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MGMT5908 Strategic Human Resource Management

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MGMT5908 Strategic Human Resource Management

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MGMT5908 Strategic Human Resource Management

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Course Code: MGMT5908
University: University Of New South Wales

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Country: Australia


Employee recruitment, selection, motivation and orientation
Carry out a literature review from prior researchers that could inform you about how employee recruitment, selection, motivation, and orientation affect the performance of firms in the aviation industry and also make sure to include what factors affect employee satisfaction:
Factors:1.Performance2.Legal compliance3.Employee satisfaction4.Absenteeism5.Turnover6.Training effectiveness and ROI7.Grievance rates8.Accident rates


Employee performance is regarded as immensely critical for all business enterprises in both developed and developing economies. Organizations in aviation industry in the past primarily focused on productions as well as sales, however because of dynamism and immense rate of competition in the aviation sector, firms in the 21st century are looking forward in order to sustain a competitive advantageous position by efficiently combating the challenges of developing as well as enhancing qualities of service delivery, production and efficiency (Barnes et al., 2015). The purpose of the following paper is to explicitly evaluate the way recruitment, selection and motivation creates impact on the performance of the organizations operating in the Singapore aviation sector by highlighting factors which have the propensity to affect the level of employee satisfaction and might cause hindrance in the industrial growth.
Recruitment and Selection Methods in Singapore Aviation Sector
Sources of recruitment are identified to be either internal or external and by this means which specific source the organization will purpose to utilize is highly dependable on the needs and demands of the human resource management of the organization as all the sources comprise its own merits as well as demerits (Breevaart et al., 2014). It has been noted that firms in the Singapore aviation sector aims to employ internal candidates through job posting, reemploying former employees as well as succession development along with other means of off shoring or outsourcing and on demand for recruiting agencies (Faragher, Cass & Cooper, 2013). Several studies on exceptional aviation organizations of the Singapore aviation sector provide highly comprehensive insights into the effect of recruitment and selection practices (Juhdi, Pa’wan & Hansaram, 2013). It has been noted that the recruiting and hiring policies and directives of aviation firms of Singapore for frontline roles and positions is to recruit primarily by successfully evaluating and examining the analytical skills and attitude of the candidates. Several firms of the Singapore aviation sector primarily focus on candidates, who exhibit a high tendency to demonstrate excellent analytical skills, disposition along with striking behavioural patterns in order to fit into the cultural patterns of the nation (Mishra, Boynton & Mishra, 2014). The primary role as well as responsibility of the recruiter in this sector is to ensure appropriate cultural fit and competency. Reports reveal companies namely Association of Aerospace Industries and Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Pte Ltd have developed the understanding of the vitality of recruiting candidates on the basis of flexibility that is identified as the core factor in its considerable-cost operating success (Shahid & Azhar, 2013). It has been observed that Association of Aerospace Industries has been successful in achieving high level of growth as well as lower rate of incremental employee expenditures in comparison to several established global airlines and cargo carriers, and Boeing at a greater degree due to the practice of scheduling, arranging as well as high level of productivity of its employees. One of the primary reasons for this aspect of flexibility is recognized to be the form of organizational practices of recruiting young applicants who reveal greater degree of inclination to be engaged in the aviation sector (Braun et al., 2013).
Encouraging & Employee-friendly Recruitment and Selection Policy
The Singapore Aviation Sector has been identified to be employing highly proficient employees through process of extensive interview by HR heads as well as pilots of various aviation sectors as the recruitment procedure has anticipate to be impacted by various critical dimensions. On the other hand these factors tend to articulate and address the advanced, encouraging as well as employee-oriented practices and policies implemented by Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Pte Ltd in the purpose to attract a wide-range of highly efficient talent (Shahid & Azhar, 2013). Firms in the Singapore Aviation sector primarily aim to attract potential talent and competency by efficiently establishing brand recognition which signifies the sector to be immensely distinctive and apparent which care and nurture their employees (Braun et al., 2013). Such employee-oriented selection policies generally gives a positive impact in the minds of the employees and aids the employees to form integrated association with the organization (Khamisa et al., 2014).
Factors Affecting the Level of Job Satisfaction in Aviation sector
The Singapore aviation sector has witnessed high level of employee turnover rate which has been considered to be critical for companies operating in the industry where the employee expenditure is immensely high (Faragher, Cass & Cooper, 2013). Employees’ voluntary turnover has a substantial negative impact on the organizations operating on this sector specifically on costs, potential loss of valuable knowledge, expertise as well as organizational knowledge (Braun et al., 2013). Employee turnover rate has been observed to be a good predictor of factors associated with retention rate of highly proficient and experienced workforce in the aviation firms. Certain studies have revealed that factors related to employee satisfaction are negatively associated to voluntary turnover aspects (Juhdi et al., 2013). Employee turnover models have suggested a comprehensive procedure which tends to indicate that job satisfaction is essentially related to higher levels of turnover intentions. A lower rate of employee turnover condenses the level of satisfaction among the employees and tends to develop a propensity of job withdrawal (Shahid & Azhar, 2013). This form of propensity leads to a search for alternatives among the employees which may tend to result in actual high rate of turnover in the organization (Faragher, Cass & Cooper, 2013).
Employee absenteeism is another critical factor that is recognized as a challenge for business firms to retain employees to their sector. As the Singapore aviation industry is highly dependent on product and service delivery, it has been considered to be an essential expenditure for retaining customers (Mishra, Boynton & Mishra, 2014). Companies operating in the aviation industry have been paying immediate attention and utmost consideration to the rate of its employee absenteeism in order to evade any areas of employee turnover or other chronic issues (Shahid & Azhar, 2013). The Singapore aviation industry in recent times has been encountering a complex challenge of considerable rate of employee absenteeism which is resulting to a significant deprivation of core talent and expertise in the workforce of the companies (Sam.sg, 2018). An employee survey in Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Pte Ltd has revealed that around 35% of the labour force has reportedly been encountering moderate to considerable level of stress and intricacies as being identified as a direct outcome of challenges for the companies in intending to stabilizing work and personal life (AAIS, 2018). The company in the last year has witnessed a greater degree of absenteeism with the average of 10 sick leaves attained by each employee which has resulted in a greater loss of productivity, efficiency and declined level of reduced employee engagement and satisfaction (Juhdi, Pa’wan & Hansaram, 2013). Some factors related to effective orientation induction for the newly employed candidates is often identified as a strong predicator of employee engagement and satisfaction (Faragher, Cass & Cooper, 2013). In the course of successful orientation the employee tend to develop a strong sense of task competence by condensing the level of uncertainty related to various factors of the work environment and provides intelligibility related to the assigned roles and responsibilities and resulting to organizational growth and progress (Braun et al., 2013). Accordingly, identifying the negative impact on business, the management of Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Pte Ltd has gathered feedbacks and reviews from its employee base on the way to effectively address the issues associated to strategic human resource (Sam.sg, 2018). In addition, based on the reviews and opinions of the employees on factors related to high level of absenteeism, legal compliance, performance, the company has introduced a range of friendly policies such as flex-time, reduced hours, working-home along with reduced extra hours as part of employee commitment in order to progress towards a more balanced and competitive workplace (Faragher, Cass & Cooper, 2013).
In order to conclude it can be stated that employee engagement is recognized as an influential concept which firms engaged in Singapore Aviation sector can proficiently utilize in order to enhance broad range of business operations such as planning and assessment, establish effective evaluation process in order to assess performance and offer career development opportunities to its to the employee base for higher level of organizational performance. This paper has fundamentally explored that regardless to the correlation between employee participation and job satisfaction and job assignment which are regarded as the most significant factors for organizational performance which are not being correlated.
From the study it can be recommended that:

Modern organizations Association of Aerospace Industries and Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Pte Ltd in order to improve the rate of employee turnover must effectively strengthen their orientation, recruitment as well as selection process. For instance, the company can implement compensatory selection strategy whereby applicant has lower rate of propensity to face elimination on the basis of results of single evaluation tool and comparisons which can be prepared among the combined results of all the candidates.
Managers of Singapore Aerospace must need to keep in consideration the staff and their job assignment in order to condense stress and develop the factors of employee motivation and satisfaction for employee engagement.
There is an essential need to institute certain controlling methods within the Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Pte Ltd which will aim to engage certain vital financial factors and non-financial factors in order to evaluate the performance for the longevity of the organization.Such organizational controls primarily include establishing directing or controlling agenda, guidelines, frameworks, limitations and other vital modus operandi in order to regulate the operation and business process of both the staff base and departments
Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Pte Ltd currently facing high level of employee turnover rate should primarily emphasize on providing detailed and comprehensive information related to real time task and must improve training opportunities and strategic knowledge development for its employee base.
Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Pte Ltd must introduce high level of competency oriented pay schemes in order to create competitiveness to add importance to employee engagement.Such as role oriented competence pay schemes which is associated to the roles and attainments preferred to the degree to which an employee will perform the role assigned to him by the company. This type of pay scheme effectively defines the employees and the sense of duty which can be anticipated from them within the organization.

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