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MGT5DPP Developing People And High Performance Organisations

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MGT5DPP Developing People And High Performance Organisations

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MGT5DPP Developing People And High Performance Organisations

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Course Code: MGT5DPP
University: La Trobe University

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Country: Australia


Accurate and appropriately focused summary of key partsoftheproposal.Good focus on relevant details with very few minor distractions. Clearly proposes a HRD intervention(s) appropriate for the group and the context; verywellwrittento capture the reader’s (‘management team’s’) attention.
Mostly accurate and appropriately focused summary of parts of the proposal. May include some minor distractions. Largely clear in what HRD intervention(s) is proposed, appropriate for the group and the context; written appropriately for the intended reader (‘management team’).
Proposal demonstrates excellent analysis of performance gap, specific competencies related to the group; excellent ability to apply theory and analysisto a givengrouplearningneeds and related to organisational context and tosuggest excellentrelevant interventions.
Proposal demonstrates very good analysis of performance gap, specific competenciesrelated to the group; very good ability to apply theory andanalysisto a group learning needs and related to organisational contextand to suggestgood relevant interventions.
Proposal demonstrates good analysis of performance gap, specific competencies related to the group; good ability to apply theory and analysis to agrouplearning needs related to organisational context and to suggest relevant interventions.
Proposal demonstrates effective analysis of performance gap, specific competenciesrelated to the group; effective ability to apply theory and analysisto a group learning needs related to organisational contextand tosuggestsome relevant interventions.
Proposal demonstrates insufficient analysis of performancegap,outlineof specific competencies related to the group; ineffective ability to apply theory and analysis to a group learning need srelated to organisational context. Littleto nosuggestion of relevant interventions.



What are your Objectives? (2)
What do I want to be able to do or do better as a HR manager of Red telecommunications?

Where am I now? (3)
What do I do now when I do this skill?
As a HR manager of Red telecommunications

Where do I want to be as an HR manager in Red telecommunication? (4)
What does it look like when I have achieved success?

How will I achieve success?
What action will you take to get to solve all of these problems?

What I have to do to solve (5)

When I have to complete (5)

Who will be responsible persons or beneficiaries? (7)


Learning and developmental planning designing is a significant task for all organizations. According to the case study, Red telecommunication has been facing a significant problem regarding their employees, arrangement and organizational structure based orientations. Complete developmental planning is done here in the following parts which will help the company for further improvement after mitigating all of these issues.
Learning and developmental plan design:

As a general manager of Red Telecom, associated with Customer Resolution Department’s general management part, I have found some fundamental issues which are listed below:
1. A great inequality or discrimination among existing employee base of the organization where white Americans and other racial persons are most dominant.
2. I want to make a tremendous improvement in the company’s official website for physically disabled customers and employees.
3. Employees are less trained. As a result, they are not able to deliver a multi-tasking approach towards the organization.
Working teams are mostly part-time employee based.

As an HR manager, I am now in a position where they are diversified
Issues towards the global expansion of the organization. Current customer resolution team has nearly 15 frontline executives to satisfy customer queries.  However, as they are not trained enough, so they are not delivering satisfying answers to their customers. As a result, it reflects a negative impact upon our customers.
Among this team, there is also a great inequality of male, female, CALD, LGBTQ and others. It should be equalized.
Above all, the operation management system and general management system are two separate reporting authorities to all of these employees. In this situation as the website is not working properly, so it creates great hindrances among the employees to deliver a multitasking working culture to their authority. In this entire scenario, another operational issue is the high dependence over the part-time employees.

When I am successful in the implementation of all of these steps the entire organization system will be smoother than the present time. In this time, the website will be activated for all of the employees and both employees and customers can access it from anywhere through the utilization of smart technological gadgets. In this aspect, I will focus highly on the development of the website and improvement in the telecommunication related activities. On the other hand, after the successful manifestation of all those things I will get the success in the maintenance of organizational changes also. It creates a significant change in my placement in the organization.
After getting success, I will be more cautious during the selection and recruitment of new employees also. As it is highly required for HR manager to be cautious of things mentioned below.

It is a part of an important business strategy to differentiate their products and services with their alternatives and present them to the customers. This technique is useful as it let customers decide upon the product at an instant. Most of the customers do not have time to compare with other companies, an easy differentiation display by the business offer enough convenience to the customers and attract them to buy it on the spot. As an HR it will be my duty also.

12 month time

In the manifestation of such a successful step it is needed the participation of all the employees, operational executives and others.

Present situation of the Red telecommunication:
In this situation, if I want to make a dazzling improvement, then employee training is a highly crucial one (Bernal et al., 2018, p. 2018). As a result, employees will be highly motivated to act as a multitasking player. On the other hand, some changing in the company policy is also highly significant. It will help our company to make an equivalent ratio among all kinds of employees including male, female, LGBTQ or CALD. RISE program will be successful only after the completion of company policies, rules and regulations, employee ethics, leadership rules along with company management code of conduct based rules (Alhassan and Hadwen, 2017, p. 756).
How I utilize my skill as a HR manager:
On the other hand, it is simultaneously needed to make some consultation with website development programmers. When the company is tied up with a software-based website development company, then that company will permanently take over the responsibilities of improvement of the company website. As a result, this website will be highly recognized by employees and customers. It is the best way to recover company position in the global market. In the entire list, for the implementation primarily I need an excellent human resources management skill. It will help me to inspire and motivate employee through utilization of the best skills presented in each employee. In this turn company productivity will also be enhanced. In this situation, I have to enhance my skill in operation management and general management also. As all of these problems are related within these three departments so, if I want to solve the entire scenario, in this aspect proper knowledge about all of those kinds of management is highly crucial. Knowledge in all of those subjects will help me to align the work culture of these departments and to mitigate all of these issues (Bernal et al., 2017, p. 55). It needs to be done along with a strategically planning. The proper manifestation of all those things will help me to develop my skills to solve all of these issues (Haus, 2017, p. 156).
Actions and its timing as a HR manager:
As an HR manager and operational head I have to make proper business procedures and standards.
It is the business processes and procedures that can show that how a business should operate. Developing processes are very crucial when your business is in the early stages of establishment or when you are re-growing a business that is not performing well.
A standardized process can bring efficiency to the business and save time. These processes can also enhance the product consistency by the staff (Hoornweg et al., 2018, p. 56).
Standards and policies
These are setting benchmarks for your staff to carry out the tasks in a considerate manner. This helps in boosting customer experience in the business dealings (Smith and Groenewald, 2017, p. 45).
For example, a retail business such as Red telecommunication may need to:

Keep the processes in place to accomplish sales.
Building necessary procedures for the staff that is opening and closing the store.
Arrange a standard policy for the clothing of the company’s staff and the standard of customer service (Goulet, 2017, p. 130).

Consumer rights and responsibilities

The right to satisfy the basic needs: Citizens demand the best facilities concerning food, shelter, clothing, health, education, transport, sanitization, water, etc.
The right to protection: Citizens demand protection against any hazardous or damaged products or services.
The right to be informed and protected: Citizens require protection against frauds, misleading information or any deceitful act.
The right to choose: It is the right of the customer to choose from a variety of products and select them at competitive rates.
The right to be heard: It is the right of the customers to express and show their interest in the making of political and economic decisions.
The right to redress: To get compensation for the unsatisfactory services or any misrepresentation services (Dlamini and Reddy, 2018, p. 22).
The right to consumer education: To gain knowledge about the related product and service.
The right to a healthy environment: It is essential to boost the quality of life and the offer environmental protection (Bhujang and Suma, 2017, p. 200).


The responsibility to be aware: To be aware of the quality and safety of the product before purchasing.
The responsibility to think independently: To make choices of their requirements.
The responsibility to speak out: To the business and government of their needs.
The responsibility to complain: To inform the business and other consumers about dissatisfaction related to a specific product or service.
The responsibility to be an ethical consumer: Not To get involved in any wrong practice.
The responsibility to save the environment: To not pollute the surroundings (Ellis, 2017, p. 70).

For example, in a retail business such as telecommunications, a customer ordered services online from the supermarket’s website and get stale packets of vegetables. So it is the right of the customer to get back the refund or change the products, and it is the customer’s responsibility to inform the business about the issue.
How to establish effective and regular communication with clients?
Establishing regular communication with customers is essential. This is the essential part of the marketing that attracts a large number of customers towards the business. This makes the customers feel special, and most of the time they make their way towards the store even if the business is new to them. Clients and customers can be regularly followed and contacted through the following (Hogan et al., 2017, p. 200):

Email: Sending emails related to any promotional offer or an event can be an effective way of communicating with customers. 
Newsletter: Keeping newsletters in the customer’s shopping back or sending them to their home keep them updated.
Phone: Texting and sometimes calling to share the experience of the last purchase or telling options related to their future purchase are quite efficient.
Social Media: Advertising and marketing on social media is the easiest way to keep the customers updated.
Business can highlight the details of products and services by referring to those products and services that are hardly available due to limited production. Limited products attract many buyers, and this helps in the selling of your stock at a large scale (McLaughlin and Rouse, 2018).

It can be concluded from the entire discussion that proper maintenance of all of these steps will help Red telecommunication to make a significant change and to mitigate all of those problems. In this assignment, developmental planning is also provided. Developmental planning will show the pathway that how it can be done in a proper timing. As a HR manager, I have to perform all of these discussed things. This assignment will help my forerunners of this industry for their further betterment in future.
Bhujang, R.K., and Suma, V., 2017, December. Analysis of risk in software process models. In 2017 International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems (ICISS) (pp. 199-204). IEEE.
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Goulet, D., 2017. On the ethics of development planning. In Development Ethics (pp. 121-139). Routledge.
Haus, M., 2017. District Development Planning in Heidelberg: Realizing Change through Political Leadership and Community Involvement. In Reform in Europe (pp. 155-172). Routledge.
Hoornweg, D., Hosseini, M. and Kennedy, C., 2018, April. Sustainability cost curves for urban infrastructure planning. In Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Civil Engineering (pp. 1-44). Thomas Telford Ltd.
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Abubakar, I.R., 2018. Applications of Crowdsourcing in Sustainable Urban Development Planning in Developing Countries. In Crowdfunding and Sustainable Urban Development in Emerging Economies (pp. 77-96). IGI Global

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