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N20L Business Management And Leadership

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N20L Business Management And Leadership

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N20L Business Management And Leadership

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Course Code: N20L
University: Coventry University

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Country: United Kingdom


1.Provide a brief description of the leader you have selected and explain why you have done so.
2.Analyse the leader using two concepts drawn from Block 2.
3.Using at least one concept from Block 2, offer written advice to the leader or related organisation in respect of leadership


A Leader & his Leadership
One leader of the current times, who has carved a niche for itself in very less time due to his effective leadership skills, is the CEO and the co-founder of one of the most popular social networking sites, Facebook, is Mark Zuckerberg. The reason why this college dropout is an avid leader because the way he has handled his supporters and critics perfectly and has sailed through the various hurdles to build a company whose worth is more than $130 billion. Mark Zuckerberg built a strong business through his out of the box thinking and trying to create a unique business. All these traits along with the effective leadership qualities help him to become a leader, who is very influential and powerful (Ciulla, 2016). The main reason to select Mark Zuckerberg as the leader of today is because he did something conventional which was difficult to achieve, but he followed his vision of creating a more connected world and worked as a true leader to achieve this goal (Kouzes, 2010).
Critical Analysis of the Leader
Each leader has a different approach to conducting his duties from a different perspective. The skills and the attributes which these leaders require to accomplish their set goals involves the correct implementation of the leadership qualities. Leadership should be mistaken with controlling and a leader should know when to lead and when to step aside. Mark Zuckerberg is a leader who has built the most popular social networking site in the last decade. For analyzing his leadership attribute the skill based approach by Katz, that is the three-skill model will be most appropriate (Collinson, Smolovi? Jones and Grint, 2017).
According to Katz three-skill model, the main focus is drawn towards the three skills of the leader that are very important for appropriate administration (Katz, 2014). The role of the leader or the administrator has been defined as the person who directs the other people to perform their activities and have set objectives for the business that has to be attained by the efforts of other people. The three-skill model covers the skill that includes technical skill, human skill, and conceptual skill. A successful leadership is based on these three skills that every leader should know how to implement effectively (Hopkins and O’Neil, 2015).
Mark Zuckerberg belongs to the technical field and thus it is very important for him to have adequate knowledge about the different techniques, methods, and processes. The utilization of the different techniques so as to accomplish the business objective requires leadership skills. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to bring the world closer and this requires easily accessible networks. Mark Zuckerberg created a computer communication system at the age of 12, and when he realized his true potential and passion that was to create a social networking site that connects the world easily, then he quit his college and started working on his dream (Kiley, 2018). At the age of 20, he launched Facebook and this was due to the continuous improvement of his technical skills and used the latest technologies and process to connect this world. Before, launching Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg initially launched Facemash in the year 2003 and after identifying some issues with it, he worked on the needed changes and used effective leadership to support and encourage his team to bring the necessary technical changes that were needed in the project (Grint, 2010).
The next skill of the three-skill model is the human skills. According to the human skill, a leader should have the abilities to work in collaboration with the other group members (Searle and Hanrahan, 2011). Mark Zuckerberg is a co-founder of Facebook and the other partner of it is Eduardo Saverin. There were some other people too who were involved with the making of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has excellent human skills as he stood by his team during thick and thin, and also understood the perception of each team member. He was only 20 when he launched Facebook. At such an early age, he was able to understand the perception of its team members. Mark Zuckerberg has time and again understood the perceptions of its people and have successfully utilized his understanding that displayed a strong leadership trait that is important for overall management of the business. Mark Zuckerberg has displayed the third trait of human skill that is to communicate effectively. He had a very clear vision and that was to connect and bring the world closer. The clarity of his thought helped him in showcasing his vision strongly and clearly and thus he possessed a strong human skill.
From the Three-skill model, Mark Zuckerberg possesses the two qualities that are technical and human skills. The third skill that is the conceptual skill that looks at an organization as a whole and for this it is very important to understand the individual business and the industry. Mark Zuckerberg is majorly responsible for the evolution of social networking sites. Though, there were some social networking sites that exist before, but the type of prominence and success which Facebook received was incomparable. Mark Zuckerberg exhibited excellent supervision traits that helped the organization reach high levels. Mark Zuckerberg has excellent equanimity skills that helped him deal with his critics calmly and also helped him in facing problems in a more logical manner (Smolovic-Jones and Grint, 2013).
The other concept that will help in analyzing the leadership qualities of Mark Zuckerberg is “Leadership as a Problem-solver”. The external environment that surrounds each organization has become increasing very difficult for the leaders to manage and handle. The turbulence that is created by these external environments, affects the working of the organization. Thus, for a leader to be a problem solver it is very important. Mark Zuckerberg has faced some huge problems in the last 14 years, but he has handled them very impressively by displaying his leadership qualities to handle different challenges. For example, the latest crisis that the organization is facing due to the data security and the involvement of the lawmakers have created a number of issues for Mark Zuckerberg, but he handled all such problems very logically and like a problem solver he is exhibiting his different leadership skills to reduce maximum damage (Somers, 2011).
Thus, from both the concept that is the three-skill model and leadership is a problem solver, this can be concluded that Mark Zuckerberg is an excellent leader who has faced numerous challenges and has worked as a problem solver to manage the situation effectively. Though, he is a problem solver, but in the recent times the shares of Facebook have gone rapidly down and this is a very big cause of concern (Tobak, 2012). Thus, Mark Zuckerberg has to work on his conceptual skills of leadership. Though, with the changing times Mark Zuckerberg has evolved his leadership qualities, but with the new emerging issues, he has to change his approaches. Leaders have to bring a balance between the quantifiable and qualitative outcomes, as a true leader focuses on the overall development rather than just profits for the organization. According to Mumford et al., in the process of solving complex problems a leader who is a problem solver is involved in many different issues and circumstances that help in building better leadership attributes.
Recommendations to My Leader
Though, Mark Zuckerberg is one of the influential people in the entire world, as he has brought the world closer through his invention Facebook, but there are some recommendations that will help him to become even a better leader with the changing times. Mark Zuckerberg should become more charismatic and for this, he has to become more vibrant as a person. Being charismatic is a gift, a person is more capable of building an emotional connection with the people. This type of leadership also helps in dealing with the issues associated with the social and political environment. With the evolution of the social networking site, there are a number of external factors that are affecting Facebook. For this purpose, it is important for Mark Zuckerberg to add charisma more into his personality. A charismatic leader creates a lot of followers for himself and this helps in building the loyalty of the customers towards the organization. Mark Zuckerberg has to build a new dominance due to the emerging competition from the other new social networking sites. The dominance is one of the traits of charismatic leaders and dominance does not mean overly bossy, but it means to have a control of the charge in an appropriate manner. Mark Zuckerberg has to build dominance over the various issues and have to intimidate to control the various current issues that he is facing. Mark Zuckerberg is an influential person and influencing people is another trait of a charismatic person. But, influencing people require various new approaches that have to be distinctive for different people. Mark Zuckerberg has received immense support from all around the world, but it is also very important for people to like him and idolize him so, for that purpose he has to influence people and along with it he should display massive self-confidence, all these leadership traits help the leader to deal with the unexpected problems that arise time and again, due to internal and external business factors (Mumford, 2010).
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