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MGT501 Contemporary Management

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MGT501 Contemporary Management

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MGT501 Contemporary Management

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Course Code: MGT501
University: Charles Sturt University

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Country: Australia

This task this assessment is primarily about ‘doing’ management work through structured online conversations. Your online conversations for this assessment involve critical thought about the knowledge gained in the subject and its practical application to solving real problems.These management problems are posed within the subject topics, in two forms – elevator pitches and case discussion activities relating to mini case studies. You will be able to practise these activities in Topics 1 to 5. Assessable elevator pitches and case discussion activities commence from Topic 6.There are two parts to this task.A. Complete two(2) elevator pitch responses and two(2) case discussion activity responses, as follows: two(2) elevator pitch responses from Topic 6 to 8 (5 marks each, total 10 marks) two(2) case discussion activity responses from topic 7 to 11 (10 marks each, total 20 marks).B.Elevator pitch responses involve critical thinking on the question and appropriate professional communication taking into account the context of the elevator pitch scenario.Post your response to the relevant discussion forum for the elevator pitch that has been set up within the Discussion Board link on the Interact2 site.

Part A: Elevator Pitches
Elevator Pitch for Topic 6 (Organisational Planning)
Question: Is planning dead?
My response. Posted on (Date)
Planning is the basis of any management function. However, as the dynamic components of the business environment have increased considerably, VUCA often indicates that there exists no need of planning. However, as a response to this, it can be rightfully stated that although the last minute decisions having been made have undermined the importance of planning at large, planning cannot be stated to be an obsolete concept. Planning tends to serve as a guideline to assist the firm with respect to decisions of funds and resources and also as an evaluation tool during the stage of monitoring. Although last minute decisions can be made without planning, there evaluation will later on become difficult if no planning is present and hence, it will be right to state that planning is still a crucial part of the business.
Elevator Pitch for Topic 7 (Managing Strategies)
Question: What is your ‘killer idea’ to counter the drift from bricks-and-mortar retail to online?
My response. Posted on (Date)
Technology tends to see to it that the business idea keeps innovating considerably and that the different customers can be provided with better goods at large. However, due to the increased popularity of the e-commerce business, the retail businesses have suffered a great blow and to help these businesses, the e-commerce as well as the retail model has to be integrated at large. For this reason, the different business managers will be required to ensure that they integrate aspects of e-commerce and use the retail convenience to provide the consumers with an experience which goes a long way in helping them to take a view of the product closely. Along with this a competitive pricing strategy to combat against competition can be largely used. By setting up kiosks, Virtual reality and 3D effects, the customers will be lured to visit the retail stores and when availed with a great offer and price, will purchase from the store itself.
Part B: Case discussion activities
Case discussion Activity for Topic 9 (In a world of pay)
Case name: In a world of pay
My responses to the question. Posted on (date)
The given case, in a world of pay, is about Renate Schmidt and her dilemma regarding the appointment of Anne as a marketing head of the organization. However, there are various complications in her way as the pay system of the expatriate will be quite different from the existing employees and coming up to a very high compensation package. On the other hand, because of her capabilities, the CEO is consistent on hiring her (Baker, 2017).
1.The different conflicting values
The conflicting values comprise of those values which tend to have a great impact on the scenario but are clashing with one another. The conflicting values in the present case study are given below:

The costs associated with hiring Anne:Although the expatriate is highly educated and with a good reputation of working well, the pay system of the candidate will serve as an expensive endeavour to the firm at large.  However, if she is hired, the organization will be able to reach new heights. Hence, it stands as a conflict (com. , 2018).
Current workforce issues:The current workforce feels that they are being paid inadequately by the management and that although they have been associated with the firm for a longer time frame and contribute more, their pay is low.
The financial impact on the organization:Although the benefits of Anne`s employment is deemed to be positive in nature, it is taken to the understanding that her employment and compensation will come as a huge burden to the firm.

2. The advice to Renate
It can be understood that Renate is in a state of dilemma and hence, the following suggestions can be made to Renate:

Renate is required to undertake some case studies and research analysis: As the case of Anne seems to be an international scenario, Renate is required to ensure that she undertakes a successful case analysis, whereby she studies examples of other companies and the manner in which they have hired their expatriates at large.
Measure the benefits of hiring Anne: If Anne is a good employee and will act as a benefit to the company at large then she will be required to be appointed for the welfare of the firm (Schermerhorn, 2016).However, it needs to be understood that, her advantages over the different disadvantages need to be assessed and in case the benefits are more than the costs associated then she can be hired.
Manage the present work force and find ways to motivate them: The present workforce needs to be motivated and their hygiene factors need to be improved upon so that they work well for the firm.

Answer to Question 3- Management competencies
Management competencies can be described as the key qualities as well the skills which a manager in the VUCA world will be required to possess:
Adequate decision making: The managers need to possess decision making skills which will then go a long way in choosing the right kind of path which the firm can possess.
Research skills: The different research skills are important for the managers to possess. It helps them to find solutions to the problems (Waddell et al., 2016).
Cross cultural awareness: The managers also need to have cross cultural awareness in regard to the diversity as present at the workplace.
Case discussion activity for Topic 11 (Organizational Change)
Case name: Welcome aboard (But don’t change a thing)
My response to questions. Posted on (date):
Although the world has progressed, the women leaders still face a large number of problems when they take over higher posts. Hence, this case majorly talks about the glass ceiling which exists in a firm and how the organization becomes increasingly non-cooperative (McGregor & Doshi, 2015). The case talks about Cheryl Hailstorm who recently became the leader of the firm, however, she is finding it increasingly difficult to manage the different people of the organization and even the employees fail to recognise her as a true CEO. Even her prior acquaintance Mark does not want to assist her and hence, the case will be analysed as follows:
1.The conflicting values in the case
The conflicting values are the factors which are contrary to one another and tend to have a huge impact on the working of the firm. In the given case study, the different conflicting values are as follows:
Growth drive of Cheryl: The growth drive as adopted by Cheryl is very aggressive as compared to the general pace which the organization is used to (McNulty et al., 2002). She wants to take the organizations to a new path, however, the organization is not yet prepared to take up this speed and hence, there arises a situation.
Perception of the firm: The firm perceives Cheryl to be quite authoritative in nature and they believe that she does not engage in employee engagement which seems as a disrespect to the different members of the board.
The organizational culture: Lastly, the organizational culture of the firm is quite different from the one Cheryl is used to and hence, there seems to be a clash of the different cultures and the management of the firm.
After examining the different conflicting values which are present in the case, the following suggestions can be given to Cheryl at large:
Engage in employee engagement: Cheryl needs to ensure that she adopts an employee engagement program so that she can take in the views of the different employees who have been associated with the firm for a longer time period.
Ensure a face to face discussion with the board: Secondly, she will be required to engage in a face to face discussion with the different board of directors with respect to the strategies that they aim to plan for the firm at large and discuss about their respective visions (de Waal, 2016).
Adopt a balanced growth rate: Moreover, Cheryl needs to adopt a balanced growth rate for the organization as the firm is not prepared for an advanced growth rate.
These suggestions will ensure that she received adequate cooperation from all the members of the organization.
3.The Management competencies of VUCA world
The VUCA world is highly dynamic and thus any manager in the world, will be required to possess the given competencies:

Change maker: The manager needs to be a change maker in the firm who will undergo all the procedures and ensure that the organization becomes a high performing firm.
Decision making: The manager also needs to be good at decision making which will then make the formulation and adoption of strategies easier (Schermerhorn et al., 2014).
People`s man: The manager needs to be a people`s person and in this manner, they will be able to ensure that they are successfully able to engage all the employees.
Team player: The manager needs to be a team player and must imbibe team spirit among all the employees.

Baker, T. (2017). How can we solve the problem of harmful organising structures? Retrieved from https://www.hrmonline.com.au/social-media/solve-harmful-organisingstructures/
de Waal, A. (2016). Searching for effective change interventions for the transformation into a high performance organization. Management Research Review, 39(9), 1080- 1104.
McGregor, L., & Doshi, N. (2015). How company culture affects employee motivation. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2-9.
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Waddell, D., Creed, A., Cummings, C., & Worley, C. (2016). Managing resistance and organisational culture. Organisational change: Development and transformation (pp. 98- 116). Retrieved from https://ebookcentral-proquest-com.ezproxy.csu.edu.au
Youtube.com. (2018). `Topic 9 Managing people [hands, hearts and minds] (YouTube) | Available at: https://youtu.be/TcrwII6gbTU (Accessed on 16 Oct.2018)

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