film industry of United States might be undergoing some issues and its supremacy in the global market might be at a high risk. Any of the results would not only be affecting the economy of America but it would also impact its cultural and political environment all around the globe. Till date, the role that the movie theatres play in the Chinese film industry has been important as the level of admissions and the revenue of box office have attained by a movie at the time of its second and the first weeks of exhibition defined its market value in all the succeeding windows, that is the DVD, TV, broad casting and VOD. Hence, it is to state that for Hollywood, it becomes very imperative to not only defend by also to enlarge the ground that it has gathered in international nation, particularly within the market of movie theatre.
It is also to state that traditionally, the Europe was the favourite hunting ground of the American cinemas. Although, the history of America depicts that several times, there are certain countries like Italy and France who too have attempted to resist the strong presence of the transatlantic movies. Notwithstanding this, in the recent years, the American cinema has taken a very notable place and share in the market. With the same, the prospects present in the market of Europe are not that brilliants and the cinema in the United States and its individual member states have also been politically committed to the nation people for preventing such inroad for several years. China is a place where domestic film market has developed and undergone strong and significant growth unexpectedly in the last 5 years and it is to mention that this country is regarded to be a much better bet as compared to Europe for the film industry of United States. This country has become the 2nd largest film making market in the entire world and there are many forecasts which make predication that it might very soon overtake the position of America at the top. Hence, China should offer some real solutions to the US film industry that constantly seek for more extension in the sector.
It is to mention that the film making industry of China has been rapidly expanding since several years. Also, the rate of growth has remained stellar although there is a slowdown in the year 2016. With the same, the most notable trends in the recent years in China is that of the emergence in different figures. In between the year 2010 to 2015, the Chinese box office has grown from 1.5 billion USD to 6.8 billion USD, which is more than 350%. Also, over the very same period of time, the admission have rose from mere 290 million USD to 1.26 billion USD, which is more that 339%. Moreover, the total number of screens in China have rose to 31,627 from 6253 as per the data of 2016. Such an unparalleled growth and development in the film market of China have several underlying causes and among theme, the three are especially important. The very first is that- joining the World Trade Organisation in the year 2001, China have opened up its borders openly for the external and foreign nations. It permits their services and products to move across the Chinese market. Such services and products comprise of recorded music, films and other several media products. Secondly, the government of China has been looking forward progressively towards the creative and cultural industries, particularly the audio-visual field in order to boost and to steer its development in its field of economy. Since the year 2008, the Chinese government has shown significant interest in the animated, television and cinema industry and new production and training centres have boomed in China. The main motive behind this is to operate the whole audio-visual sector for meeting the increasing demand of the Chinese market as well as for achieving or attaining a permanent existence in the global market. Moreover, the other aim or motive behind this was to fed by two different kinds of political interest. The very first was for bolstering the exports by selling the services and products from its cultural industries to a much more demanding global audience. The next is the significant political interest that concern the strategy of soft power which has become a significant vehicle for the foreign policy of China. The third one after such a remarkable development and growth in the film industry of China was the desire for consolidating the social cohesion and revising the collective identity.
United States is very focused in the film market of China as because of its growth prospects. This is considered to be a remarkable element for its growth for many reasons. Firstly, China is presumed to continue the opening of the new cinemas at a much high rate. The second of all is the average consumption of cinema per individual every year is still very minimum in China in comparison to the other nations- 0.6 in the year 2014 and 0.9 in the year 2015 (Aghion et al., 2016). With the same, the growth of consumption is supposed to follow a very long cycle due to the decrease and fluctuation in the rate of online and offline piracy in China, the country is now making more blockbusters. Along with this, its market is slowly opening up to the international or imported films (US blockbusters will still lead the way) and film marketing and techniques for promotions are improving, among the other factors. It is also to mention that the nature of the cinema in this country could be completely understood.
China regards its media industry to be a vital part of this effort. It has therefore expanded its channels of communication increasingly. Organisations like the Central China Television (CCTV), People’s Daily and the Xinhua News Agency could reportedly receive up to RMB 15 billion (US$2.19 billion) respectively for the ambitious schemes that are geared towards improving the international effect of China. For instance, the English Channel of CCTV, CCTV International has within a few years, claimed its stake in the international communication landscape by covering 98% of the total landmass of the world. Hence, it is to state that the media sector of china are providing an alternative for the dominating Western voice by presenting their own version of issues and the events that are happening inside of the Asia, China and the world. Moreover, it is also to mention that china used to have a very strong track record in the area of political propaganda with far reaching control over the different channels of communication.
However, the challenges for Chinese media are many. In context of the ongoing and continuous emergence of China and its pursuit of more comprehensive involvement in the political and world affairs, the power over the international discourse has been describe as an increasingly important part of its overall soft power, particularly because this nation has to face what it deems- “containment, suppression, and attack from the mighty Western discourse” (Zongshan, 2014). The film industry of China is now undergoing a rapid transformation and is in its upgrading stage. In this process, several problems takes place and is waited to be addressed. One of the finest examples is that the films should not be judged by wards in the International Film Festivals but by whether or not they are meeting the ever-growing needs of the people for a better life. With the same, it is also to note that Chinese film industry has followed the steps of its counterparts who are present in the West for a quite long time. And now, it is a very high time that the filmmakers in China start to make some true and significant changes in the process. There are many aspects of traditional customs and culture that have not been explored well and are put into the big screen. The expressions of the emotions and feelings of the Chinese people as well as the reflections of the traditions are still not shared to that extent in the current film presentation (Lee, 2016). Moreover, as per Borges et al. (2015), different groups have different types of tastes for the movies. The young people are undoubtedly the mainstream for the Chinese films in context to the purchasing power. However, the other groups there should never be ignored in any way. It is to state that if the Chinese film industry wants to perform better in the future, globally, the other potential purchasing power should be considered in true terms.
Notwithstanding, it is also stated by Zhai (2018), that the film industry of China, which is considered to be the integral part of the culture promotion of Chinese population has played a significant role in the contemporary world. Against this, a synopsis with the title “Status quo and the future of the Chinese film industry” that was organised by the School of Arts and Communication of Beijing Normal University, was held in Beijing on 1st November. (Sun et al., 2014) There were a total of 26 best minds present in the conversation or the held program. They were scholars, college professors, screenwriters, film critics and several different directors. All of them came together for discussing on a wide number of issues and one of them is the great achievement of the film industry of Chinese in the last years. The relationship in between the growth of film industry and the cultural confidence as well as the lessons that could be learnt from the foreign nations. One of the best examples of the successful Chinese blockbuster is the War Wolf Two that achieved the huge sales at the box office and was also highly praised by the public. According to Ch’en (2018), “the great success of War Wolf Two is not accidental as it manages to capture the positive energy of the new era. The spirit of patriotism shown in the film has struck a resonant chord among moviegoers”. 
Hence, from the above analysis it is to be concluded that the film industry of China is expanding tremendously and at a breath taking rate. Although like any other countries, China too, is confronting several challenges from Hollywood, the World Trade Organisation and the Hollywood are just providing this country a great opportunity to refer. For China, the domestic films need to reform to themselves instead of imitating others. It is also to state that if the Chinese film industry wants to perform better in the future, globally, the other potential purchasing power should be considered in true terms. To sum up, it is also to mention that reformation is the only way of living and developing. Or else, whether Hollywood would enter into China or not, the film industry of China would have no place to go. With the same, it is also suggested that China should explore more sort of film industry and market that is appropriate for its condition in regards of adapting the policies of China along with its cultural and the economic principles. Hence, the future of globalisation does not just means that there is a huge choice of hegemony, nut it also means that there is equal rights of weaknesses as well. To a great extent, the diversity of the culture present in China is very essential for its cultural importance.
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