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MMM320 Applied Market Research

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MMM320 Applied Market Research

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MMM320 Applied Market Research

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Course Code: MMM320
University: International College Of Management, Sydney

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Country: Australia


Executive Summary
– Methodology
– Research design
– Research limitations
– Research Findings

Analysis of primary data; understanding of learnings & implications. Discuss the highlights (results of screeners and theme questions / topics) in report format including a variety of suitable graphs, pictorials etc and using calculations of frequency, dispersion and central tendency where appropriate. Provide brief explanations for each learning!
Discuss at least 8-10 survey questions, combine results where you can. Include the 20 completed questionnaires or the link to your survey in the appendix as raw data.

Excellent interpretation of raw data and practical conversion into meaningful, useful information.
Excellent choice of relevant data to highlight and describe research outcomes.
All information shows deep understanding of material and flows very well.
All models (graphs, charts, statistics) used to a professional standard.
Presentation was highly persuasive, followed a clear, logical thread and well tailored to the audience. Presenter maintained regular eye contact, spoke fluently and audibly, showed evidence of rehearsal.
Excellent use of visual aids, which were highly effective in representing data and arguments. Presentation started / finished exactly as briefed.

Introduction and Synopsis
Since the time the company started, Aldi retail business has become one o the most popular retail business on the globe (Boyer, et al 2018). The company has come up with new organic products. The owners believe that the new commodities will lead to the development of the business and increased competitive advantage. The fact that the owners of the company are not afraid of any competition from the other retail businesses, there was the need to conduct a research on the new products that the company has introduced and the impacts.
Research problem
 For the company to meets its goals, it has to identify the requirements of the customers in the competitive market. Acquiring a competitive advantage is not easy. The main problem is how to maintain the competition from the other retail businesses and how to come up with the best strategies that will enable the company to compete effectively. The company also needs to maintain a good relationship with the customers and other stakeholders. From the above, we tend to ask whether the new organic products will be able to meet the customer’s demand and satisfaction.  
The main problem is to identify what marketing strategies the company is using to be able to market organic products. In addition, we would want to check how effective the processes involved in the creation of awareness among the customers are. What are the customer’s reactions towards the services? Is the company able to secure a larger portion of market share in the available market?
Research objectives
  In our research, we wanted to find out a number of things concerning the market of new organic products introduced by the business. We were able to use different approaches to make sure that we met the objectives. First, we needed to identify the strategies that the retail business is using in marketing the new products. In addition, we would want to find out how effective is the company is marketing strategies and what improvements can be made in the strategy.
Secondly, we had an objective of finding how well are the company’s customers served. On the same, we were interested in knowing what the customers think about the company’s argument that they are not worried about any competition even from the big retail businesses in the united states and the globe in general. In order to get the best information, we had to approach the customers in different ways including direct interviews.  
Research design
So that we could be able to get the required information about the company, we had to come up with the best research design. First, we conducted an online survey that gave the customers a chance to be able to give their opinions. The questions were well designed to be able to obtain the best and most reliable information from the participants. Biases in the survey questions had to be avoided at all costs. The method of conducting a survey was more effective because people have different cultures and beliefs. The survey gave each customer a chance to give their own opinion based on their culture, attitude, and background.
In addition, one of the objectives of the research was to get the customers opinions on the new organic products of the business. We wanted to get the information on what customers think about the company and whether the company is able to meet their demands. From the above, it is clear that people must have a different experience with the company and had a different story to tell. To be able to avoid unreliable answers from the customers we had to involve questions based on the products in the questioners to be able to get the correct answers from the participants. Use of an online survey is also a good way of saving the cost of collecting data. It is also a good way to avoid biases that may result from direct interviews of the customers. It also provides a good layout for the customers to give information about the company.
Response matrix











Figure 1. Respondent matrix
Sampling method
In the research, there was the application of the most effective sampling method to be able to select the participants of the survey. Different respondents were chosen depending on their willingness to participate and answer the questions on the survey.  The people were also chosen depending on how easy it was to access their contacts.  Conducting a survey of the whole population would be very difficult or even impossible. We had to choose the best respondents in order to obtain the best responses. Choosing respondents according to their willingness to participate is was the only convenient way. The method is simple, saves time and very effective in data collection.
Sampling size
There was the administration of different questionnaires in the effort to obtain information about the retail business. There was the need to use 20 different questionnaires to obtain the responses. In every research, there is always a failure of some respondents not answering the questions. Out of the 20 surveys that we did in the research, 12 of them were adequately answered while 8 failed to answer all the questions. The main challenge that was encountered during the survey was a failure to answer the survey questions. Therefore, the research includes 12 surveys that were efficiently answered.
Research limitations
In the research, we used small sized of samples, which was the main limitation of the research. The small size of samples used in the research may reduce the validity of the results. The numbers for the survey used were only 20 of which 12 were the ones that were answered effectively. 20 responses cannot effectively represent the whole population of the company’s customers. The responses that the 20 participants gave cannot reflect the opinions of all the customers of the company. In addition, there was the weakness of some participants not answering some of the questions. Others did not give the correct information and due to their attitudes gave responses that were not relevant (Shanthanna, et al 2018). Finally, yet importantly, the samples were chosen depending on how easy it was to contact them. This was also a limitation of the research because the information given by the respondents was limited to the people who could be easily accessed.
Research findings
In our research, we found that 28% of the customers are aware of the organic products that the company has introduced. The customers have been made aware of the organic components through different advertising media. these media include the business sending direct mils to the customers (Voigt, Buliga, and Michl, 2017). The company uses the direct mails to notify the customers on any new commodity and any other adjustments. The customers also have been made aware of the new commodities through social media. The company posts the organic commodities to the media that has increased customers aware of the organic food ((Blau, et al 2018). The company has been known of providing other commodities that are not organic but now due to customer demands it has been able to come up with the organic products to meet the demand (Chimhundu, 2018).  The company also uses catalogs as a way of creating awareness among the customers about the new commodities. The catalog contains beautiful pictures of these commodities with prices. This has also increased customer awareness.
Through the introduction of the new organic products, Aldi retail business wanted to show that they value the health of the customers (Chakraborty, 2018). In addition, the business needed to enable the customers to shop all that they require in a more convenient way and under one roof. Customers are having a very clear understanding of the changes that the company is trying to bring in their products. Customers’ are able to see that the company is bringing organic food and other products to avoid health complications (Turban, et al 2018). The understanding of these products has enabled the company to acquire even more customers. Different people are able to understand what health problems result from non-organics products. As a result, the company is able to get more customers due to their introduction of organic food to their business.  
The business has for many days dealt with non-organic foods and has now introduced organic foods. The customers have always liked to shop from the business due to their prices and quality services. The introduction of the organic food is good news to the customers as they will be able to shop healthy food and a cheaper price (Effendi, and Imbar, 2017). The customer’s claims that they really like the fact that the business has introduced the organic foods and claims that they really appreciate.  From the above, it is clear that through the introduction of the organic products the company is able to acquire competitive advantages over other retail businesses in the world. The company is also able to meet the customers demand by providing the food that favors their health (Baek, and Wang, 2018).  The company has also been able to acquire a good image from the public and therefore they are increased of sales. In addition, the new products have been able to save on the time of consumers as they can now shop all they require under one roof. The customers are able to shop for everything from the supermarket and there is no need of going to other business to shop for organic food.  Therefore, the introduction of the new organic products to the company is good news to the customers
The response given by the customers reflects the image of the business and their brand. Some respondents give a clear image of the business and the new organic products that the business introduced while others were not sure what exactly they were supposed to give. From the interview, we got really positive results about the company and the brand ((Kato, and Kobayashi, 2018). Many customers are able to give their opinions in the way that shows they are interested and are happy with the introduction of the new organic products. The customer thinks that the new products are sustainable by the company while others think otherwise. The overall finding was that the company should maintain and bring more commodities that are organic for the customers are happy with the commodities ((Lamey, et al 2018). This is because the organic products are able to sustain their needs and improve on their health.
From the findings, we found that the company and other businesses in the same industry are changing the shopping methods of consumers in the country. The company has enabled many people to shift from shopping at other retail shops because they have been very selective in the quality of the products they offer (Chakraborty, 2018). The company selects only those products of good quality to be able to meet the customer’s demand. This has also contributed to consumer satisfaction and enjoyment.
Primarily I would recommend that the company concentrate more on the use of social media in advertising their organic products other than direct mails. This is because the use of direct mails is expensive and takes a lot of time (Stanton, 2018). On the other hand, the use of social media enables information to reach many people at the same time. It is also cheap as compared to the use of direct mails and catalogs.
Secondly, the company should be able to come up with another means of product promotion other than cutting the cost. The company should use the generic means of promoting the sale of commodities whereby they differentiate their commodities to promote the sales. The generic strategy will enable the company to be more competitive and thus increased in the volume of sales.
Last but not list the company should also strive to expand their business to the emerging markets in the developing courtiers (Falahat, Knight, and Alon, 2018). There is a very potential market that has been created due to the development of countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and other developing countries. Extending the business to these countries will increase sales and thus the development of the business.
Marketing is a very important aspect in the success of a business. Having a good market strategy enables the company to meet the demands of its consumers and to be able to be more competitive. Aldi retail business has come up with new organic products that have increased its competitive advantage over other businesses. They have a well-designed advertising process which ensures that their creation of awareness among the customers in the most effective way. Therefore, a good marketing strategy is key to the development of the company and its success.
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