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MGMT20012 Business Case Analysis

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MGMT20012 Business Case Analysis

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MGMT20012 Business Case Analysis

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Course Code: MGMT20012
University: The University Of Melbourne

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Country: Australia


Business description
This section involves the student giving information about one investigation of the selected business, covering the nature, the purpose, and the primary functions of the business.
This section will be descriptive and could consider various aspects. Some aspects considered could include;
i. when the business was established?ii. what the business does?iii. what industry it operates in?iv. overview of the products and servicesv. location and premisesvi. legal ownership structure
The Market of the Business
Description and analysis of target market and existing marketing strategies.
This topic may be considered in greater depth if it has been covered as an option topic.
i) Competitors
An analysis could involve not only identifying competitors, but could also consider what gives a business a competitive advantage. This section may require some research from secondary sources.
Students may consider such aspects as products, brochures, customer service, web sites, location, industry and trade publications for example.
ii) Customers, for example Target market.
i. size of the marketii. trends that have an impact on the businessiii. aspects of the market which are not currently serviced by this businessiv. who the customers are and what their characteristics are?v. which segments of the market the business will target?
iii) Market share, for example
Investigate existing market share and trends
iv) Suppliers, for example
i. who they are?ii. services providediii. reliability
iv. credit terms
Employer – employee
This section provides students with some opportunities for statistical analysis and they may investigate issues such as (note that not all of these may be relevant to the selected business):
a. who manages the business, what is their background and expertise, and what are their responsibilities?
b. what model of management is employed and why?
c. other staff – qualifications, roles and responsibilities
d. work patterns
e. outsourcing
f. legal issues related to employment
Depth of analysis in this section may be greater if students have undertaken the technology topic as one of their optional areas of study.
Finance and Record Keeping
It is not the intention that this section should address specific details; rather students could investigate such aspects as;
i. sources of finance used and associated costsii. varying types of finance utilisediii. types of financial reports used by the businessiv. mechanisms in place for the management, planning, and control of cash flowsv. role of financial reports
Government Regulations
Relevant aspects from the following list could be considered:
vi. Employmentvii. Ownershipviii. Registrationix. Patentsx. Building permitsxi. Zoningxii. Health regulationsxiii. Taxationxiv. Trading hoursxv. Weights and measuresxvi. Consumer protection lawsxvii. Trade practicesxviii. Product labelling
Global Business Environment
Students may investigate any strategies currently in place, or future opportunities. Students who have studied this topic as an option may choose to consider this aspect in greater depth, depending on the nature of the business chosen to investigate.
SWOT Analysis/ Strategies and Recommendations
SWOT analysis could be used to consider the Strengths, Weaknesses, external Opportunities and Threats of the situation under analysis. 


Introduction and Background
Australia has a vast meat industry ranking seventh among the largest export industries, earning $4.5 billion revenues per year with more than 30,000 employees working here. The industry has seen evolution from being just a small supplier of domestic needs to becoming a giant industry holding strong market share (Bonny et al., 2015). With the passage of time the industry has undergone various structural changes according to the food habit changes of the population. People have become more health conscious, reduced the consumption of red meat, beef and inclined to more chicken (Biswas & Naude, 2016). The selected meat shop for this report is named JAG Meat works. It is a local south Australian family butcher shop situated in Arndale shopping center. They have been holding the legacy of providing premium quality meats and satisfying the needs and choices of the customers. The investigative business study provides deeper insight into the meat industry of Southern Australia, the inner and outer environments of the industry, the primary functions of the business and the target markets.
Business Description
JAG meat works is a family owned butcher shop of Bryant family situated at Armada Arndale center south Australia. The Arndale Center is a shopping complex situated in the suburb of Kilkenny in Adelaide. The business has been winning people’s hearts since the year 1996 when it first started its business. The shop is 22 years old and famous for supplying best quality meat in the local South Australian market. The JAG Meat works has received the People’s Choice Award in the year 2015. The industry which the shop operates in is a highly competitive industry and they claim to be the best slicers with perfectly sliced meats all around Arndale (Bustillo-Lecompte & Mehrvar, 2015). The owner of the shop Nick Bryant boasts of providing the best customer services with amazing expertize in almost all categories of Veal, Beef, small goods, poultry, Lamb and mutton. The shop is licensed with the approval of Meat Standards Australia which checks the standard of the meat supplied. It ensures whether the meats have good cuts, meeting their quality of tenderness, flavor and juiciness. The shop is also certified with Halal Certification Authority. The unit benefits by working six days a week and satisfies the needs of the customers. The customers prefer JAG Meat works because they are more available and fresh dealers than their competitors. The butcher shop deal with the boning, slicing, cutting and packaging work to be sold to the retail markets for further use (Clemens & Babcock, 2015). The retail shops, the supermarkets and also the wholesalers buy products from the butcher shops at comparatively low cost and sell the in the market.
The Market of the Business
There are few of the entrepreneurs who are not aware of their target market and market segmentation. They well understand who can they sell their products and who would not be interested towards their products. If they cannot do this segmentation properly and realize that different customers have different kinds of preferences, they will just end up wasting their time, money and enthusiasm over un-responding customers (Belk et al., 2014). They deal with livestock products and offer different products to different customers understanding their psychology properly. It is for sure that they do not offer meat to vegetarian customers. The young generation prefer fatty juicy beef and buffalo meat and on the other hand children love soft and succulent chicken more. The aged customers go mostly for lamb because of its nutritional qualities. A he portions of the market share of the meat industry is allotted to the people who consume fat protein to higher levels than the common mass. Weather and region sometimes makes it easy to do the market segmentation properly. The indigenous people are more prone to pork and beefs while the health concerned Australians choose chicken to be better for health (Biswas & Naude , 2016). JAG Meat works have adopted certain strategies to advertise their business to the outer world and expand far away. They have utilized the social media, custom websites, executed promotional campaigns, done small but eloquent opening celebration to reach the name of the business to people One of the best features that they possess which differentiates them from others is the authenticity. Their authenticity is truly unmatched. There are exceptional interior designs which attracts the customers more. The entire shop is well decorated and peaceful which also comes under their marketing strategy. The signature cut with premium quality knives and appliances are fascinating for the customers.
There are overall four butcher shops in Australia that can give tough competition to JAG Meat works. The first is 1888 Certified Double Bay located in Sydney. Their strength is that any meat brought here is 1888 certified which gives a strong reason to the customers to trust on them. The meats that they sell are sourced from their own farm. The second one is Peter Bouchier, Melbourne. It is one of the most beautiful and tasty meat suppliers always acknowledged and loved by the locality people. The next is Meat smith, Fitzroy. It is famous for the quality of beef it provides and O’Connor’s beef is one of them. They supply meats from the rare heritage breeds of cattle nourished with extra care and attention. The store also keeps enviable stock of cured meats, pantry items and small goods. Another highly competitive entity enterprise is the Victor Chirchill, Woollahra. This store is better known for its exclusive artistic décor. The entry gives a pleasant view to the customers and they get overwhelmed by its fine art collections rather than mere products. It has been described to be the most beautiful butcher shop where anybody who comes cannot take the eyes off from it. Although these shops are considered to be occupying the maximum part of the market, the JAG Meatworks excels them by particular quality. It is their competitive advantage which makes them unique from others. JAG Matworks have their own eco-friendly services and strong ethical values making them a star among all. The health conscious world prefers what supports well-being. They use completely natural components to breed and graze their cattle (Fang et al., 2017). In fact, they consult all the producers before taking the product in the shop. They are also fishmongers selling fresh and rare seafood, nutritional fishes attracting the attention of the customers. They use the power from Hydro Tasmania, the largest producer of clean energy in Australia. If they take from the nature, they return it back by donating a particular amount every year to Animals Australia and RSPCA. These aspect is completely unique from the competitors and shop can make the best benefits by educating the customers about their facilities and advancement so that they become able to choose the best product within the extreme availability of meat stuff in the market (Juan Ding et al., 2014).
The Australian meat consumption rate is always high but red meat is facing problems because through the past few years the customers have become more health conscious and red meat is high in fat and cholesterol which can cause severe heart diseases in future People are shifting towards poultry chicken and pork from beef and lamb (Pathak et al., 2015). The meat industry has occupied almost one- third of the market share of the Australian food market. According to a latest study Pork ca be attributed to promotional campaigns and also the television advertises under the tagline: ‘Get some Pork on your Fork’. Inspired by this, the Australian JAG Meatworks have decided to focus more on bringing innovation in the pork and chicken products to satisfy the changing preferences of the customers. The majority of the Australian meat is processed and produced in the home country thereby adding value to the safety and fresh ness concerns. The major part of the customer share is occupied by the teenagers and the middle aged (20-28) mass of people. A hug part of their life style and food habit is covered by meat, especially beef and lamb. Women on the other hand are comparably more inclined towards chicken and pork because they easy to digest and tender. The business targets the market segmentation based on age differences because age is a crucial for changing choices of the individuals (Wiedemann et al., 2016).  Since Australia is a home country of meat exports, there is no foreign suppliers found here. The cattle are bred, reared, grazed and processed here only.
Technological Factors
Days have passed when the meats were slit and cut manually taking long time, labour and workforce. New technologies have been incorporated by the entrepreneurs to accelerate the productivity, reduce the workforce dependence and enhance safety measures. The introduction of robotics into the market has remarkably changed the scenario of growth and productivity of the industry (Uddin, 2017). Automation process is extremely helping the meat industry more than the food and beverage industry. Starting from the peeling and cutting of the meat into pieces, also the remnants or the carcasses are managed technically. The time consumption has been reduced due to the technologies. The shop JAG Meat works employs such advanced and innovative technologies making it different from other enterprises. They also have the machinery data keeping and accounting method to keep the records up to dated and accurate. The future business industry is expecting to experience more compact and smarter technologies which will be more challenging to accomplish greater amount of work.
Government Regulations
The Australian government can restrict certain aspects of the meat industry such as food quality, integrity and safety because they are vital points and also important for the red meat supply chain. Australian government consider safety and quality to be the foundations of the broad market and high productivity (Nogueira et al., 2016). Australia is an island continent therefore, therefore the animals are prone to get affected by crop disease. The government keeps notice of everything to ensure that the industry provides safe and high quality red meat to the customers (Milios, Drosinos & Zoiopoulos, 2014). Food safety inspections are conducted by government bodies to help the industry maintain its reputation excellency. SAFEMEAT is the food safety body associated with the government and meat industry. Scientific and microbiological examinations are conducted to check the health values of the product. AUS-MEAT is another national organization which checks the quality standards of the meat. It reviews, develops and maintains the standard of the industry (Raphaely, 2015). JAG Meatworks is well aware of the government regulations, taxations and limitations. It has been surveyed that it abides by all the necessary rules imposed by the government and has become successful in maintaining the product quality, standard and authenticity.
SWOT Analysis
Strengths- JAG Meat works have the best supply and sales system. They provide fresh and quality meat of various kinds with extra care starting from the processing until packaging.  JAG Meat works is certified with the Secured Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system for maintaining strict management. The eco-friendly method of the shop is one of its strengths.
Weaknrsses-The high cost of breeding and rearing the cattle in extra care in order to provide best quality product to the customers. New governmental and political regulations on the industry of meats may cause decline in the productivity (Smith, 2015).
Opportunities– It can innovate and launch new breeds, rather rare breeds to give an extra value to the store image. Variety of options within a single shop is contributory to the growth of the shop.
Threats- The health consciousness of the current generation and the older generation too might prove threatening for the meat shops (Raphaely, 2015). Fluctuating market trend and customer choices might end up being a pressure for the shop to adjust in the competitive market.
Therefore, from the above report it can be deduced that Australian meat industry is a highly competitive industry also one of the most successful exporter of meats around the globe. The home country shops avail the benefit of providing best quality product applying the science and technology of the country itself (Troy & Kerry, 2010). These food products are desired by the customers and they are trustworthy too JAG Meatworks is one such shop at the Arndale Center famous for the eco-friendly methods it uses keeping the safety and value of the product untainted. It is recommended that the shop should stick to their business strategies and also try to incorporate innovative business ideas to sustain in the competitive industry.
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