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MGT307 International Human Resource Management

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MGT307 International Human Resource Management

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MGT307 International Human Resource Management

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Course Code: MGT307
University: Elite Education Institute

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Choose any organisation of your choice and as external observer of the organization undertake critical analysis of the following functions and make recommendations for improvement.
.HR strategies
.Employee development
.Employment relations & grievance handling
Give appropriate recommendations based on your analysis so that it can have a positive impact on a firm’s performance. Analyse how the use of HRM practices helps organizations in achieving their goals and objectives using many relevant examples.


Google LLC is a multinational technological company based in California in the USA and it specialises in various Internet based products and services apart from hardware, cloud computing technologies and advertising technologies based on the internet. The Company was official launched in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, with an aim to market Google search which has developed as the most reliable search-engine over the internet. In 2015, Google became the main subsidiary of the holding company Alphabet Inc. The mission statement of Google is to organize all the information regarding the world in a single database and making it globally available and fruitful for everyone. The vision statement of Google is to provide access to various information regarding the world via a single click.
Alphabet which is the parent company of Google, reported positive results for the company in its first quarter as it has helped the business to keep growing in a sustainable manner and it continues to grow at a faster rate than it was a year ago. Google which is the main subsidiary company of Google, reported 26% growth in revenue year-on year to $31.16 billion in the first quarter of 2018, and the company also stated that the revenue had grown 22% between Q1 of 2016 and Q1 of 2017 which indicates that the business performance of the company is very solid in nature and the company is continuing to grow each year.
The application of various Human resource practices in an organization such as training and development of the employees of an organization, acquisition of employees for an organization, management of project for an organization, managing compliance and cost and quality control for an organization.. As opined by Kianto, Sáenz and Aramburu (2017) the effective application of the various human resource practices and strategies helps the organization to achieve their goals and objectives. The above mentioned human resource practices helps in the overall development of the employees of an organization and also helps in increasing the operational efficiency of the organization which helps in accomplishing the goals and objectives of an organization. For instance in order to achieve the outcomes of the company, all global companies focuses on providing training and development to their employees which enhances the skills of the employees and therefore helps in achieving the organizational objectives. For instance, global IT companies focuses on the effective acquisition of candidates from a vast pool of eligible candidates in order to select the right person for the right job in order to fulfil the objectives of the companies.
HR strategies
The success of Google is largely attributed to the effectiveness of the Human resource policies and strategies adopted by the company which has helped the companies to become of the most innovative companies of the world. The main objective of the Hr policies and strategies of Google are employee welfare and benefits which acts as drivers of growth of the company. Google has successfully created an organization structure which supports the Human Resource policies and strategies adopted by the company which in turn helps in achieving the objectives of the company.
The HR strategies and policies which are followed by Google are as follows:
Employee Motivation- Google encourages their employees to work on a 70-20-10 rule, where the employees of the company are expected to devote 70% of their work time in core search and advertising activities, 20% on a project of their choice and 10 % on working on far-out ideas. The Google Talk and G mail services of the company are a result of devoting 10% time on far working out on far-out ideas. The business benefits which are associated with the 20% off time are very limited as far as their core search and advertising business are concerned but still the HR executives and the top management of the company encourage the employees of the company to go after these sort of efforts as it helps the employees to remain motivated and committed to innovation and novelty.
The compensation policy- Google is very rewarding in nature as the employee get their salary, incentives and stock awards at regular time intervals and the company also highly encourages and rewards the employees with high level of performances in order to motivate them further. The company premise boasts of a highly collegiate environment with various kinds of facilities and benefits for the employees to avail. As stated by Wu, Luksyte and Parker (2015) the reason behind creating such an environment for the employees is to make the employees feel comfortable in the office environment which will help in facilitating easy workings in office for the employees. According to Lazaroiu (2015) Google also recognizes the importance of work life balance and therefore in order to maintain the same, the company offers its employees flexible working hours facilities, work from home facilities and a suitable vacation facility in addition to the TGIIF sessions of the company which is get together of the employees of the company organized on Friday afternoons. The company possesses a strong code of conduct in place for its employees and encourages their employees to report any violation of the same without feeling unsafe to do so.
The offices of the company are designed accordingly to provide colour, lighting and a shared room for the employees. The employees of the company remain seated close to each other and share offices among themselves which helps in reflecting the importance of knowledge sharing in the company. As stated by Mikkelsen, Jacobsen and Andersen (2017) an individual employee of the company generates very high revenue for the company each year which allows the employees and the top management to learn new things make mistakes and in turn learn from the mistakes which serve as another great motivating factor for the employees of the company.
As stated by Miner (2015) the employee motivation policy of the company is based on Herzberg’s two factor theory also knows as motivation hygiene theory which implies that certain set of factors in a work environment leads to job satisfaction are termed as motivational factors while some other factors decreases job satisfaction are termed as hygiene factors. Therefore the company focuses on increasing the motivational factors and as well as the hygiene factors which increases job satisfaction among the employees which in turn help in the achievement of the company goals and objectives.
Performance Management Policy
The HR function of the company handles major responsibilities and therefore the size of the HR functions of the company is larger than the size of the HR functions of other companies. In the various stages right from hiring to performance management, the company focuses on equity and it believes in providing each employee of the company for equal chances of growth and development. According to Saad and Abbas (2018) there is a huge reward system in place for performers in the company but there are various downsides for being an under-performer in the company. The payment strategy of the company is based on the pay for performance scheme. The company uses 360 degree feedback for reviewing the performances of its employees and the reviewers are being selected from all over the organization. The company appoints not only seniors, but also subordinates who forms a part of the review team of the company and therefore the employers of the company can perform at their best level. The leaders of the company focuses on few important things such as everyone can learn continuously in the company, challenges are present for every employees of the company, all the employees feels recognized for their contribution and an employee is assigned a task one is interested in.
The theory on which the performance management of the company is based on is goal based approach which suggests that an organization should be evaluated by the goals that it sets for itself.
Hiring and Job Design Practices
The hiring and recruitment process which is followed by Google is innovative and non-conventional in nature. During the time of hiring and selection of candidates, Google implements an innovative interview process based on algorithms which helps in making the hiring process of the company effective, scientific and data driven in nature while other companies follow hiring process based on interviews, checking of academic background and work experience in the industry. According to Deshwal (2015) however the hiring process followed in the company draws few criticisms as it is time consuming in nature and it creates few inconveniences among the candidates but it helps the company in recruiting and selecting the best talent from a wide pool of candidates. The hiring process of the company are not only looked by the HR department of the company but also it involves the whole company as the application of the candidates gets need to be approved by the team in the company which has the opening. Therefore the entire company is able to contribute successfully in the hiring process of the candidates which is only possible due to the flat organizational structure of the company.
According to Oldham and Fried (2016) the selection, recruitment, and retention theory of the company is based on the success of an organization of hiring and retaining valuable employees.
Employee Development
Google has successfully created a work environment which supports continuous learning as the employees of the company get the opportunity to continuously learn and grow within the company. As stated by Ford (2014) the company possesses special training program which are related to presentation skills, content development, management and leadership. The company also provides free classes to their employees regarding learning foreign language and culture which helps them to increase their communication skills while interacting with individuals of other countries and cultures. Google pays special attention to the engineers of the company owing to their importance in the company and therefore they are provided with orientation, training and mentoring by a special group called end EDU group and the development programs for the engineers are in turn developed by the engineers. According to Majumdar (2015) the process of learning and development has also received special attention in the company which has resulted in the expansion of the learning and development team of the company. According to Rodriguez and Walters (2017) the learning and development team of the company works towards developing future leaders for the company which is evident from the fact that every Google employees undergo 120 hours of training and development which is many times more than the average in the sector itself. The focus on the development of their employee has transformed the company in to a super employer. Furthermore the company also has various re-imbursement plans in place if they want to pursue further higher education. The Stanford MS program is designed accordingly in order to suit the needs and requirements of the employees of Google seeking expertise in a particular area and the full expense of the entire program of the employees are borne by the company. Furthermore the global education leave program of the company allows up to 5 years of leave for their employees with a very high re-imbursement value for those employees of the company who seek to take their education further.
The employee development practices which are followed in Google are based on the theory of reinforcement which emphasizes on the learning behaviour of an individual and suggests that the learner will repeat the behaviour which is linked with a positive outcome. The theory also suggests that the training and development programs of a company must also be aligned with the objectives of the organization and a positive outcome can be expected with such training and development programs.
Employment relations and grievance handling
Google has a no-tolerance policy for violating employee code of conduct and they take strict actions against those who violate the employee conduct of conduct. As stated by Ganta (2014) owing to an affective relationship with all the employees of the company and owing to constant focus on employee welfare and development, grievance among the employees are not very common among the employees of the company and in case of identification or reporting of grievances in the company the Human Resource function of the company takes quick action to report the grievances by acknowledging the grievance, gathering facts about the grievance, examining the cause of grievances, taking decision based on the analysis of the grievance and executing the decision in a quick spam of time and reviewing the decision afterwards in order to ensure that it has been addressed.
As opined by Geetika, Ghosh, Rai, Joshi and Singh (2014) recently the employees of the company have ditched the human resource route to air and solve their grievances and are instead utilizing an employee-run message board which is later created in to weekly e-mail which are sent to subscribing employees in order to get their grievances heard and solved. The list is named ‘Yes at Google’, which offers the employees the opportunity to submit their grievances, allegations and of un-welcome behaviour anonymously and for those allegations to be tracked and communicated across the company, which the employees of the company has termed as an attempt to make the company more inclusive. The company is aware of the list of the employees but the company does not control the content of the list.
The relation between the employees and the relation of the employees with the top management of the company are effective in nature owing to the employee friendly culture in the company. As stated by Shields et al. (2015) the company follows a flat organization structure which facilitates effective relationship between the top management of the company with the employees of the company. As discussed above, the company has designed its office space and culture of the company accordingly which helps in facilitating effective relationship among the employees and promotes shared belief among the employees of the company.
As stated by Giorgi, Shoss and Leon-Perez (2015) the employee relations theory which is being practiced in the company is unitarist perspective, in which the company is regarded as an integrated and harmonious group of people with a single loyalty culture. In this type of perspective the company attaches greater importance to mutual co-operation and all the employees of the organization share a mutual purpose. The above perspective has a higher requirement for the loyalty of the employees of the company and as a reason the management of such an organization is top quality in nature due to its emphasis and application.
The training program of Google is the most highly rated training program which has the longest waiting list to get in. The training program of Google not only focuses on improving the skill set of the employees but it mainly focuses on mindfulness and helps in training employees regarding how to keep mental pressures aside in any situation and accordingly approach the situation in a present and focuses mind. The training program of Google follows a series of steps which begins with attention training, then gradually proceeds towards expanding self-knowledge and ends with the cultivation of skills.
The training approach which is followed in Google is based on the theory of reinforcement which emphasizes on the learning behaviour of an individual and suggests that the learner will repeat the behaviour which is linked with a positive outcome.
From the above report it is clear and evident that Google has become one of the most successful companies in the world owing to their excellent and effective human practices and strategy. While Google is popular owing to its HR practices and strategies, the same does not apply for Amazon, which is considered as one of the most innovative companies in the world.




Mission and Vision statement

Mission: To organise the universal information and make it accessible and useful
Vision: to offer access to universal information on one click

Mission: Providing customers lowest possible prices, the best possible selection and at great convenience
Vision: to become one of the most customer centric firm on planet where customers can find and explore anything that they may desire to purchase online

Business Performance

In 2017 revenue of Google was 109.65 bn USD and they made most revenue from advertising which was recorded at 67.39 bn USD in 2015

Amazon’s revenue in 2017 was 177.86 bn USD and their net income was 3.033 bn USD

HR strategy

Focuses on employee welfare and welfare development

Focus on innovation and achieve unprecedented business growth

Recruitment & selection



Training & development

Focuses on mindfulness and helps in training employees regarding how to keep mental pressures aside in any situation and accordingly approach the situation in a present and focuses mind

Focuses on improving the skill set of the employees

Employee relations

Relation between the employees and the top management is effective in nature owing to the employee friendly culture

Strong relationship between employee and management focused on employee branding

Performance management

Focuses on equity and it believes in providing each employee of the company for equal chances of growth and development

Performance review policies of the companies are very rigorous in nature which often proves hectic for the employees

Compensation and benefits

very rewarding in nature

Low cash compensation relative to other companies

The first and foremost future strategy which can be recommended to Google after analysing and reviewing its current HR practices and strategy is that they should not only focus on collecting the frequent feedbacks from their employees but should also focus on collecting the right feedback at the right time as it will provide valuable data to the HR managers of the company to impact real change which will help n driving greater employee experiences. The other future strategy which can be recommended to Google after analysing and reviewing the current Human Resource policies and strategies of the company is that the company should focus on employer branding ass it will help the company in talent acquisition. Due to the availability of a huge source of data on various platforms, the candidates of the company get full information regarding the company and therefore the company needs to understand how to conduct an exceptional employer brand and attract, hire and retain top employees by undertaking candidate reaction survey and ongoing employee feedbacks
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