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MGT100001 Introduction Of Management

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MGT100001 Introduction of Management



Questions  In your opinion, which twomotivational theories do you think Jerome’s manager should apply in helping him rekindle his spark? and Why. Note: In responding to this question, you are allowed to make reasonable assumption behind Jerome’s demotivation. If you do so, please mention those assumptions in the response, assumptions are not included in the word count. “Our division is under an indefinite hiring freeze” Briefly describe what potential General and Specific environmental factors may have influenced this decision. You should choose five factors in total, at least two from each environment. “When employees enjoy the space they work in, it helps to foster a positive organisational culture”. Identify characteristics of successful organisational cultures and briefly describe how Jerome’s manager can use those characteristics to foster a positive culture within her department. We discussed five different control methods in this unit. Discuss two best control methods Jerome’s manager should use in order to manage the prevailing situation and explain why you recommend those two methods.  Part B (II) – Short Answer Questions Answer only two (2) of the three (3) questions. For each chosen question clearly indicating which question is being answered. Each question is worth 5 marks. Clear, well structured answers that show deep understanding of management concepts are required to obtain high marks. List the three factors that influence ethical decision making. How do HR managers can influence improve ethical decision making within an organisation? How does performance appraisal system influence organisational success? Explain two ways that organisations can improve performance appraisal measures. Compare and contrast the planning done at the top, middle and bottom levels of an organisation.

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