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MGT806 Applied Management

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MGT806 Applied Management



4) Evaluation of change Management Strategy feedback by our tutor :- How to overcome resistance to change What programs are gonna be implemented to brake the change resistance . Example Farmers will protest because government keep changing the legislation this make more complicated to achieve those requirements. They will be protesting next week and they treath to not paying rates related to quality How you gonna deal with farmers, community and government Include all those factors resistant to change. Describe how it affects each one Example Farmers are concern about environment because they care about their land (mention emotional aspects) Shareholders are concerned about the decrease of profits (economic aspects) how much is gonna cost Government will regulate any of the changes. 5)Audit feedback by tutor :- Which aspects will be analyzed during the audit and why ? Hi the above text is the tutor feedback for our group assignment that our group made. We have been asked to make changes to the points according to the above feedback. I have attached the whole group project file and we have given numbers to the topic you just need to make changes in number 4 and number 5.Do not delete anything that’s already written in the file just add on words according to the feedback. Please highlight the added words red so that we know what actually has been added. APA reference 7th edition with page numbers and proper citations.

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