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MITS4001 Business Information Systems

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MITS4001 Business Information Systems

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MITS4001 Business Information Systems

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Course Code: MITS4001
University: Victorian Institute Of Technology

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Country: Australia

Write the Analysis of SSL for Identifying the Value to Gain from Current Portfolios of IS

BIS or business information systems comprise of the analysis as well as organization of the business information by the significant application of technologies (Lloyd 2017). This is a set of several inter related procedures that are utilized for the IT infrastructure in the business or enterprise to generate and distribute the desired information. Hence, the business information systems are can eventually obtain the confidential data and any other major IT infrastructure resource as their inputs from both environment and processes to satisfy the requirements of information in the business enterprise. Each and every system is the respective sub system of this business system so that the control or feedback could be served perfectly (Schwalbe 2015). This report will be outlining the detailed description on business information systems regarding SSL case study. This proper analysis of the Security Services Limited for the subsequent identification of the value or any other strategies of information system will be given here.
Analysis of SSL for Identifying the Value to Gain from Current Portfolios of IS
This organization of SSL or Security Services Limited can be termed as one of the main providers of private security service in the United Kingdom. The respective turnover was quite high within several companies and hence it provides the wider range of service to the customers (Alwahaishi and Snásel 2013). SSL has grown to combine several factors like organic growth from main businesses. This type of analysis as well as installation of security device and the regular security sweeps could be easily completed in SSL. The identification of organizational value is done here and this particular value is eventually obtained from their recent portfolios of existing information system. The company of SSL has thus recognized the management of information as one of the main enabler of businesses and government (Oztaysi 2014). The total performance of this organization should be incremented and SSL had been using their information effectively and efficiently. Hence, this situation has come about several past technology solutions to fulfil their important and significant business related requirements of SSL company. All of these solutions can subsequently undertake the major requirements of this organization to lead to the significant incompatibilities and effort or cost duplication (Brooks 2016). There are several main aspects, which are needed to be solely analysed within the specific case study regarding SSL organization and these are given below:

i) Incompatible System: The first or the most significant and noteworthy aspect, which should be properly checked to obtain a perfect analysis is an incompatible system. There is a main requirement of all of the systems that is creating the unified and integrated access to this complete data hold of Security Services Limited Company (Wagner, Vollmar and Wagner 2014). Furthermore, this myriad of incompatible as well as disparate storage or even the respective inherited data could be checked properly and perfectly.
ii) Impact of Information on the Main Decisions: A stronger impact is present on the respective confidential information of this Security Services Limited over the several decisions that are undertaken by SSL (Gelenbe and Caseau 2015). This specific system of information management of SSL comprises of the core ability to handle every type of complicated data and thus allows them in undertaking the significant decisions.

iii) Future Proof of Information as well as Technology Investment: This organization of SSL has substantially built a basic technique for ensuring the fact their information system can offer the power and flexibility to manage the future as well as the current data and then fulfil the requirements of storage management (Zhilenkov and Chernyi 2015). The feature-rich system is then integrated to all the previously existing infrastructures of IT and hence can be easily extended by the clients. The protection of investment is then provided by simply connecting the legacy or the new data and storage and hence allowing the tools for including the storages of cloud.
This company of Security Services Limited could easily evaluate future information system with few of the important techniques (Tafti, Mithas and Krishnan 2013). All of the techniques can be promptly termed as two important techniques, called dynamic methods and statistical methods. The statistical method is considered as one of the most effective techniques for future investments in information systems. It focuses over the complete monitoring of cash benefits for the core purpose of measuring the initial expenses. This risk factor of the SSL organization is not at all included and hence time is only in restricted extent (Ullah and Lai 2013). The next evaluation method in this purpose to invest in future would be the method of dynamic evaluation. Dynamic method eventually takes into account about the main factors of risks and time based on the discount of input parameter.
Analysis of Constructing Strategy of Information System with Advantages
The company of SSL does not consist of the coherent strategies of the information system. The strategy of information security is hence quite vital and noteworthy for each and every organization to build the distinct information security program and then aligning with the various strategies of IT or business (Hills 2018). The IS strategy subsequently gives a main roadmap for the purpose of obtaining the expected end states, generally for a specified period of 3 and 5 years. This specific SSL organization must construct the strategy of information security to resolve their all issues that are linked to IS. Thus the basic strategy of the information system can be stated as the pattern and plan that can help them to integrate the organizational goals, objectives, policies as well as procedures (Ye and Wang 2013). As the organizational framework of each and every conceptual element is present for the individuals, the level of the inter-organizational is checked and then is informed to yield the several measurable advantages of the information security in SSL.
The major and the most significant benefits of this presence of information system strategy are as follows:

i) Better Procedure of the Decision Making: The first and the most important or vital benefit of the information security strategy is that it provides a better procedure to the decision making of the SSL organization. This particular organization can hence easily and promptly take all the main decisions within the most efficient as well as effective manner (Liu and Wang 2014). Furthermore, the several threats, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths of this organization are properly recognized with the strategy and hence SSL can take their decisions easily.
ii) Highly Proactive and not Reactive: Another important and significant benefit, which is easily obtained with this presence of the strategy of information security would be that it could be stated as highly proactive (Bardhan, Krishnan and Lin 2013). It is not reactive and these events can occur and cannot lead to the respective security program to be driven easily. Hence, the strategic plan regarding information security can enable them to be on front foot.

iii) Easy Alignment with Business: The third vital and noteworthy advantage for this IS strategy is the easy alignment with the business. All the business related departments are easily and promptly linked and aligned with this strategy (Tarafdar et al. 2015). Thus, the goals and expectations are achieved easily.

iv) Clear Directions: The fourth important and significant benefit of this information security strategy would be the clear directions in the organization. This particular strategy eventually helps to provide the real goals and objectives that can be properly communication and measures (Dahlstrom, Walker and Dziuban 2013). Thus, this company is extremely benefitted from the strategy of information security.

Analysis of Strategic Potentials for Greater Investment in Information System
The business information system can be quite proactive and it should eventually anticipate the main alterations for requirements in information and hence adapting these requirements to suit the needs (Wagner, Vollmar and Wagner 2014). This is quite important that all of the managers are getting involved in the daily activities and the entire process of decision making is much easier. The respective strategic potentials of the company of Security Services Limited is extremely vital to perfectly assess and form the several organizational objectives and goals. The subsequent regularities in the system functions are checked properly and there is the process assurance for decomposing the strategic potentials (Gelenbe and Caseau 2015). The integrity, hierarchy and completeness are three system features and are established properly within the company.
There are two perspectives of the SSL organization, which are companywide and divisional. Both of them could have better potentials of strategies to invest more for information system or technology (Tafti, Mithas and Krishnan 2013). The implementation of this information system or technology can help SSL to get few benefits. For SSL divisional perspective, this strategic potential would be better communication within the company. Hence, the complexity of communication is highly reduced for the other divisions. For SSL companywide data perspective, the respective information system or technology can make all types of confidential available and accessible for the users and hence any attacker cannot access these data (Ullah and Lai 2013). Furthermore, organizational productivity is highly incremented by this type of implementation.
The BPR or business process re-engineering is one of the major and effective tool for Security Services Limited to redesign the business processes radically and thus improvements are achieved in organizational productivity, cycle time and quality. They could maximize the potential of information technology and information system for the business (Ye and Wang 2013). Hence, the tasks become much easy and spectacular improvements are achieved. Moreover, BPR is extremely cost effective; hence the non-value adding steps are eliminated in organizational procedures. Quality and costs are improvised. Extra layer of information technology is also eliminated and then data distribution is improved with BPR. Thus, SSL should implement business process re-engineering for obtaining several benefits.
Description of Current Location of IS Function in SSL with Major Recommendation
The business information system is designed to support this process of decision making by the users, who are associated for the business in this process to attain the several goals and objectives (Bardhan, Krishnan and Lin 2013). Current locations of each and every function of information system within SSL Company is in the respective divisional sector. The organizational divisional sector subsequently refers to various activities, which could take place within the headquarters of Security Services Limited. The financial and general management are also completed in the specific sector. IT department within divisional sector helps to check the functions of IS. Four divisions are present in this SSL divisional sector and these are private transport divisions or PTD, business security divisions or BSD, domestic security divisions or DSD and home office service divisions or HOSD (Tarafdar et al. 2015).
A significant recommendation, which can bring out the best locations for several IT services in future would be the organizational headquarters. As the current locations of SSL, which are the divisional sectors, are subsequently following traditional methods for storing all the IS functions; this location of SSL headquarters is the most important and termed as the best. Furthermore, there are four divisions in the divisional sector and all of them have their own distinct security systems; there is a high chance that the security is being threatened. Thus, headquarters would be the best location for SSL.
Therefore, from this above provided report, conclusion can be drawn that business information systems are responsible for catering the several requirements of information for the purpose of undertaking relevant and important decisions in this business. This above report hence has properly depicted the complete case of SSL organization. This specific company is solely responsible to provide each and every type of the private security service in the UK. They are majorly providing the services such as armoured transports for conveying cash or cheques in businesses or banks, provision to domestic security service and provision to security service. The various details about this company of SSL are eventually given in this report. Furthermore, the construction of IS strategies is also completed here and the strategic potentials are eventually analysed. Recommendation regarding the best location of functions of information system are provided in this report. 
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