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MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments

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MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments

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MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments

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Course Code: MKT01760
University: Southern Cross University

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Country: Australia


The preparation of a new tourism plan or policy to address an emerging tourism issue. For example, this issue might be an emerging crisis such as the global financial crisis; or an outbreak of a transmittable disease such as avian flu; or a long-term issue such as climate change, coral bleaching or even a planned deviation of a major highway to bypass a tourist town.
You will have to make a number of decisions in order to narrow your focus.
Remember the more focused the tourism issue you are addressing in your discussion paper.


In order to develop a country’s economy, its tourism sector needs to be strong enough. Planning a proper tourism would help the country in meeting its objectives and all the stakeholders need to work together in this planning so that it satisfies the tourist’s needs. The government also should focus on the social and economic aspect of tourism so that the sustenance gets maintained.
Critical evaluation of two discussion papers on tourism issue
As per the analysis of national tourism plans of Australia, it can be seen that there are many challenging aspects which need focus in establishing an efficient tourism industry (De Grosbois, 2016, p. 245). The political turmoil, terrorist attacks, pandemic diseases of that locality, shortage of labors, changing climates and environmental disturbance- everything can be a part of the obstacles coming in the way of founding a proper tourism industry in Australia.

Effect of natural disasters and climate change on tourism- Based on the survey in Australia, it can be observed that Australian tourism is greatly affected by the natural disasters like severe storms, cyclone, flood, drought etc. The fluctuating climate also plays a major role in the decreasing the number of tourists here (Williams, 2017, p. 65). The coral bleaching, rise of a sea- level, unstable rainfall pattern, severity of dry seasons are some of the main factors creating an adverse impact upon tourism.
Security and safety in tourism company- Australia has always been known as the target for terrorists so in this scenario, providing proper safety to the tourists should be the main concern. As per the records of ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics), it was seen that almost 10 million people took trips because of the unstable political condition in the country (Torre and Scarborough, 2017, p. 621). 56% of the citizens are issuing passports which are the highest among European countries.
Strategic Alliance and partnership in tourism- Australia needs to use its giant network and collaborate with other industries to increase the number of tourists (Dooms et al. 2015, p. 459). The territory organizations, non-travel companies, aviation industry are the major partners which can contribute to develop Australian tourism.

Identification of issue-The policy planning cycle of tourism industry states that before organizing any trip some important factors must be noted which are, tourism planning and capacity, disaster management communication, health security, terrorism and crime and so on. In the above-mentioned paper, there are millions of issues addressed (Schiller and Kenworthy, 2017, p. 47).
Analysis of issue -In 2017 Queensland was flooded and later Cyclone Yasi also disrupted the environment there. Millions of tourists became a victim of this issue.
Policy solution- In order to overcome these issues, the policy planning cycle suggests the tourism planner contact the meteorological department before finalizing any tour plan and also to stay in touch with the territory organizations so that the lives of the people do not get affected.
Consultation- The Australian government should be actively involved in the tour plans and contribute something to avoid the risk factors (Tolley and Turton, 2014, p. 76). The policy planning cycle states to consult the stakeholders at the drafting commencement.
Implementation and evaluation- If the suggested plans are implemented successfully and efficiently, then the research paper would not include the terrorist or climatic changes issues and the tourism industry would be able to satisfy the tourists.
As per the analysis of World tourism Organization development paper, there are many other types of issues addressed in it such as poor economic growth, improper social inclusion & poverty reduction, lack of mutual understanding, disrespect of cultural heritage etc.

Figure 1: Assessment of different aspects of improving tourism industry
(Source: Tolley and Turton, 2014, p. 76)

Social inclusion and poverty reduction- Tourism can be a great solution to unemployment. Across worldwide, it has been seen that flourished tourism provided employment to many women and youth of the country (Oloruntoba et al. 2018, p. 541). Although it is not directly proportional to poverty reduction, the low-level educational requirements for the primary staffs could be a solution to poverty decrease. Hence the tourism does not only need to focus on the tourists but also how a proper plan could help in developing the country.
Cultural heritage and diversity- Cultural heritage as global wealth should be the main concern for the tourism industry. Only 40% of Australian tours include cultural walks which mean rest 60% tour planners are not prioritizing Australian culture as part of the tour plan (Shultz, 2017, p. 60). The number should increase as the more tourists would be able to see the diverse culture of the country; the better it would be for generating revenue which could be channeled into steps of aiding permanent survival.

Identification of the issue- The policy planning control of Tourism industry observes that the social inclusion and diverse culture is not getting proper value while organizing a tour plan.
Analysis of the issue- According to TSA in 2008 the overall percentage of the Australian workforce was 4.7 under which 483000 people worked in the tourism industry. This number should increase more to overcome unemployment issues and indirectly to reduce poverty from the Australian Economy (Grigor’ev and Plotnikov, 2014, p. 29).
Policy Solution- The planning policy suggests to organize such a tour plan which would satisfy the customers and simultaneously benefit the host country’s economy.
Consultation- Policy planning cycle states to stay in touch with the government because if a tour plan could enhance the country’s overall reputation, it should be conducted in that way.
Selection of alternative
Certain taxes should be implemented in organizing tours so that inefficient tour planners stay out of the way. According to policy planning cycle of the tourism industry, it is mandatory to have a qualified tourist board.
Implementation and evaluation- If all the ideas are applied successfully, the Australian tourism industry would not overlook the cultural aspect anymore and the government could generate huge revenue from it.
Contrast and Comparison of two discussion papers
If both of the above-mentioned papers are judged critically then the first paper should be prioritized more over the second one because it addressed a bigger realistic issue which needed attention. However, both the papers state some problems which are common to all sectors but the first one focuses more on the tourist perspective while the second one focuses more on the host Country’s perspective. The points are both essential in founding a proper tourism sector but the first discussion paper gets more point since it has the concern of the tourists who are members of the country for just some days. It is more important to keep the safety issue of those invited guests into consideration rather than thinking of generating profit for the country (Buigut and Amendah, 2016, p. 928). All the tourists who are coming to Australia relying upon some Australian tour planners, their lives should be the foremost concern. Those people should not be a victim of the politically imbalanced situation in the country nor should they be victimized by the abrupt occurrence of Cyclone or Tsunami.
If someone needs to plan a proper tour keeping the discussion papers in mind, the first paper should be more valued because it gave quite some data regarding the research and also presented many graphs (Wong et al. 2016, p. 12). If the investor takes a close look at those data, it could prove to be valuable. The main targeted audience which are the customers who conduct tours with tourism industries can have a proper idea of the country’s overall situation or if the country is fir for a tour organized in it or not, by the first paper. The policy cycle of the tourism industry is well referred in the first discussion which could also enable the customers and the investors to have a proper idea of whether the tour planners are following those plans properly or not (Goldman and Neubauer-Shani, 2017, p.451). Whether every regulation is being strictly inspected or not is also a criterion of the first discussion paper so it would be more productive in communicating with the targeted audience.
Learning Reflection
Since I am interested in proposing a tourism plan and developing it so that it could benefit the tourists as well as the host country, the discussion paper has helped me a lot in this project. I recognized that the first paper included more realistic issues and it has improved my situation assessment skill. The assessment of emerging issues in a country where I am proposing to conduct a tour is quite important. Based on the reflection of the first discussion paper, I can state that the examples are given there are very helpful. I came to know that more than generating profit for the host country’s economy, it is necessary to look after the needs of the tourist first. Their safety and health should not be trivialized at any adverse circumstance. Judging by my personal experience in organizing tours, the theories provided in the paper can be linked with it clearly. I also found that the paper aided my quality improvement skills a lot. After considering all the experiments, I can say that I myself am now able to write a discussion paper on the issue regarding tourism. 
The international tourism industry possesses a huge potential in developing a country’s economy as it has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Today this particular sector generates a lump sum amount of money and the number is increasing rapidly each day. Some countries still face the trouble of not generating enough money from this industry and this is because of the lack of efficiency in the tourist board. The more skilled the management would become, the more profit it would gain.
Buigut, S. and Amendah, D.D., 2016. Effect of terrorism on demand for tourism in Australia. Tourism Economics, 22(5), pp.928-938.
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Wong, L., White III, L.T. and Shixun, G., 2016. Social Policy Reform in Hong Kong and Shanghai: A Tale of Two Cities: A Tale of Two Cities. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 12.

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