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MM200 Management Practices In Responsible Organisations

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MM200 Management Practices in Responsible Organisations




Assessment InstructionsReturn to the challenge articulated in your Responsible Management Report. Refine your description of that challenge and provide a brief summary of it in the body of the essay. If you wish, you can include a more detailed description of the challenge as an appendix to your assignment. Identify the ways in which the process of organisation design could help to meet that challenge? If you wish, you could use this assignment to use the process of organisation design to design a new organisation to meet the identified challenge. Use relevant theory from Module 1 and 2 to support your analysis. Consider first if you are going to build a solution that works from within an  existing organisation or if it will create a new organisation. If it will be through a new organisation, you will need to consider what kind of organisation that might be – a social enterprise, a not-for-profit, a forprofit and why? • For any organisation, you will need to consider its strategy, particularly the vision and mission for that organisation. If it is an existing organisation you may need to consider changing those statements to capture how it will solve the issue you have identified. • You will then need to think about how the organisation will be or is designed and what it should look like if it is going to fulfil the vision and mission you have articulated. Will an existing organisation have to go through a change process to achieve that design and what might that look like? • Then, once you have the design, what would your human resources practices need to look like? How would you approach the communications and marketing processes for your organisation? How can the concept of folleading be employed to maximise the success of your new design? This will see you addressing all of Module 2 in your answer.

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