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MN3101 Development For Success In Business

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MN3101 Development for Success in Business




Which you will write a literature review that would prepare you to carry out future research on a topic of interest from a list of topics – see below.
For this assignment, you want to learn about the subject/topic by reading books and other sources to see what others authors have already written about the subject. Your tutor may direct to some reading material but you should also search for other sources.
Part 1 Introduction – Aims, objectives (up to 250 words)

State the context / purpose of your investigation
Justify your choice

Part 2 Literature review and analysis (up to 1250 words)
The topic of your investigation should be chosen from the following list: (only one)

Motivation and comfort zone
Leadership in the workplace
Decision making in the workplace
Creativity and innovation in the workplace
Values and beliefs

Conduct a literature review on the topic of your choice
Part 3 – what have you learnt as a result. What are the gaps in your understanding? (250 words approx.)

This section is really important because it highlights areas in which you think that you need to improve. After researching the topic of your choice, what have you learnt from it and how can you use the learning in your academic development.

To support this, you are required to include 3 extracts from your weekly learning logs, these should be in your Appendix (approx. 750 words)
Part 4 Reference section (not included in the word count)

Minimum 3-5 academic books and journal articles (not including websites)
Harvard style of referencing used
In-text quotation used

Submit evidence of your reflective learning – 3 different examples from Part A of your weekly reflections from your learning logs (total circa 750-1000 words)

Learning logs can be very personal – and various. We accept logs in the form of WordPress blogs – as sketchbooks – podcasts – or handwritten pattern notes. We want you to choose and ‘own’ a reflective format that encourages you to engage – and to make your learning conscious, meaningful and memorable.

Each week we recommend that you consider:
For each activity that we do – practical and theoretical:

What: BRIEF – summary of what we did/covered.
Why: Concise analytical reflection: why did we do that thing in class together? AND – why did we do it that way?
Reaction: How did it make you feel? (AND – remember these feelings when you work with your own students!)
Learned/Gained: What if anything did you get from the activity? Will this impact on your own practice? How? Why?
Next steps? What might you now do or read or write?

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