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MGT600 Managing People And Organisations

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MGT600 Managing People And Organisations

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MGT600 Managing People And Organisations

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Course Code: MGT600
University: International College Of Management, Sydney

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Country: Australia


In this competitive business environment, manager roles have been diversified in various areas which also increased their overall responsibilities.
This report is based on the company Pizza Hut which is one of the leading fast food chain having operations in many countries.
This research depicts the role and responsibilities of manager in Pizza Hut and also include the major challenged faced by them. Various related articles and journals are also reviewed so that to get deep understanding of the necessary manager implications.
In the last, several recommendations are also presented so as to help the manager in coping up with various challenges in the dynamic business environment. These include inventory management, employee retention and customer satisfaction.


From the past century, there are various remarkable transformations takes place in the work including changes in the economy, employees, society and most significantly in the technology. However, in spite of these changes and revolutions, several features remain unchanged, which includes the organization-operating environment (Ramaswamy, 2009).
The report outline starts with the background and history of Pizza Hut which is a fast food chain industry operating all over the globe. With the help of this report, one can gain various detailed insights about the company, managerial role, and employee behaviour. For gaining diversified insights about the company and its management, many journals, as well as articles, are also be critically reviewed so that it will be helpful for various stakeholders and the public for taking of necessary actions or decisions. The company key business objectives, competitors and its size will also be discussed.
In context to most of the organization, leading team and people are related to the developing and managing the organizational resources in an effective way. From the past few decades, managers have realized that to get the most out of the organization, they need to integrate all aspects of the effective managerial problem solving skills so that teams and employees can be managed in an effective manner (Binda & Iversen, 2007).
Literature Review
This literature report is the first part of the larger research report, which addresses various issues relating to the management practices in an organization, the challenges they are facing, responsibilities connected with the role and perceptive organization change plan by these managers. Fast food organizations like Pizza hut have identified a number of strategic priorities and the managers in Pizza Hut are addressing this issue with an increased frequency.
According to Tarique & Schuler (2010), managing employees and organizations in the changing context includes the various contemporary problems faced by the managers when they addressee people and various other aspects of organization. They also stated that understanding the approaches to human resource management and organization behaviour is necessary as they give valuable alternatives which are necessary for the manager’s perspectives. It includes employee engagement, de-professionalization and the growing challenge of social media. They also stated that for achieving the organization objectives effectively, the manager’s actions need to connect with wide range of practices including managing group as well as individual, managing creativity and innovation, and deal with corporate governance and CSR. Therefore, as an international organization, the managers at Pizza Hut need to follow wide range of management practices to achieve the organization goal in an effective manner.
In addition, it is also necessary for an organization to understand the interconnection between managing and leading people in aligning with the organization change (Jalagat, 2017). The author also stated that if an organization want to achieve well-informed economic decisions, the necessary management practices need to be incorporated not only to the organization strategic business plan but also with every employee working in the employee. For employees and staff, incorporating these practices will hone their skills, knowledge, abilities and attitudes, and these all help them in making them productive in their respective field. According to the author, if the manager helps their employees in finding out their responsibilities connected with their position, there will be promotion of the organization productivity and profitability.
According to Morgeson, DeRue & Karam (2010), with the help of effective leadership and HR management, the managers can realize the better understanding relating to managing the people effectively. In addition, with these common goals, it will also help in the motivation of the employees and increases their performance. The literature state is deplorable as Leadership and HRM have the potential to counterbalance each other in theory as well as in research design. The author also sees a holistic view with effective decision-making by mapping the key approached of management with the HRM and leadership.
As per the statement of Leonard (2011), management is the integrating force of the activities evolved in business enterprises and managers play a decisive role in all the management process. They make all plans, set necessary goals, motivate employees and also monitor all the activities. The author also did a survey in order to find out the roles of managers and related psychology aspect connected with the management process.
In the last, it can be said that managing people is very important for the organization as it forms part of organization existence. Relating to the company, the managers can face many problems relating to managing the store’s employees, deals with dynamic organization changes, and planning the business for the next 2-5 years in according with the business environment.
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut is a restaurant chain, which is known for its Italian-American cuisine menu. The company was founded 60 years ago in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney. This restaurant chain has 16,976 restaurants worldwide and it’s headquartered is situated in Texas, US. The company always experiments with the new products by disposing of less successful products (He, Zha & Li, 2013).
The company mission statement is also based on the PEARL concept, which stands for Passion, execute, accountability, recognition, and listen. The company also wants to be the first choice among restaurants and they want to provide their customers 100% satisfaction so that their stakeholders can get attractive returns.
Operations and Findings
Pizza Hut has built an integrated executive-level structure and process through which the company can assess, guide and oversee the worldwide activities. The company is also continuously refining its structure as needed and setup various measures progress against the objectives so that to enhance the capabilities and effectiveness (Macdonald, Cummins & Macintyre, 2007).
In Pizza Hut, the managers’ career path is defined by the established career in leadership under the hospitality industry. The major responsibility of the manager is to meet customer service guidelines formed by the organization in respective to achieve their vision. The managers are also responsible for directing the operations of the restaurants so that to attain the sales and profit objectives of the company. They are responsible for ensuring highest standards of food quality, service, cleanliness and sanitation including supervising the management and hourly employees.
The primary responsibilities and the manager’s roles include providing friendly services according to the guidelines of the companies. For achieving this objective, they need to direct all overall activities and performance of the overall staff (Karnani, 2010). In Pizza Hut, The managers also need to handle guest complaints on an immediate basis so that to make the customer satisfy and this will also create more loyal customer base. The manager is also responsible for maintaining and monitoring adequate food and beverage inventories so that the cooked food serves to the customer will be healthy. In addition, the numbers of customers are increasing towards health conscious and so ignoring fast food (Hwang & Cranage, 2010). This makes the management to formulate various strategies for the safety of foods and inventories. The manager at Pizza Hut also enforces awareness towards drinking alcohol at workplace so that to build positive relationship with the local authorities. They also take assistance from their staff relating to alcohol issues so that they can also be aware of the necessary consequences. The managers in Pizza Hut are also responsible for the compliance of various laws relating to local and state guidelines. They need follow the government law connected with environment safety, workplace environment, and employee wage act (Clark, Hawkes, Murphy, Hansen-Kuhn & Wallinga, (2012). For example, the management uses paper bag instead of polythene when the customer is taking Pizza box at home. The manager also needs to ensure that the store has maintained cleanliness by putting wastebasket both inside and outside the store.
In addition, the manager in Pizza Hut ensures that the production is smoothly going as per the daily line check with meeting up of the sales volume. This is very important aspect of the managerial role as monthly target can only be achieved if the store management follows daily line check-up. For this purpose, the managers constantly inspect the employees in the stores and also maintained daily work report which also used later for the purpose of remuneration and promotion.
Another role of manager in the Pizza Hut includes direct hiring, recruiting, assigning and training of the employees so that no seat will be empty due to the leave of the other employee. The managers recruit individuals from various sources like employee reference, educational institution leading course of hotel management and MBA and online agencies (Jaidi, Van & Arends, 2011). The store also has maintained a local area social media page on Instagram and Facebook so that they can post requirement of employee on this website and due to popularity of the social media among public, they can easily get the respective individuals for their vacant seat.
The manager in Pizza Hut also confirms the adherence of all cash handling procedures on a daily basis so that no errors can be recorded or committed by anyone. In addition, this area is not a much problem for manager as all processes are automated and the transactions are done in the system only (Mahalik & Nambiar, 2010). Moreover, in accordance with company and government policy, the manager maintain effective safety and security programs such as putting of 360 degree security camera in the stores, subscribing of the antivirus software in all their systems running Microsoft OS for getting safety from various ransomware, malwares and other viruses. The manager also ensures that a regular maintenance of all the systems is done on a continuous basis so as to smooth flow of the working and also increases the efficiency in all areas (Van, De, Vanhaverbeke, & Rochemont, 2009).
Therefore, these all are the major and primary responsibilities of the manger in Pizza Hut which need to be dully fulfilled as per the company policies and guideline. Their other role includes holding effective communication with the staff to gain real insights about the customer experience, and complete all the assigned duties and responsibilities given by the top management.
In addition, there are various marketing and operational challenges faced by the manager in Pizza Hut. One of the most significant challenges for managers is to maintain a superior customer experience. The restaurant industry is a service-first industry and so first impressions are important. Getting of positive reviews is necessary and really nice, however, if Pizza Hut reviews the publishing of bad reviews, it can be hard for the manager to break deal for current and potential guests (Akkerman, Farahani & Grunow, 2010). After the completion of the order, Pizza Hut gave their customer a chance to reviews the food quality and staff by replying to a message or on social media sites. This makes the manger need to handle every customer with full care so that no complaint should reach to the senior manager. To achieving this objective, manager and each staff make each and every customer feel values and welcomed. This strategy is directly related to the dining experience and customer retention rates.
Other challenges of the manager include the employee retention, as many of the employees working there are a part time student stepping stone in their career. Most of the employees working in Pizza Hut are serving as a part time employee and full time student as per their thinking (Wu & Pagell, 2011). In addition, most of the employees come in the company after completing of bachelor degree and with the work; they want to go for master’s programme so as to shape their career and life. This makes the employee work for a short period of time and also creates a problem for the manager as he has to again promote the vacant seats at many sources so as to fulfil it. This is why the manager constantly looks at ways they can retain their staff.
The last important challenge faced by the manager is related to the inventory management. The manager need to constantly focus on the inventory and menu pricing so that to limit waste in the process of ordering. This will have a direct impact not only on the environment but also on the fluctuating ingredients costs, which impact gross profit on items. Manager always needs to ensure that menu pricing should be organic and have fluidity as frequent. In addition, the managers also face various challenges in managing the order management system, which is also called as inventory system. The imposition of unexpected policy from the top management can make the need to necessary changes in the inventory system. In addition, the changes in government policy such as taxation policy and import policy also have a significant impact on these systems which also need to be considered by the employee on a continuous basis.
The dynamic and competitive business environment also makes the manager’s role and responsibilities diversified. They need to carry out various responsibilities and duties all together and in compliance with the necessary guidelines framed by the government and company.
In Pizza Hut, the managerial role is divided into various segments starting from the administrative work to the respective communications in operations, recruitment and customer handling. In addition, managers also face several challenges while taking out their responsibilities. The challenges are related to inventory management, customer satisfaction and employee retention.
For making a smooth flow of operations in the organization, the manager can focus on eliminating these challenges by making them convert into opportunities.  For raising customer experience, the manager needs to tackle customer service from all aspects. They need to capture vital customer information so as to make the process efficient. They need to also engage with social media and online reviews. To solve the problem of employee retention, the manager can rotate the job position to one another, as it will develop their skills. He can also customize the shifts as per their needs, which gives them flexibility to work. The manager can also plan for the latest technology and software that will aid in effective inventory management and optimization of resources.
Therefore, with these methods, the brand can strengthen its goodwill, which will build on customer satisfaction and make more and more customers brand loyal.
Akkerman, R., Farahani, P., & Grunow, M. (2010). Quality, safety and sustainability in food distribution: a review of quantitative operations management approaches and challenges. Or Spectrum, 32(4), 863-904.
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