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MN610 Virtual Private Networks For The Sensitive Data

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MN610 Virtual Private Networks For The Sensitive Data

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MN610 Virtual Private Networks For The Sensitive Data

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Course Code: MN610
University: Melbourne Institute Of Technology

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Country: Australia

a. Analyse and discuss the significance of VPN for contemporary organisations and how it addresses their concerns and security issues.
b.Explain the role of VPN, its limitations and works done to address these limitations as well as to supporting the security of businesses and corporations
The virtual private networks or the VPNs are the form of the connection that is used for the purpose of adding extra security to a public or private network [2]. These networks are often used by the public networks for the process of the protecting of the sensitive data. The VPN’s helps in the process of the hiding of the Ip address. It also helps in the process of the encrypting the data and block the websites for the process of incrsing the security [5]. The concept of the VPN is very much older since the beginning of the networking and the internet. It can be explained as one of the most simple way which helps in the process of the increasing the security of a computer.  The use of the VPn was first introduced in the year of the 2000 in order to enhance the security of the devices in organisation. This paper focus on the details about the Virtual private networks and how they have changed the terms of the networking with added on security and the other features.  The paper includes the introduction to the VPN that is the virtual private networks. A literature review about one of the most one of the most famous article that have been made by the researchers in order to study the details about the virtual private network and what were the major changes that were made in the history in order to make the VPn technology more strong and secure. Further this paper includes the basic concepts of the technology [6]. Further how the technology have helped the business organisation in increasing the security standards of the data and how these standards have helped in keeping the data safe from the cribber crimes is also one of the major part of the paper. In addition to all these the major security protocols of the VPN is also a major part of the paper. The technology of the VPN have helped many of the organisations like the Google and the Microsoft in the process of defining new rules of security and the standards in order to enhance the details of the customers and the consumers. Further these have also helped the organisation is maintaining a proper security of the details about the organisations. In the market of the internet there are many of the VPN services that are available for the users in order to access them to maintain the proper society [10]. Some of these are free while of these are very much high costly and provide some of the best world class features to the customers. It can be said that the VPN has changes the concept of the modern term of the security of the internet. These features are made in such a way that the user gest most of the enhancement in the terms of the security and reduces the risk of the vulnerability in the internet [4]. It must be said that VPN must be used in order to make sure that the user is secured in the online world.
Literature Review
This is one of the major article in the field of the virtual private networks which explains the importance of the dynamic routing protocol over the better analysis of the multi-port virtual networks [1]. The authors of the paper have done a deep researchers on the fact that how the dynamic routing by means of the virtual private network can intensification the safety protocols of an initiation.  According to the researchers “D.M.V.P.N.” is an explanation for the dynamic formation of virtual Private IP tunnels in between several sites routinely, swiftly and with minimum configuration [3]. Routing procedures are factor equipment main parts of the DMVPN explanation, this ensures smooth establishment of tunnels having a main control on network’s behaviour and elated requests, many works have been conducted assessing the performances of DMVPN network with various routing protocols [13]. Further this broadsheet improves and accompaniments other trainings, firstly by submission suitable formations of routing protocols recommended for a scalable DMVPN network, secondly by studying scalability of DMVPN by varying number of sites and dynamic routing protocols.  The researchers further explains the dynamic routing protocols on the DMPVN networks. In order to provide more information about the system of the dynamic routing the researchers have to do some of the major testing using the concepts of the networking [15]. Further explaining the topic it is said with the enhance mend of the of the interiors gateway protocol system the standards of the generic protocols in the process of the tunnelling the encapsulations and explaining the specifications of the combination of the single and multiple channels. Further the researchers explains the NHRP or the Next Hop Resolution Protocol is a resolution protocol similar to the ARP and RARP on frame relay network, NHRP is used by a Spoke connected to Non Broadcast Multi-Access “NBMA” to determine the IP address of the NBMA Next-Hop physical address. 
Also the details of the IPsec is well explained in the paper. The researchers explains the network layer protocol, IPsec is a protocol suite to ensure Internet Protocol “IP” security, existing IPsec implementations usually include, Encapsulation Security Payload “ESP” and Authentication Header protocol “AH”, ESP protocol ensure confidentiality. Further entering into the details of the paper the researchers properly explains the open shortest path first property of the VPN. The OSPF is used by both the Ipv4 and the Ipv6 is order to enhance the security features of the network. The rating table can also to well understand by studying this property of the researchers. Some of the major things that have been missed in the property of explaining the paper is the backlogs and the security protocol[s of the vPn. The security related backlogs is well explained by the [] in the journal of the researchers in order to enhance the system and the security of the internet technology
Concluding the topic the researchers claim that the throughput and queuing delay shows the effect of the functionality of the security of the paper in the process of the setting up of the VPN.
Significance of VPN
As earlier explained in the paper the VPN or the virtual private network can be explained as the technology which helps in users off the internet to access the internet in a safer manner without any interruption from the outside threats. A virtual private network practises a public network’s infrastructure to make the connections among geographically dispersed nodes, instead of using cables owned or leased exclusively for one single network’s use, eg using of network that as is typical for a wide area network .The VPN can be called as the security guard of the internet door which helps the organisation in maintaining a proper security standards of the data that are present in the organisation.  The VPN technology helps in the property of the securing the public network in the public networks in order to enhance the quality of the data standards. In terms of the organisation level the major advantages that the vPn technology provides are the securing the network infrastructure and maintain the network scalability. If the network of the organisation is secured then it also helps the organisation to attract more and more customer who looks for the property of the security of the data that are kept in the organization [18]. Some of the major helps that the VPN provides is the

It greatly reduces the chances of any cybercrime breaches. The use of the VPN helps the organisation to keep a look at the incoming traffic in the network of the organisation hence reducing the chances of any virus or malware to enter the system of the orgasaition. Further the use of the VPN ensure that these things are automatically blocked so that no user can manually encourage such things in the organisation system.
VPN helps in the production: Thee use of the VPN helps in the property that the user feels safe when connected to any public network [19]. Hence the user can be assured that the data present in the system is secured and hence increases the productivity of the organisation.
VPN keeps the clients secured: When any client of the organisation is giving the personal data to any organisation for any purpose then the client would must need that the data given by the client is safe and secured and is not leaked to the public internet [14]. Hence using a proper VPN helps the customer to understand that the data of the customer is very much secured and cannot be stole or any mishap can happen with the data of the client.
Let’s the menageries to control the input and the output of the data in any organisation. It is not always the case threats come from the outside of the organisation us sometimes the threat can be inside the organisation. The VPN helps in this matter also as the managers of the organisation can keep an eye on all the traffic that is passed through the network of the organization and hence the data of the organisation is safe and secured. Also it can help the organisation to check which type of data is sent by the employees of the organisation to the outside world, that is important of not and how this can hamper the security of the organisation.

These were some of the major area where the VPN helps the organization in maintaining the secrete of the data of the organization [11]. IN terms of the personal level the use of the VPN can be very much useful. The facts are same as it helps in the proper maintence of the security in a very personal level. One of the major thing that the VPN helps with is maintaining the anonymity in the public networks. The VPN helps in the maintaining the proper anonymity such that the IP address of the user is not revealed to any public network and hence ensuring proper data security to the user [12]. It must be said that the use of the VPN is one of major good practice that must be done in both personal and organisational level in order to ensure proper security of the data that are present in the network.
VPN Security Issues
In any technology when there is good side there is also a bad side of it. IN case of the VPN also the scenario remains the same [9]. Apart from all the security measures it provides to any user may also effect the regular work of the same due to some of the major drawbacks in the system of the VPN. One of the major security concern that have come up by many of the orgasaition is that in the market of the internet there are several of the VPN software are present some are free while some of them are paid versions. The important point that is to be kept in mid that not all the security VPN claiming so are secured. Some of these are made by the hackers in order to dupe the user and enter the network of the user in order to take information out of the source [7]. There have been numerous cases that the VPNs mostly the free ones are stealing the data from the host network. Some users at the personal level use the forms of the VPN in order to go to the dark web. This is one of the major mistakes that are done as it may hamper the entire network that is present and steal the information of the user. IN the recent history the researchers in London have found out a new leakage of the Ipv6 protocols which helps the hoax VPN to collect the data of the user.
The intruders can use the staging point or the miss configuration of the VPN in order to access information from the network. One of the major problem that is seen by many of the organization is the VPN hijacking [8].  That is the VPN set by the orgasaition is over taken by some other VPN connection from a remote client in order to use the information against the user. One of the other major problem is MAN in the Middle attack [17].  A fraudsters takes all the information form the VPN of the orgasaition and sells it in high price so that others can make use of it for the purpose of doing attacks in the orgasaition. The process of the user authentication is also one of the other major problem that have been seen in the terms of the security standards of the organization. Improper authentication leads to threats to the organization. Other than this the client side risk is also one of the major problem that is faced by many of the organization in order to maintain a proper security of the clients. Interoperability is one of the other major problem that is often faced by security experts setting up the VPN service. These are some of the major problems that are often faced by the organization in order to make these threats a least one.  The organization must make sure that there is no malware injection in the network of the orgasaition so that there is no VPN problem that is associated with the organization and hence reduce the chances to loss any information while using the VPN to be kept protected.
Thus concluding the topic it can be said that the use of the VPN is one of the major step that must be taken in order to ensure extra security for any network May that be a personal network or be a organizational network. The VPN ensure that the network is safe from the foul players of the outside world so that there is no problem regarding the security of the organization. Further the expert that is setting up the security of the organizational VPN must ensure that some of the major points that are related to the security of the Virtual private networks must be ensured. Some of the major security threats are listed in the paper that must be taken a special care while setting up the VPN. It can be said that even if there is all the steps that are taken in order to ensure the security of the network then also there can be cases where there can security breach and can reduce the effect of the VPN.  Thus is must be said the virtual private network service must be used with under safe circumstances.
Future Works:
The history of the virtual private networks are very much interesting and the users of the VPN are expecting that with the rise of the technology the VPN services will also be increased. The orgasaition that are making the VPNs work are working on some of the major changes that can be made in order to ensure that the process of the VPN setup is more secured with time and hence it provides some of the other major changes in terms of the security if the devices [20]. The VPNs that will be coming in the future generation will have some of the major changes that will reduce the chances of any attacks that can be made using the VPN. Also the ongoing security problems that are faced by the organizations will be eradicated soon.
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