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MGMT6012 Management Perspectives

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MGMT6012 Management Perspectives

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MGMT6012 Management Perspectives

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Course Code: MGMT6012
University: Laureate International Universities

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Country: United States

Understand the nature of naturally occurring data and how this can be objectively analysed to inform your practice and influence  your behaviour

Naturally occurring data is an effective tool for examining feasible technique by analyzing the existing performance of an individual. As a part of Domino’s Pizza, I was liable to address the information or data that could be effective to improve the performance of the firm. This report presents characteristics as well as methods that will be used by the manager to improve the performance of the company. This report also presents the shareholder and approaches, which could be used by the organization to make an effective relationship with their shareholder. At last, it recommends strategies for improving the different personality of shareholders.
Summary of Assignment 1
On the basis of assignment 1, it is evaluated that feasible structure of a company could lead to employees to make a reliable decision. Consequently, the company would be capable to enhance their productivity in the least time and cost. Further, it is evaluated that the organization could imply an effective communication method to enhance their growth by using hierarchy structure. It could lead the company to make a reliable decision with respect to the concern of the firm. Each department of the Dominos Pizza supports each other to get the favorable outcome. I also realized that each department manager plays an imperative role in boosting the financial condition of the firm. Moreover, it is addressed that the management department of Dominos Pizza has executed Henry Feyol theory to inspire their employees towards their allocated work and meet their aim in available resources. This theory facilitates the executives of Dominos Pizza to retain them for long-term and get a reliable outcome.
This theory enables managers of an organization to make a positive environment at the working place and motivate the employees to work at the working place (Giles, Stommel, Paulus, Lester, and Reed, 2015).
Understand the nature of naturally occurring data and how this can be objectively analyzed to inform your practice and influence your behavior
The naturally occurring data is information that could be collected by the investigators from the existing sources. It could also be effective for the accomplishment of the organizational task (Bryman, 2016). It could also facilitate the researcher to gather feasible information with respect to the current research matter and meet their goal by using the suitable techniques. Further, there are certain advantages that mandate an individual to use the naturally occurring data for performing their business activities and get a feasible outcome. As a part of Dominos Pizza, I consider three imperative natural occurring data like conversations, emails, corporate artifacts to collect the appropriate data. From the utilization of conversation method, I would be capable to directly communicate with their managers and get a realistic result. Further, conversation means informal conversation among the individual. This method enables me to discuss my opinion and views of others with respect to any particular concern (Wilson, 2017).  It could be both face to face as well as indirect communication. In this, both senders as well as receivers exchange their message with each other and concluded a realistic conclusion. Moreover, it is examined that the informal discussion enables both senders as well as a receiver to give equal value to each other for collecting the accurate data about current concern (Wilson, 2018). Moreover, it is also analyzed that an individual will be capable to improve the financial condition of the firm in the available resources.  Apart from this, I also used email method to directly communicate with the specified people of the firm and understand the concern. It could also be effective for making a feasible solution with respect to the available problem. Email method could also be imperative for saving time as well as the cost of the firm. Consequently, Dominos Pizza will also be capable to improve their existing condition of the firm. This method could be effective for collecting the views and opinion of managers towards research matter. Corporate artifacts will also be used by me to gather the perception and views of research participants with respect to the existing mature and make a reliable decision. Through this method, researchers will be capable to make an appropriate decision (Gyekye and Haybatollahi, 2015).
Myers-Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI)
MBTI (Myers-Brigs Type Indicator) is a technique that is established by Carl Jung. This strategy considers many factors like intuition, thoughts, sensation, and feelings. This method allows an individual to make a perception about other and conduct the behavior as per their perception (King and Lawley, 2016).  I gave different questions to my colleagues, and friends to fill it honestly. I gave instruction to give answer honestly, because there are no right or wrong answers.
From the analysis, it is assessed that ENFJs are international learner. The ENFJs emphasize on expansive. The ENFJs personality shows that I am organised in the field of international affairs. I may not use clutter but their conclusion regarding people and motives are drawn much more promptly and are more resilient as compared to those of their NFP counterpart. This personality appreciates and recognises me. It is stated that there are large number of NFs who opt to neglect their own needs for desire of others. I have thinner psychological limit and sometimes abused by less sensitive people. ENFJs personality shows that I take on more of burden of other as compared to they can tolerate.  
Analyse and discuss how the structure and characteristics of organizations can influence and constrain managers and their decision making
From the MBTI personality test, it is observed that I have five strength. It shows that how I can fit into organisation and what I want work.


Effective or Helpful


Analysed by me

ü Manage a huge amount of individuals in the least time
ü Capable to lead the team members and influence others
ü A high level of social competences
ü Effective leadership style
ü Collaborative process
ü Prompt decision making
ü Manufacturing skill

ü Lack of conversation skills
ü Lack of investment strategy
ü Lack of interpersonal skills
ü Lack of understanding of others thinking

Analysed by my colleagues and friends

ü Quick decision making could lead me to complete objectives and goal of the organization.
ü Manufacturing ability facilitates me to enhance profit of Domino’s Pizza.

ü Robust supervisory situation.
ü Lower compensation
ü Lack of capability to make a reliable relationship with others.

Analysed by myself
From the above table, I observed that I have certain skills that could lead me to give my best effort to the organization in the accomplishment of the organizational goal. These strength are Manage a huge amount of individuals in the least time, Capable to lead the team members and influence others, A high level of social competences, effective leadership style, collaborative process, prompt decision making, and manufacturing skills. The effective leadership style assisted me to influence the behavior of others and meet the desired goal (Zayas-Ortiz, Rosario, Marquez, and Colón Gruñeiro, 2015).
From the above analysis, I also observed my weakness such as lack of conversation about the ills lack of investment strategy, lack of interpersonal skills, and lack of understanding of others thinking. I analyzed that the lack of conversation skills could create possibilities of conflict during the communication. It would decline the image of mine among others employees. Other weakness could decline possibilities of job security.
Analysed by my colleague and friends
From the above table, it is identified that I am able to make prompt decision as it could lead me to attain my organization task in least time and cost. Further, my colleagues and friends gave me feeback that I have manufacturing abilities that facilitates me to enhance the productivity of Domino’s pizza. Furthermore, they gave me feedback that I have the capability to favorably lead and inspire others in least time. Thus, it could support me for better perform in an organization (Karim and Noor, 2017).
Apart from this, they gave feedback that I have lack of communication skills in the atmosphere that could be a major issue for me because it could negatively impact on the business growth. As a part of this organization, they gave feedback that I am unable to deal in competition as there could be chances of lower compensation and it could demotivate the employees towards their accomplishment of the goal. Further, they have evaluated that I have ability to make a reliable relationship with collegues as it helps to improve the performance of an organization. Apart from this, it is also evaluated that I will consider each component of weakness to improve my professional as well as personal life in the long-term. I observed that my strength of an individual could positively impact on the organizational performance while weakness could negatively impact on organizational productivity (Coccia a, Falavigna, and Manello, 2015).
Identify the range of organizational stakeholders and explain how managers can manage effective relationships with them to motivate, manage and lead them to a preferred decision outcome
Manager of the organization used many motivational techniques to inspire their employees and retain them for long-term. The manager should imply Hierarchy of Needs of theory by which they can understand the actual needs of employees and make policy to satisfy the needs of employees. Consequently, Domino’s would be capable to increase the productivity as well as the growth of the firm in the least time and cost. Managers should also be higher social competencies as it could lead to making a reliable relationship with employees. Through this, the manager could be capable to obtain feasible outcome and sustaining the image of the firm in the marketplace (Armstrong, 2018). In addition, it is also evaluated that managers should need to use effective leadership style as it could be significant for inspiring a huge amount of employees at the same time. As a result, employees would be capable of accomplishing the organizational task in the least time and cost. Thus, it can also be addressed that leadership style could also be effective for improving the productivity as well as Domino’s Pizza performance in the least time. The manager should be promoted decision maker as per the required situation as it could be effective for the accomplishment of the organizational goal. It could be effective for retaining employees for a long time. Apart from this, it is also evaluated that there are many components that could be considered by managers to make an effective relationship with their employee and get a favorable outcome like communication skills, decision-making skills, interpersonal skills, and relationship building skills. It would also be imperative for boosting the financial condition of the firm (Lee and Mitchell, 2017).
Apply a range of techniques and strategies to communicate effectively to a culturally diverse range of stakeholders
Diversity is an essential element, which can favorably impact on the business growth and deals with the business procedures in an appropriate direction. The diversity can create in the distinct culture of stakeholders. Dominos can use different approaches like transparency; improve communication, assessment of shareholders, and recognition in order to increase the profitability of the company (Young, et al., 2015).  Active listening is an effective way to make communication with diverse culture stakeholders. For example, stakeholders from diverse culture may use the same words in diverse manners, so the manager of Dominos should repeat the words that they heard and should ask and confirm if they have not a clear understanding. Furthermore, to avoid the communication barriers in a diverse culture, manager of Dominos should avoid the ambiguity. It can be eliminated by direct communication and making liaison with the diverse cultural stakeholders. Respect differences are another strategy to avoid the communication barriers from diverse cultural stakeholders (Dixon, 2017). In this way, the manager of Dominos should provide the instruction to respect the differences and should also provide proper training to deal with diverse cultural background stakeholders. As a result, it would be beneficial to reduce the communication barriers in diverse backgrounds and aids to increase the revenue of the company. Manager of Dominos should also use the keep an open mind strategy as it would lead to declining the communication diversity issue at the workplace. It would be also effective to build a good relationship with diverse cultural stakeholders at the workplace. Managers of Dominos needs to develop the understanding regarding stakeholder’s cultural backgrounds as it would lead to making effectively communicate with them within an organization (Gupta, Agarwal, and Khatri, 2016).  Manager of Dominos should also maintain a personal touch with their stakeholders in order to interact with them effectively. It can also provide support to avoid the culturally diverse issues in the workplace (Abbasi, Tarhini, Hassouna, and Shah, 2015).
With respect to the above discussion, it can be summarized that employees play an imperative role in boosting the position of the marketplace. It can also be summarized that the MBTI and SWOT analysis method supports to examine the personality of an individual. Furthermore, it can also be concluded that managers should imply many techniques related to the leadership, motivation, decision making, relationship building and communication for making an effective relationship with their employees and retain them for long-term. It can also be summarized that the cultural diversity management technique could also be used by the managers of an organization to improve the position of the firm and get a reliable outcome.
Abbasi, M. S., Tarhini, A., Hassouna, M., & Shah, F. (2015). Social, organizational, demography and individuals technology acceptance behavior: a conceptual model. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 11(9).
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