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MGF 5928 Strategic Leadership

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MGF 5928 Strategic Leadership



Identification of black swan event
Based on an analysis of the external environment, what type of black swan event could have substantial impact on your selected organisation? Why is this black swan event critical to understand and prepare for? Name and describe the black swan event (to bring it to life, explain what it is and what happens because of it). 
Response strategies for the black swan event 
For the black swan event selected, name and describe two different response strategies the organisation could implement to address it. Arethese strategies realistic? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these response strategies (in relation to the black swan event)?Resource and capability implications of each response strategy
What resources and capabilities will the organisation need for each response strategy? How difficult will this be for the organisation to organise? Are there any possible stakeholder issues/challenges for each response strategy that should be noted/addressed/managed?Strategic leadership implications of each response strategy
What strategic leadership aspects (challenges, issues, points to note, strengths and/or weaknesses) that need to be considered for each response strategy? This could apply to the top management team, heads of business units or the board.Recommendations for future-proofing the organisation
Based on the two different response strategies to your black swan event, what recommendations would you give to the organisation to make them better prepared for future? Including top management teams/board advice/changes? How will these recommendations ensure the organisation maintains or grows their competitive advantage and long-term success?

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