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MWL101 Personal Insight

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MWL101 Personal Insight

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Course Code: MWL101
University: Deakin University

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Country: Australia


Behavioural Questions Teamwork

Tell us about your experience working in a team where there was diversity of ages, ethnic background, language, viewpoints, attitudes or ability. What strategies did you use to deal with the differences in the group?
Tell us about a time when you worked in a team that did well and describe how you contributed to its success.
What role have you taken in teams that demonstrate your preference? Explain why you like this role in team work.
What have you done in a team to work towards achieving outcomes?


Describe a situation where you have used your communication skills to get a message across.
Describe a situation when you had to deal with a difficult person.
Outline a situation where you had to use your persuasive skills. What was the outcome? What was the key learning from that example?
Describe how you have used your preferred ways of communicating to explain a concept or idea.

Time Management

How have you organised your study, work and other commitments in your life to meet deadlines?
Tell us about the ways you spend your leisure time?
Provide us with an example of a time when you have had to meet competing deadlines. How did you manage the situation?
Describe a time when you have had to learn something new in order to complete a task. How did you manage to get the task done on time?

Initiative And Leadership

When have you used initiative to solve a problem without being asked?
Describe an occasion when you have successfully organised a project. What did you do to make it a success?
Describe a time when you have worked without supervision.
Tell us about a situation in which you resolved a conflict.
When have you had responsibility for achieving an objective? What did you do?

Problem Solving

Tell us about a time you have had to decide between two options.
Tell us about how you have dealt with aspects of jobs or tasks that you do not enjoy.
Describe a time when you have had to solve a problem. How effective was the solution?
Tell us about an approach you used to deal with a new challenge?

Relationship Building

Tell us about what experience you have had with a broad range of people. What have you learnt from these experiences?
Describe a situation when you have had to evaluate whether things were working and if they were not, how did you tell those involved?
Tell us about a mentor or someone who has influenced you and describe how?
Describe a relationship or network which you have developed because it will be beneficial to your professional career in the long term.


My role
As an individual, I have been someone always interested in financial matters for several years. My interest in the financial matter has successfully influenced my decision regarding my role that I think suitable. I always had the desire to enter a finance or economic path to choose the role that would be able to fulfil my desire of getting into a field of finance and economy. I also consider my interest in the world events and their inevitable impact on the global market as well as on the local market added further curiosity in getting into the world of economic and financial matter. Also, witnessing the boost in international trading, globalization and a rise in digital technology have only cultivated greater crave for getting into a job role as a bookkeeper. There are some attractive positions available for the graduate positions by Australia’s leading financial service providers which I wish and feel myself suitable.
In addition, having the capability to fit naturally in the in the position of a finance graduate position also aim to find growth in the position. The finance sector is anticipated to grow even wider including finance sector of every micro level and will continue to be an ever-present industry in Australia. Considering my interest and possible future prospects I believe it is a suitable area to work for me. Also, as I am willing to adapt to the changing technology and adapt to global financial matters.
Recruitment trend
There is a constant change happening every year, every month and every day. In conjunction, with periodic differences, the changes are noted to adapt, improve, and change further. Every year candidate experience different perceptions of recruitment (Lee, Bull and Ho, 2013). Organizations change its requirement as per the external and internal factors leading to changes in the demand of job role. It is one of the significant factors to keep up with the developing trends for candidates as well as organizations. Organizations bring changes to keep up with the market demand and candidate are found preparing as per the organization’s changes. The recruitment trends can be in any aspect of the organization which tend to vary as per the places and time period.
The experts and analysts give us information regarding the recruiting trends and the recruitment trends that are expected in the coming year in the financial sector are as follows:

Demand for tech skills: Today employers seek people with more than one skills to save time and energy. There is a high demand for candidates with technical accounting skills. Also, due to a shift in the pattern of working from manual to cloud-based, there is also a high demand for employees with IT skills to some extent (Alfaro and Charlton, 2013).
Positions in the market for graduates: companies seek to hire young talents since it is a way of hiring potential fresh, innovative ideas. The younger group are eager of learning with the zest of building career in renowned organizations. Companies often offer internships or short-term employment to encourage young candidates. This factor has become widely acceptable in recent years as well.
Increase in the skill sets: There has been a shortage of good accountants in the finance industry and therefore there are good companies offering attractive role which would be filled with suitable candidates (Galati and Moessner, 2013). A suitable candidate can be defined as someone with a minimum of three to five years of business service experience. In the audit space, senior auditors and audit managers are hard to find which followed by a high demand for such candidates. There is high demand for commercial accountants and analytical in the recent years than past. There is a high expectation from the finance and accounting support of the company. Contract-based roles have become important as companies invest in their employees by providing experience and training therefore with the help of contracts companies tries to retain the good employees.
Evolving CFO role: The chief financial officers are no more expected to perform only finance. Clients are seeking for candidates with multiple skills with a breadth of skills. Today the role of CFOs has expanded including other territories of HR, IT and strategy making. CFOs are needed to have strong stakeholder skills encompassing communication, leadership and business partnering (Catanach Jr, 2013).
Work-life balance: In 2018, work-life balance is an unavoidable factor that is highly in demand. Candidates are fund priorities employer who offers health and wellness program as perks. Employers offering flexibility in work such as work from home, leave early and multiple working shifts are also found retaining more candidates than companies following traditional rules. Several organizations are providing personal trainers to employees for health check-ups, diet chart, exercise instructing and many more related perks a job satisfaction tools.
Soft skills: there is a high demand for soft skills in every field. Soft skills enhance the personality that helps in attracting customers. Soft skills also help in having happy clients. Behaviours such as right body posture, body language and communication skills are seen as crucial components of a job role (Davidson, 2016).

The impact of these trends on the application can be in various ways. The impacts raise the level of getting selected for the position of bookkeeping administrator. The changing trends also make reaching for the positions accessible for the young graduates providing various scopes in the field of bookkeeping.
My Application 
I am currently seeking an opportunity to apply my skills and in the bookkeeping field. I want to apply myself for the post of bookkeeper which was recently published on a job portal site. I would like you to consider my resume for the position and enclose it.
Throughout my career, I have gained considerable experience in the field of finance and accounting. I have successfully presented myself in presenting and selling effective financial solutions to the client in my past experience. I consider myself as a bookkeeper with appropriate ethics who operate with honesty and integrity all the time. I am determined to keep my approach to provide a quality service that allows the customer to seek for more help regarding the bookkeeping matter at the later date. I determine to give services in a way that would make the customers come back happily in future.
I have the ability to engage with different kinds of people, including both formal and informal events. I also consider myself as a person with excellent presentation skills as well as negotiation skills. I believe I am capable of exceeding the requirement that the job role demands and would, therefore, like to be given the chance of proving my skills and contribute to the company’s success.
I am keen to know more about the status of the job and I will phone in a few days to confirm if I stand the chance of having the informal discussion with you regarding the post. I have provided my phone number and email as well for any further details.
Mobile number:
Summary: Experienced in a various field who can successfully manage speciality the finance planning project from interception to competition. Excellent in team management at all level. Goal oriented with organized planning works toward the benefit of organization and self-development. With leadership and team management skill successfully operates well in the highly competitive environment.

· Relationship management
· Customer service
· Wealth planning
· Mutual funds
· Stocks
· Keeping financial records

· Up-to-date market knowledge
· Financial assistance
· Debt liquidation planning
· Reporting and analysis
· Sales proficiency
· Up-to-date bookkeeping techniques

Personal financial advisor: Book keeping
July 2010 to Current

Exceed sale goals for financial products by 10 percent positively.
Consult with clients to determine financial needs and goals and develop growth plans
Build individual client base and continuously network with them
Resolve customer service promptly with issues and queries.
Answer financial questions and doubts
Offer researched based detailed advices with strategic planning to customer to get financial benefits.

Oswald financial service: Book keeping
July 2007 to august 2010

Selling stocks and bonds, and mutual funds to individuals of high ends
Utilized solid stock market and financial data to reinforce recommendation
According to monitored market adjusted client’s financial plans
Prepared financial reports with detailed plans for further references.

Premier financial service: Book keeping
October 2006 to June 2007

Oversaw investments and proactively managed client’s funds records.
Growth in client base to top 5 per cent regions in less than 18 months.

My interview preparation

S- Situation

A few years ago I was working as a financial advisor for a small firm. One morning our head of the department called for a meeting. He told us that the number of negative feedbacks is increasing and it is unacceptable for the firm and its reputation. He provided a solution to it saying to build a committee that would analyze the situation which is giving rise to the negative feedbacks. After analyze they would put forward actionable improvements. He wanted volunteers for the total procedure.

T- Task

I was seeking an opportunity where I could prove myself capable of taking more than one responsibility. I was also a person who enjoys working with groups in group situations. I was the first person to volunteer for the program and my manager was seeing me the first person to volunteer made me the leader of the committee. I was the leader of a group of six people who were responsible to come up with solutions.

A- Action

In the next three weeks, we were able to come up with an analysis that showed results for the occurrence of such a problem. It was due to lengthy procedures customers had to go through for getting their work done and also the long hours. The vast majority of the negative feedbacks were due lengthy time customers had to spend on their work is done. We were sure that we had to reduce the amount of time in the procedure. I encouraged and lead brainstorming sessions to find out the solution to the problem. We planned for online systems that could solve the problems that could be solved through online.

R- Results

We could see changes after implementing my suggestion. There were many problems which the customer could get rid of through online methods. The online process also helped in getting the important and heavy works since the online problem solving was assigned to a different group. It was one of the situations that needed me to manage six people and find a solution. On doing so a positive outcome was observed and the critical issue was solved.

The questions I prepared to ask each of my teammates are:

Which project do you consider the most important project in your career and why?
Which are the time when you had to make difficult decision in a short span of time?
What was your one incident where you were faced with an excessive problem and still met the deadline?

The reason for choosing these particular questions due to the fact that it would be able to give the insights into their leadership qualities, decision making skills and their ability to handle stress in the workplace. The questions will let think present answers which will help in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.
My Interview – Reflection
I had my interview a few days ago. I was well aware of the fact that the interview will be on various behavioural questions regarding teamwork, communication skills, time management, leadership skills, problem solving and relationship building. I had done my research on the topics before to make myself well-prepared regarding the concepts and its implications. My research helped me figure out the ways of answering in better ways. I was well prepared for various related information on the topic. I analyzed two critical incidents based on my experience which were able to illustrate qualities such as leadership, teamwork and decision making.
There were a few areas that I could have done better in my perspective. I could have structured my sentences in a more appropriate way. I wanted to give out too many information which made me lose the connection between the topics. I order to speak in a smoother flow I could have made use of suitable connective words. Also, according to me, I could have emphasized more on the pronunciation.
When I reflect on the interview to analyze the reasons on the areas I could perform better I find out it was due to the nervousness. Since I did not have any past experience of giving interviews, I was nervous. I could have obtained some basic practices to make myself more confident.
In the future, I would spend more time to practice speaking with better connective words. I would also participate in more interviews to make myself more accustomed to interviews. Observing the relevant topic more widely and deeply will also be in my preparation list for future.
My Personal Insight Journey – Reflection
This whole experience was very new and valuable to me. It helped me in many ways to learn about my strengths and weaknesses. I certainly feel more confident regarding interviews now and I look forward to more interviews now. I have learned regarding many aspects of interviews such as things I need to do and things I need to avoid. Apart from the mentioned points, I have also learned writing a resume and cover letter. Resume and cover letter play an important role. It creates an image of the candidate before one goes to face-to-face interaction.
I have learned writing an appropriate resume as per the job position, my qualification and skills. Reflecting on the interview experience I have also learned about communication skills which include the best ways of interacting in the professional areas. With the help of this interview, I have learned that in the professional area there needs to formal as well as informal ways of interactions and it is necessary to make interaction with the correct approach.
The interview has also made me able to talk to people with more confidence. There have been a lot of changes since the trimester which involves the above mentioned factors. I have obtained knowledge on various aspects which has helped me to shape my career goals. I have learned and made my resume and cover letter. I learned about the good qualities of leadership, teamwork, relationship building and communication skills. These factors were major change and learning that made me ready for the career I want.
Davidson, K., 2016. Employers find ‘soft skills’ like critical thinking in short supply. Wall Street Journal.
Catanach Jr, A.H., 2013. What makes a CFO” the best”?. Strategic Finance, 94(10), p.29.
Galati, G. and Moessner, R., 2013. Macroprudential policy–a literature review. Journal of Economic Surveys, 27(5), pp.846-878.
Alfaro, L. and Charlton, A., 2013. Growth and the quality of foreign direct investment. In The Industrial Policy Revolution I(pp. 162-204). Palgrave Macmillan, London.
Lee, K., Bull, R. and Ho, R.M., 2013. Developmental changes in executive functioning. Child development, 84(6), pp.1933-1953.

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