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MGMT2013 Management Science

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MGMT2013 Management Science

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MGMT2013 Management Science

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Course Code: MGMT2013
University: Central Queensland University

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Country: Australia


The key to effective reflection is to analyze your own behaviors, and decisions so as to gain a better understanding of why you do what you do, and to challenge whether this is appropriate or not.Most students simply describe what they did or the decision they took, then jump immediately to an assessment of whether it was right or not- this is not reflection. This is description and will only result in a pass. Key questions to consider Must.

What decision did I make or behavior did I exhibit?

What assumptions or beliefs did I hold that informed my practice?

Why did I hold these views or assumption- explore your upbringing, education, religious beliefs, cultural background- does this explain it?

How did I feel about the decision? Examples of emptions might include: anger, ambivalence, confusion, annoyance- etc.

Explore why you held these feelings! Is it due to a conflict between what you thought was acceptable and the ethical content we considered in class or the unit?

You need to refer to at least 3 cases or activities for minimum pass marks. At least 3 cases for credit. We undertook in class as the basis for your discussion. These three minimum cases will be nominated by the unit coordinator, but referring to more cases and how you reached your decisions is likely to display greater depth. Cases might include, e.g. the Ford Pinto, All Asia Airways, Moral Triggers, etc.Using the trigger questions analyze what you did, or the position you held and why. (Assumption, background etc.)
My 4 Cases:

Attribute Responsibility and Accountability
Cooperate Responsibility
All Asia Airways case
Gold and Diamond watch

As part of the analysis you must directly refer to the results of a minimum of 3 verified diagnostic tools. E.g. does you result from the Values questionnaire explain your behaviors or decision making, or does it help you understand your assumptions etc. Contrast and compare the results of the tools to seek understanding of your behaviors and assumption, decisions etc.
These must be attached to the assignments as appendices. (Just the results page) (Remember that the minimum is 3 diagnostic tools- if you only refer to 3 results then you will only score the minimum grade for this section. At least 5 for credit)
My Diagnostic tools

MCI Score- Verified
Authentic Leadership – Verified
Values Score – Verified
Work Values test – online report
Life Values self-assessment test report
Morality Test – online report

One of the key objectives of this unit was to provide you with the tools to analyze the ethical dimension of a decision or situation that you might find yourself in, so that you can assess the ethical risk to you and your organization. To allow you to make a more informed decision.
Determine whether the content of the unit has given you greater insight into ethics and behavior.Think about this objective and provide a final commentary about how you will use this information as a manager in the future.


People have different feelings when it comes to the issue pertaining to business ethics. Every business has its own way of doing things which may be referred to as the organizational culture. The subject on business ethics continues to dominate the business world where it consists of moral issues in business, the codes of conduct among business professionals and also the governance method in a business (Mridula & Preeti, 2014). Going against the business ethics can have adverse effects on the employee and the organization itself. Ryan meets himself in an ethical dilemma due to the fact that he really needed to increase his commission from the deal by Abdul. However, the boss, Charles warns Ryan against giving the ‘gift’ to Abdul terming it as a bribe which is against the organization values.
In My view, the decision I make about each character is guided by my belief and principles on morality and I stand with what is right as evident from my response on my Moral Competency Inventory(MCI). I respond that I can state clearly the values, beliefs, values, and principles that guide my actions in all situations and that I will confront someone who is doing something wrong. From my answers on the least and most objectionable characters, I view Jane to be the most objectionable character since she did not have a basis for complaining to Charles on the spending manners of Ryan.
Charles, on the other hand, is the second from Jane since he fired Ryan without doing the proper investigation into the matter. The least objectionable was Mr. Grey since he was performing his duties as a Banker. Ryan, according to me cannot justify his actions to his personal challenges since the challenges cannot be used as excuses to break the business ethics (Sharm & Hart, 2014). Though I was also caught up in a dilemma, I think that the dilemmas should be handled in the right way and personal challenges should not drive us to a compromising situation. I think that my judgment on this case is based o my principles as shown through my MCI diagnostic tool report.
The All Asia Airways Case
In the case of All Asia Airways (AAA), the decision made on giving a bribe to a foreign official need have the outcomes of the action considered. Steven (2008) argues that when coming up with a moral decision, it is important to weigh the outcomes of the action to be taken. In this case, there exists an ethical dilemma since failure to bribe the official will result in automatic losses by AAA Company while the bribe could lead to high fines to both the company and David.
My decision on this case is that David should take a leap of faith and bribe Milonoski in order to save the company. As Graeme puts it, it is important to ask yourself what Richard would do. Since Richard has grown the company by doing what was necessary for its growth, David should do the same as this is an organizational behavior which determines its success or failure. I hold this view not because of my religious or cultural beliefs but due to my educational insights.
I, however, feel that it is not a good decision to make when it comes to the ethicality since the US government is against the practice. I feel a bit confused when making this decision since my morals conflict with my decision. It is however important for managers to respond to a situation using a method that is appropriate to that given situation (Raquel, 2014). A manager would not risk the profits of the company for the ethical code of conduct of the US since the company’s interests have to be served first.
On the other hand, the Decision that David makes to accept an invitation from his suppliers (which is against the US law) is a right one. To me, David makes the right choice for the company though he risks being charged for breaking US laws. Richard himself signed for the company in the US while he did not see the necessity of the requirements. Maintaining customer relationship is important for the survival and success of the business and that is the reason David has to accept the party invitations as Greame advice him. Morals are the beliefs both social and religious, customs and acceptable values a person possess (McNamara, 2012). From my decision, my online morality test result shows why I made this decision. It is because I believe in doing what is right at the moment when faced with a compromising situation.
My decision is based on the assumption that Richard would do the same for the company. I feel right about the decision since it is beneficial to the company and it will cause happiness to the largest number of people. The utilitarianism theory, (which is an ethical theory) is founded on the argument that a good deed is that which promotes happiness to the greatest number of people (Brittany, 2016). This is a decision based on my education background and understanding of the ethical theories.
Corporate Responsibility
Global batteries corporation (GBC) case
On the issue of corporate responsibility, a company that is socially responsible ensures it has a set of programs or regulations to show responsibility to the community where it operates (Ashard, Faisal & Rizwan, 2016). The case for GBC presents a case of negligence where the battery company failed to exercise the expected ethical behavior in terms of adhering to the company safety standards and guidelines. From the decision I made, GBC should be responsible for the 5000 people who died as a result of the toxic gas. The tragedy was as a result of carelessness as the GBC HQ company had a responsibility of ensuring the Indian Company meets the parent company’s standards.
The company should compensate the families of those who were affected by the gas and the India company should be heavily fined and closed. I feel angered by the fact that the problem would have been solved only if the parent company was responsible enough. The moral reasoning, in this case, is informed by my work values which means that workers should be accountable and focused on making difference to the company and others. Companies have a responsibility of ensuring safety from harm to people in the community where they operate (Donaldson & Fafaliou, 2003). The company has to be socially responsible by promoting the safety of the people within.
Oz Gold Case
On the Oz Gold case, I feel that the company (Oz) should be responsible for the damage caused by the spillover with the chief operating officer taking the blame. Every company has a corporate social responsibility of ensuring it promotes safety to the environment that surrounds it.
From the diagnostic tool of authentic leadership where leaders should focus on long term results and self-awareness, I argue that the Chief operating officer, Fritz should not have approved the 85% capacity since that is not what the company usually did. The company had a Corporate Responsibility of ensuring the environment is preserved. Companies should aim at ensuring they maintain and preserve the environment where they operate ((Min-Seong, & Brijesh, 2018). I feel that the company should have considered the risks involved through the approval was within legal limits. The company should take display action against Frits since he knew that the ponds should not exceed 70% at any time. 
Attributing Responsibility and accountability
Two young brothers Case
According to my personal values evident from my value score, I believe that the father is accountable and responsible for the death of the 7 years old son. This is because the father should have been responsible enough to put the gun in a safe place out of reach of children. If the gun was in the right place, the kids could not have the access. My decision is made on the basis of my cultural background reasoning where the father has the moral authority to protect his children from any harm including the gun.
Capital punishment case
The issue of a death sentence is a controversial topic of discussion where some people believe in capital punishment while others are against it. My thought on the case is that the prisoner is accountable and responsible for his death. This is because the prisoner did a heinous act that cost him his life. Morally, the issue of capital punishment conflicts with my religious beliefs where no one has the authority to take another person’s life except God. However, I feel sorry to say that a person who commits a capital crime needs to face justice by getting a capital punishment.
In the United States, the death penalty is legalized in more than 30 states. States like Mexico and Texas face the largest cases of death sentences (Death Penalty Info Center). The ethical issue rises through the question of how people should live. The answer to the question lies in the choices people make (Thames, 2018). On my decision, everyone has the right to life but that right is only relevant if every party upholds the right. This means that the death penalty in my view is a fair way of exercising justice to the victim.
Ashard, M.G., Faisal, A., & Rizwan, M. (2016). The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Firm’s Financial Performance. International Journal of Linguistics, Social and Natural Sciences.
Brittany, A. (2016). What Ethical Theory Do You Subconsciously Live by.
Death Penalty Information Center. (2018). Facts about the death penalty. 
Donaldson, J. & Fafaliou, I. (2003). Business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance: a review and summary critique. European Research Studies, 4,1-2. Retrieved on October 4, 2018.
Min-Seong, K., & Brijesh, T. (2018). Relationship of Ethical Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Organizational Performance. 
Mridula, G. & Preeti, E. R. (2014). Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility –Is there a dividing line? Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies Annual Research Conference (SIMSARC13).
Sharma, S., & Hart, S. L. (2014). Beyond “saddle bag” sustainability for business education. Organization & Environment, 27(1), 10-15.
Steven, M.C. (2008). Utilitarianism. Seven Masterpieces of Philosophy. 
Thames, B. (2018). How should one live? An introduction to ethics and moral reasoning.

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